Jerry Seinfeld is still going on about how political correctness is "hurting comedy"

Jerry Seinfeld: "Political correctness is hurting comedy."

Jerry Seinfeld: "Political correctness is hurting comedy."

Jerry Seinfeld has said fellow comedians have warned him against performing at college campuses because they're "too politically correct" these days. 

"I don't play colleges but I hear a lot of people tell me, 'Don't go near colleges, they're so PC'," the comedian told ESPN Radio.

"I'll give you an example," he added. "My daughter's 14. My wife says to her, 'Well, you know, in the next couple of years, I think maybe you're going to want to hang around the city more on the weekends so you can see boys.' You know what my daughter says? 'That's sexist.' 

"They just want to use these words," Seinfeld told the show's host Colin Cowherd. "'That's racist'. 'That's sexist'. 'That's prejudice.' They don't even know what they're talking about."


Asked by Cowherd if such a culture "hurts comedy", the comedian replied "Yes, it does."

Well, yeah, maybe if your whole comedy set revolves around lazy stereotypes and "Take my wife... please!" gags, I could see how that might be a huge problem.

Last year, the comedian was criticised for similar comments following an interview with Buzzfeed in which he defended the lack of diversity in his new web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffees.

"This really pisses me off," he said at the time. "People think it's the census or something, it's gotta represent the actual pie chart of America. Who cares?... I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that. To me, it's anti-comedy. It's more about PC nonsense, than are you making us laugh or not."

Source: The Blaze