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“This sofa belonged to baba, my Macedonian grandmother, who kept it in her ‘good room’. When we inherited it, there wasn’t a mark on it.” Click for more photos

Home of the week

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Who lives here?

Textile designer Sally Campbell, 64, and her husband, Greg Stitt, 64, business owners of the Sally Campbell range of soft furnishings that are handmade in India.

What kind of house is it?


A double-fronted Gothic terrace in Randwick. Built in 1880, it is one of a row that was originally connected with the Catholic Church.


Background info?
We've lived here for 10 years. I have a background in costume and set design for films; Greg was a documentary filmmaker. We met 23 years ago on a film set in New Zealand - very romantic. We got married seven years ago. We are both 64 and still raging.

Did you do any work to the house?
We renovated the interiors with extra windows, put in a garden, new kitchen, new bathrooms and new colour scheme. Nothing radical, it was all surface stuff as the house had good bones.

What appealed to you about the house?
It is very beautiful architecturally and has heaps of space. We have a whole floor for textile storage, which makes it an ideal space for living and running a business.

What's your favourite space?
Both verandahs. I love lounging on the day beds, reading and staring out into the blissful garden.

What inspires your textile designs?
Working with the best craftspeople in India is inspiring - weavers, block printers and embroiderers. I create designs with these techniques in mind and go to India to realise my designs.

What inspires your style at home?
Travel and my love of textiles, art and ceramics. It's a natural progression from film work. I did a lot of films where I researched the textiles of the period to recreate on sets. I love things that have a nomadic, gypsy quality about them.

Why do you collect objects from your travels?
Part of my love of travelling is discovering new textiles, art or ceramics I can lug home. I do a lot of research before I go so that I know where I might find what I like. While I was based in India I'd visit "junk" shops in out-of-the-way places that locals would tell me about. There I'd find fascinating stuff that most tourists wouldn't get to see.

Where have you travelled?
All over - India, Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, north Africa, Morocco, Egypt, and Central and North America, not to mention tropical islands. I always return with an object. I am a "collect addict", but I think it's a form of creativity and expression. I make things from my collections.

What are your sources of style inspiration?
Friends, family, reference books on textiles from Africa, India and Japan. Anything on indigo and shibori [a Japanese dyeing technique]. I adore The World of Interiors and Selvedge magazines.

What's your decorating style philosophy?
Less is not more. I like it interesting, eclectic. Wherever the eye rests there should be a visual feast.

What's your best tip for creating this "global traveller" style of decorating?
Grab hold of your curiosity and go travelling. The world is your oyster of inspiration and travel is a special gift that encourages you to be fearless when decorating.

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