The world's most stylish destinations

Boulangerie-Patisserie shopfront on Rue des Francs Bourgeois in the Marais.

Boulangerie-Patisserie shopfront on Rue des Francs Bourgeois in the Marais. Photo: Frank Wing

As a traveller, you get used to making snap judgements. Which passport queue is moving faster? Which street stall has the freshest food? Will this swirling traffic stop if I just step into the road? One of the easiest judgements, I find, is evaluating how stylish a place is. You don't even need to set foot outside the airport. A quick look at the crowds waiting to board will tell you all you need to know.

In Italy, for instance, you will see linen and cashmere and colour-co-ordinated accessories. In Australia, it is more likely to be, well, travel pillows firmly clamped around the neck. Historically, Australians have fared poorly in the style stakes. One could argue we didn't even discover the notion of design until the Sydney Opera House was built – and look what a controversy that caused.

However, during  recent years, we have developed an appreciation for the importance of style, particularly when we are travelling, and as result of our embrace of travel. But style is not the same as fashion. Style is about making a statement, an external reflection of internal qualities. Style is about character rather than cool, attitude rather than ambition.

The Aqua Amazon Cruiser.

The Aqua Amazon Cruiser.

Whether we are talking about hotels or neighbourhoods, a stylish place doesn't just look good: it gives us an insight into the culture or the people behind it. So, from a boho Brazilian beach retreat to a sleek, minimalist river cruiser, our pick of some of the most stylish travel experiences around is an eclectic selection. What they share is a sense of self, an individual identity that offers you an experience you won't get anywhere else. And isn't that what travel is all about?




The Ngorongoro Crater lodge in Tanzania.

The Ngorongoro Crater lodge in Tanzania. Photo: Alamy

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin

WHY WE LOVE IT Cutting-edge cool

THE LOWDOWN These gritty neighbourhoods on either side of the river Spree are not everyone's cup of tea, but there is no denying this is Berlin's most creative district. Studio spaces sit cheek by jowl with Turkish diners, and graffiti covers every surface. The best-known attraction is the Eastside Gallery, a stretch of the old Berlin Wall covered with art. To really catch the area's inventive spirit, however, explore its creatively-repurposed spaces, such as the Aufbau Haus, a  former factory housing workshops, galleries and cafes, and the Tempelhofer Freiheit. The former Tempelhof Airfield has been reborn as open space designed for barbecues, picnics and exploring. See

The Paltrow suite at the Capri Palace.

The Paltrow suite at the Capri Palace.

Le Plateau, Montreal

WHY WE LOVE IT Urban buzz at its best

THE LOWDOWN Those distinctive two-storey houses with their wrought-iron staircases are wonderfully old-fashioned, but everything else in Montreal's most happening neighbourhood is so very right-now. Each pocket of this district has its own attractions, from the chic boutiques and homewares stores of Avenue Laurier​ to the hipster diners on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. With cutting-edge art galleries, cafes and theatres tucked between pocket parks, this area is the best place to hang in town. See

The pool attached to the Magritte suite at Capri Palace.

The pool attached to the Magritte suite at Capri Palace.

Le Marais, Paris

WHY WE LOVE IT Pure French chic

THE LOWDOWN This medieval neighbourhood at the heart of Paris is adored by locals and visitors alike. Everything that you love about Paris – the elegant town houses, the charming squares, the old-school bakeries, the stylish boutiques – can be found in this compact district, where centuries-old buildings have been converted into the studios and boutiques of the city's creative community. When you tire of exploring the labyrinthine alleys, take a rest in one of its lovely public spaces, such as the glamorous Place des Vosges​ or the more laid-back Place du Marche Sainte Catherine. See

The Southern Ocean Lodge at Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

The Southern Ocean Lodge at Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Photo: Alamy



Aqua Amazon

Aquavit Terrace Bar on the viking Star cruise ship.

Aquavit Terrace Bar on the viking Star cruise ship. Photo: Anthony Weller

WHY WE LOVE IT City chic hits the jungle

THE LOWDOWN Less a cruise ship, more of a houseboat on steroids, this is one of a fleet of three ships working the Amazon and the Mekong in style. Taking its inspiration from boutique hotels rather than conventional cruise decor, the laid-back luxe fit-out includes hardwood floors, slate walls and furnishings featuring natural fibres. The nicest touch of all: those floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can watch life on the river unfold from the comfort of your bed. From $4245  a  person twin share. See

Sea Cloud

The Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania. Photo: Pure Tasmania

WHY WE LOVE IT Fit for royalty

THE LOWDOWN There are yachts, and then there is the Sea Cloud, the magnificent tall ship once owned by heiress and businesswoman Marjorie Merriweather Post.  To decorate the yacht, Post famously rented a warehouse, marked it out with the yacht's floor plan and chose where each piece of furniture would go. Her taste for old-school elegance is still in evidence aboard: the antique furniture, marble fireplaces and gold taps all recall the days when royalty regularly travelled aboard. From  $5000 a  person twin share. See

Viking Star

Hotel Hotel in Canberra.

Hotel Hotel in Canberra. Photo: Ross Honeysett

WHY WE LOVE IT Scandi style takes to the seas

THE LOWDOWN When river cruising company Viking Cruises decided to hit the high seas, they did it in style. Their newly launched Viking Star, inspired by Scandinavian chic, features blond wood and airy spaces. Every cabin has a balcony, and the coffee tables in the lounge have interactive tabletops. However, what really has people talking is features such as the glass-walled pool cantilevered off the stern, not to mention the elegant spa that has its own snow grotto. From $3099 a person twin share. See


Eastside Gallery on what's left of the Berlin Wall at Muhlenstrasse in Berlin.

Eastside Gallery on what's left of the Berlin Wall at Muhlenstrasse in Berlin. Photo: Alamy


Altapura, Val Thorens, France

WHY WE LOVE IT Tongue in chic

The swimming pool at Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, Southern Utah curves around rocks.

The swimming pool at Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, Southern Utah curves around rocks. Photo: Alamy

THE LOWDOWN Let's face it: the ski lodge look is desperately in need of a redesign. Yes, it should be cosy, but in the 21st century, do we really want to see a stuffed animal head hanging on the wall? Not at Altapura, we don't. The only animal heads here are made out of wood, a clue to the fun, funky way they have updated the traditional ski lodge decor. What we love most: those freestanding fireplaces, the textured wooden walls and the shaggy furniture. From  $470 a person twin share. See

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

WHY WE LOVE IT High drama on safari

Travel in luxury on Sea Cloud.

Travel in luxury on Sea Cloud.

THE LOWDOWN With a setting this dramatic - perched at the top of a vast volcanic crater that happens to be filled with wildlife – it is not surprising to find that this gorgeous lodge has turned the special effects dial up to 11. The thatched suites appear simple from the outside, but the interiors have an operatic Victorian feel, with crystal chandeliers, raw silk draperies and velvet sofas. Even your freshly-washed laundry is delivered wrapped in red satin. From $1400 a person twin share. See

Amangiri, Utah

WHY WE LOVE IT Straight with a twist

THE LOWDOWN There is a reason this Aman​ resort is full of straight lines: all the better to frame that magnificent desert landscape. The low-slung resort is designed as a series of geometric planes, framing unexpected vistas of the great outdoors, with its rugged plateaus and mighty canyons. The pared-back colour palette let you focus on the entrancing details, from the light bouncing off the brass lamps to the way the swimming pool wraps around a rocky outcrop. From $1600 a room. See



Uxua Casa Hotel, Trancoso, Brazil

WHY WE LOVE IT Barefoot chic for the style set

THE LOWDOWN How did this isolated fishing village turn into a jet-set haven? Blame this hotel, the brainchild of the creative director of the Diesel fashion label. Visiting stylistas love the 10 freestanding casas, or houses, for the privacy they offer as well as for the inviting decor: think gardens with ferns and hammocks, plump piles of cushions and swathes of muslin. Down at the hotel's private beach club, the sink-into daybeds are equally inviting. From $470  a  night. See

Capri Palace Resort and Spa, Anacapri, Italy

WHY WE LOVE IT Low-key luxury

THE LOWDOWN Let's be honest,  Capri isn't a great place for a summer holiday. Not enough beaches, too many day trippers. We're happy to go anyway, as long as we can stay at this luxurious retreat. Its winning combination of low-key style and high-end service draws the first-name brigade (past guests include Oprah, Julia, and Gwyneth, who had a suite named after her), and it is not hard to see why. The lobby-slash-lounge is as welcoming as your own lounge room; in the Michelin-starred restaurant, you can sit on cosy sofas instead of chairs; and each of the suites has its own signature style. From  $540 a night. See

Kangaroo Island: Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

WHY WE LOVE IT Rooms with a view

THE LOWDOWN On a wild, storm-tossed winter day, this lodge is the place to be. Southern Ocean Lodge floats above Kangaroo Island's dramatic southern coastline, which is perfectly framed through the panoramic windows of the Great Room. Lounge away the afternoon in the Great Room, savouring  a warming red wine while you watch the pounding breakers from beneath a cashmere blanket, or retreat to your suite, which features sunken lounges, floor-to-ceiling windows, limestone walls and sand blasted floors.  From $1100 a  person twin share (two-night minimum). See




WHY WE LOVE IT Time to play

THE LOWDOWN Tokyo is famous for its cosplay kids, those cartoonish young folk who haunt Harajuku, clad as their favourite anime characters. Some, however, would argue that they are not the only ones in Tokyo playing dress-ups: it is just that most of the population favours costumes of a different type. From Ginza fashionistas in head-to-toe labels to well turned-out gents in cashmere coats and polished wingtips, dressing the part seems to be Tokyo's favourite past time. See


WHY WE LOVE IT Take it easy

THE LOWDOWN Catalonia is not Spain, the locals proudly proclaim, and one of the areas where that is most evident is in their sense of style. In contrast to their counterparts in Madrid and Seville, who love to dress to the nines, the good folk in the Catalan capital keep it casual. The town's homegrown design talent has a way with the cool casual look, whether that is comfy footwear courtesy of Camper, brightly-patterned separates from Desigual, or eco-friendly chic from companies such as Rebel Root and Pinza't. A sense of fun, and the ability not to take yourself too seriously: what's not to love about that? See


WHY WE LOVE IT Experimental edge

THE LOWDOWN Ever since the avant-garde designers known as the Antwerp Six hit the headlines in the 1980s, Antwerp has been Belgium's acknowledged style hotspot. The well turned-out locals strolling through the city centre are ample proof of that, but Antwerp's sense of style extends beyond the boutiques of Kammenstraat and Lombardenvest. Design is part of the city's DNA. From the stacked-box aesthetic of the vividly-hued Museum aan de Stroom to the opulent interiors of the city's most remarkable hotel, De Witte Lelie, this is a city that embraces influences of all kinds. See



Five of Australia's top stylesetters reveal their favourite destinations as well as their tips how to stay stylish on the road.

Alexandra Smart, fashion designer, Ginger & Smart

FAVOURITE STYLE DESTINATION Copenhagen. It's amazing, like walking into Wallpaper* magazine. I love the combination of beautiful traditional buildings with a modern aesthetic. The furniture is beautiful, the stores are beautiful, even the people are beautiful.

TRAVELLING WITH STYLE TIPS Pack clothes that can take you from day into night. Adding a beautiful tailored jacket can transform virtually any outfit. Our first collection had a cotton cashmere blend travel wrap that's still in the collection 14 years on. I take one every time I travel: it's lightweight and versatile. See

Jayson Brunsdon, fashion designer

FAVOURITE STYLE DESTINATION Paris. It's a cliche,  but it's so beautiful: the architecture, the light, the lifestyle, the people. I love sitting in the Tuileries Gardens, watching the children playing with their boats.

TRAVELLING WITH STYLE TIPS Take items that you can mix and match. It is easier if you keep everything in black, white and neutrals. Lay it all out a few days before you pack, so you can think about it.  Don't pack too much. You want to leave room to buy something: it is part of the experience. See

Nerida Winter, milliner

FAVOURITE STYLE DESTINATION London. It's always been a huge source of inspiration for me. I love the contradictions between tradition and rebellion and their fearless sense of fashion.

TRAVELLING WITH STYLE TIPS Always take a hat. Apart from saving all sorts of hair dramas, they look fabulous. Boarding a plane in summer and coming out the other side in winter can be a challenge, so layers are your best friends. See

Christian Kimber, shoe designer

FAVOURITE STYLE DESTINATION Sri Lanka. When we were there, there were  a lot of weddings taking place, where women were wearing these extraordinary beautiful silk saris. It is a wonderful culture of expressing yourself through colour.

TRAVELLING IN STYLE TIPS Invest in good luggage. I'm obsessed with Rimowa. It's amazingly versatile and moves easily. For a long-haul flight, I'll wear chinos, a shirt and blazer, but as soon as I'm on board, I change into a cotton tracksuit. It's so much more comfortable. Then an hour before landing, I'll freshen up and get changed again. See

Amber Sceats, jewellery designer

FAVOURITE STYLE DESTINATION Santorini, Greece. I had a major creative block, and I recently had a lightbulb moment in Santorini, lying on my balcony. Those whitewashed houses with the scattered blue shutters gave me inspiration for where to go with my new collection.

TRAVELLING WITH STYLE TIPS It's all about being comfortable. I could live in cigarette pants and a loose men's shirt or a beautiful knit. I take two pairs of heels at most: I pack really great flats, brogues and strappy sandals. Jewellery can lift your look. Pack lots of mix and match staples, then liven up the outfit with jewellery. See



What does Australian style look like? A little like this.

Hotel Hotel, Canberra

A stay in this delightfully unpredictable hotel could double as a crash course in local design, with diamond-pattern tables from Adam Goodrum​ and recycled glass carafes by Amos Enders-Moje among the items you will be tempted to sneak into your hand luggage. See

QT Sydney

Despite its relentlessly modern feel, there's something retro about QT: a gaudy, Great Gatsby-style joie de vivre leavened by a heavy dose of whimsy. From the greeters in their flaming red wigs to displays made of white and gold televisions, this hotel loves flashing its bad-girl style. See

Hotel Lindrum, Melbourne

The good folk at the Lindrum offer you a cup of tea on arrival but, if they could get away with it, you suspect they would bring out a tumbler of whisky and possibly a pipe. There's a slight tinge of gentleman's club to this place: not enough to be stuffy, just enough to get you in a relaxed retro mood. See

Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart

The warehouse facade gives nothing away, but behind that stern exterior lies a playground for grown-ups. Sandstone walls and ancient timber beams contrast with sexy modern furniture and an ever changing array of artworks. See

The New Inchcolm​ Hotel & Suites, Brisbane

Opulence. It's not a very Australian word, but this newly refurbished Brisbane art deco hotel has nailed the feel, with free-standing bath tubs, textured fabrics, gorgeous original features such as the metal-meshed lift, and a burnished colour scheme of pewter and black, grey and gold. See

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