'Dan from Optus' schools people complaining about non-English ads

A screenshot from the Optus facebook page.

A screenshot from the Optus facebook page.

An Australian telco company staffer named "Dan" has been schooling racist customers who are upset that the company published ads in Arabic.

Optus rolled out the ads late last year, to tell potential customers that a nearby store had staff who spoke Arabic, while staff elsewhere spoke other languages.

But the company was forced to temporarily remove one Sydney sign after staff were threatened by members of the public outraged that advertising could be in any other language but English.

A screenshot from the Optus facebook page.

A screenshot from the Optus facebook page.

Critics lost the plot on Optus' Facebook page, calling the company "a disgrace" and demanding the signs be taken down.


"This is an outrage. This is Australia not Syria. You are hypocrites, saying sorry for Paris etc etc but advertising only for Muslims to read," Natalie Charters wrote on Optus' page.

"All people who live here are required to read speak understand English," wrote Virgil Tracey, his own English grammar left wanting. "All advertising should be in English. Australians do not care about your previous religion or background."

"This is a Australia not Islam," Linda Ashenden, who was almost certainly not a geographer, added.

But amid the wave of intolerance, Optus' patient social media staff triumphed.

"Dan" was praised for his "polite burns", including explaining to outraged social media users that Australia doesn't actually have an official language - although it did have 200 native languages before English.

"Australia has a history of welcoming people of all nations, and we're proud to be able to extend that welcome to everybody, regardless of the language they speak," he replied.

Dan is an every day hero. It is a pleasure to be a customer of a progressive company who allows such an intelligent...

Posted by Jesse Mahoney on  Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#DanTheMan I may no longer be a customer, but Dan is what's right with Optus. Bravo on the polite burn, singlehandedly...

Posted by Reuben Cheok on  Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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