Saturday Night Live captures the pure white terror that gripped America in the wake of Beyonce's 'Formation'


Jenny Noyes

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Beyonce reveals Formation

Beyonce has revealed and activist edge in her new music video Formation which tackles the black experience in America.

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Where were you when Beyonce dropped her 'Formation' video, the day before the Super Bowl?

It started out like every other day. Like many Australians, I was at my desk at work. Although I couldn't have predicted what was about to happen, I will never forget the portentous moment I saw some tweets about Beyonce's surprise new track, put my earbuds in and pressed play, crossing over into the era we now call After Formation

Yes, I had to Google 'bama'. But even then, I didn't realise that this pretty "awesome" video was was about to wreak a tide of terror and havoc on the collective consciousness the whites of the Free World.

A still from the video that destroyed white America.

A still from the video that destroyed white America. Photo: via YouTube

Perhaps if 'Formation' had been confined to YouTube and music video shows it would have merely ruffled a few feathers.


But Beyonce took her battle to the hallowed grounds of the Super Bowl, with her dancers in black panther costume, dedicating their performance to Mario Woods and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Not only was this action a celebration of black culture and a protest of the impunity with which police and white civilians can kill black people - including children - Beyonce, with the help of Bruno Mars, also exposed Chris Martin as the epitomy of dorky white guy. 

It was the day white people lost their Beyonce. And now, thanks to Saturday Night Live, you can relive the immediate aftermath, in a trailer for the apocalypse movie about that day.

The day that an "unapologetically black" pop star destroyed white America. 

And it is perfect. 

When Beyoncé dropped Formation, the internet lost its collective mind — some more than others.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on  Sunday, February 14, 2016