Watch actresses recite a whole bunch of cringeworthy, sexist real-life casting calls

"Pretty woman for the man to fall in love with. Non-speaking role."

"Pretty woman for the man to fall in love with. Non-speaking role." Photo: 'Casting Call: The Project' video

The ugly stats on female representation in TV and film speak for themselves, but sometimes the point hits harder with a little real-world demo.

Julie Asriyan, Jenna Ciralli and Laura Bray, three writers/actresses based in New York City, have collected a bunch of the real-life, typically cringeworthy casting calls they've encountered, and asked 18 actresses to read them out to camera in a video they've called 'Casting Call: The Project'.  

The video highlights the demeaning ways women are written into scripts and addressed in auditions, and the depressingly casual ways casting agents promote the industry's sexist practices.

"Females applying for this role must be between 18 to 25. Males can be MUCH older," reads one actress.


"She loves being a woman, so she probably wears a push-up bra," reads another.

"Lead actress needed for a film about feminism. She is moderately attractive," goes another favourite. Yep, you can't make this shit up.

"We would often share with each other particularly ridiculous, hysterical and appalling casting call notices," the video's creators told Metro.

"The character breakdowns on the cast call sites varied in their wrongs - discriminatory, stereotypical, sexist, ageist, racist - but all were undeniably flawed and limited in the way they sought to reflect a female character."

Which is pretty much a polite way of saying, as one woman more bluntly puts it in the video, "Fuck you. Who writes this shit?"