Dawson and Pacey had an impromptu Dawson's Creek reunion last night


Rob Moran

Pacey + Dawson, the younger years: friendship, fishing.

Pacey + Dawson, the younger years: friendship, fishing.

Sigh, their friendship was never the same after Pacey went and lost all of Dawson's movie-making money in high-risk stock investments (oh, and, you know, also stole his soulmate by being infinitely more charming and handsome), but it's nice to know that over a decade after Dawson's Creek ended, the guys can still pose amicably for an impromptu selfie.   

Last night, your ol' friends Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) caught up on the town, for what's possibly the greatest teen show reunion ever... mainly because it was completely accidental. Fate writ it so, and so it was, and Irish whiskies were shared, as were the wistful whispers of that hallowed name: Joey Potter. Well, you know, probably. Maybe they just said "Oh! Heeeey..." like you do whenever you bump into an old classmate on the street, and you didn't have enough time to quickly run across the road through speeding traffic to avoid them.

"The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places...", wrote Van Der Beek on his Twitter, which is such a Dawson thing to say.


Just look at that picture. I think a melancholy singalong's in order:

Source: Bustle