These kids are killing it in Breaking Bad Halloween costumes


Candice Chung

Halloween costumes can be notoriously inappropriate, but what if they are so heartbreakingly awesome that you can't help but throw your good judgments out the door and ... you know, just go with it?

The parents of these adorably badass babies may have agonised over the appropriateness of dressing their kids up as meth dealers, but we're pretty glad that they chose to go down the 'what the hell' road. Thanks to Uproxx, we are now privy to these amazing 'Babies as Breaking Bad characters' pictures. Who knew so much likeness could be achieved with so little? 

Aaron Paul is totally across this, of course. He even tweeted his approval of this mini Jessie Pinkman and Walter White duo. (Just look at Baby Heisenberg's expression!) The drawn-on glasses is a also nice touch. And even though nobody knows how to feel about the 'blue meth' lollipops, this mini Pinkman somehow sensed that he should be deadly serious about them.

Oh, to be the children of Breaking Bad fans.