Battered Disney princesses shows domestic violence can happen to anyone


Candice Chung


Photo: Saint Hoax

While Disney character transformations have slowly become the bread and butter of the internet, once in a while, an artist still manages to give a clever spin to the meme that makes you think twice about an issue.

The most recent example is artist Saint Hoax, who created a Disney Princess-inspired campaign titled "Happy Never After" to highlight the brutal truth of domestic violence.

In Hoax's sobering digital series, the familiar faces of Disney Princeses have black eyes and bloodied lips, accompanied by the tagline, "When did he stop treating you like a princess?"

"Disney princess are perceived as ideal females," Hoax told Huffington Post, "They belong to a fairytale land where happy ever afters are bound to happen. But what happens after the happy ever after?"


"By portraying Disney princesses as victims of domestic violence, I'm proposing the idea that no girl/woman is safe from being emotionally/physically/sexually abused."

The jarring images force us to rethink what 'happily ever after' really means -- and that relationships that look fine on the surface may harbour a darker truth. Perhaps the most important message from Hoax's campaign is that it is "never too late" to end domestic violence and put an end to the abuse.

"Victims of abuse are not alone and it's never too late for them to take a stand."

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