Women are photoshopping male nipples onto their breasts to avoid censorship

The image being shared online to fight censorship.

The image being shared online to fight censorship.

Women have come up with a creative way to stop social media sites taking down their topless photos. They are photoshopping 'acceptable' male nipples on their breasts.

The 'Photoshop the Nipple' idea was started by Californian artist Micol Hebron last year, but has gone viral this week after musicians Our Lady J and La Sera shared it.


Since the post took off, women have started posting their edited photos online with hashtags such as #malenipples and #freethenipple.


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The 'Photoshop the Nipple' campaign follows the ongoing #FreeTheNipple, which highlights the double standards regarding the censorship of female breasts online.

Instagram's guidelines currently state that nudity is not allowed, including "some photos of female nipples" but not "photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding".