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Reactions to Caster Semenya prove we still define womanhood as weakness

Nowhere is it clearer than in these sporting debates that gender identity is defined by women's comparative weakness to men, and the restrictive expectations of an unrealistic gender binary.


The epidemic of rape culture in schools can no longer be ignored

We are approaching a crisis point with the way masculinity is constructed and excused, especially in schools and online.


Watch slam poets Alice Eather and Ee'da Brahim give ...

Meet two remarkable women whose considered, strong and quietly told messages are underpinned by their ethnicity and place in the world.


Hundreds of protestors turn out for #BigGayKissIn at ...

"The more we hold hands, kiss, and show affection in public, the more healthy we will be as a society."


Why is it such a big deal when someone can't drive?

Is learning to drive still the rite of passage to 'adulthood' it once was?


Rediscovering the overlooked work of Australia’s ...

A local film festival is unearthing some rarely-seen, yet deeply relevant, works from a subversive era in Australian filmmaking - and preserving our feminist history in the process.

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Chaika: Pussy Riot's new satire

Pussy Riot's latest music video Chaika takes a satirical look at corruption in Vladimir Putin's Russia. 01:06