The Australian Sports party under fire for using topless women in election promos

Image taken from the Sports Party's Facebook page.

Image taken from the Sports Party's Facebook page.

The Australian Sports Party, which according to its website is a new micro-party platform in Western Australia that is "is focused on helping Australians live a healthy well-balanced lifestyle through sport," has come under fire for using topless women as part of its election campaign on Facebook.  

The image, which is as offensive as it is unoriginal, is sadly just the kind of lame, sexist diatribe women in sport have to put up with all the time (remember the Ellyse Perry meme of recent months? And any time a woman is praised for her looks or has to strip down to her knickers to get the same kind of coverage as a man in the same sport? Or how women's sport simply doesn't receive the same kind of funding or respect as men's? Yeah).

Humiliating half of the population in your electorate seems an odd way to win a seat and the party looks like it will be further encumbered by Fair Agenda who are running a campaign to get the image taken down from Facebook. As the Fair Agenda website says,


"Join us in calling on the Australian Sports Party to take down their offensive post, apologise, and explain their position on women in sport and broader issues affecting women before the WA Senate election on the 5th April."

Good luck on election day guys.