Internet borrows Sonia Kruger's #AsAMother defence to fight back against bigotry

On the wish list: Sonia Kruger.

On the wish list: Sonia Kruger. Photo: Channel Nine

As we all know by now, one-time TV darling Sonia Kruger instantly morphed into Pauline Hanson 2.0 (3.0?) yesterday morning, during an insane throwaway bit on the Today show where she argued that Australia should stop taking in Muslim immigrants (never a great start when someone uses a phrase like "Andrew Bolt has a point..." as a pretext to sharing their personal views).

She double-downed on her sentiments with a Twitter post yesterday afternoon, in which she justified her own Islamophobia on being "a mother" in the wake of last week's attacks in Nice.

Needless to say, the internet wasn't buying it.


Overnight, Twitter borrowed Kruger's ridiculous and divisive #AsAMother defence, and transformed it into a call for respect and compassion in the face of such bigotry.

With so many sane, respectful and positive voices out there, it's quite infuriating that the hateful get the loudest platform, isn't it?