Lolly lips, SPF and the low down on the Babor Ultimate facial


Stephanie Darling

Stephanie Darling tracks a red-carpet beauty trend, test-drives a clay face mask and checks her make-up's protection levels.

Fruity: Keira Knightley at a Golden Globes after-party on January 11.

Fruity: Keira Knightley at a Golden Globes after-party on January 11. Photo: Getty Images

Keira Knightley looked resplendent in Chanel on the Golden Globes red carpet with her sweet persimmon lip colour. 


This week I try ... the Babor Ultimate facial

The lowdown I've known celebrity facialist Christine Marnoch for longer than I can remember, and it's always a treat to have her hands all over my face. (I'm in good company, as she also looked after Nicole Kidman during the filming of Moulin Rouge.) Christine is famous for her lymphatic-drainage massage, which rids skin of toxins while plumping and firming. First up, she cleanses my face and then meticulously massages in a collagen-boosting serum to improve tone and elasticity. She works the serum down to my décolletage, then back up to my chin, giving my neck a good stretch. "It's important to care for your neck, just as you would your face," she insists. Next, an eye and lip cream, then it's time for the mask-embalming process: gauze is placed over my face, and the clay modelling gets underway. As the mask hardens, it warms my skin and opens the pores, speeding up the absorption of active ingredients. While it cures (I feel like the Marquis de Sade), Christine gives me a hand massage. She then cracks the mould and releases my face.


Pain factor The mask-hardening process is not for the claustrophobic.

Downtime 90 minutes.

Results My skin looks plumped and hydrated, and I love the fact that this treatment is good for sensitive skin.

Where to get it Sydney: The George Giavis Salon, (02) 9328 6700. Cost: $175. Melbourne: Salon of Beauty, (03) 9548 4280. Cost: $219.

At home Babor Collagen Booster Fluid, $95, 1800 139 139.

With Valentine's Day almost here, Gabrielle Chanel's first fragrance, created in 1921, is still a brilliant love token. With 80 ingredients, including ylang ylang, Grasse jasmine and May rose, it also comes as a hair mist. Wear it to bed, just like Marilyn Monroe did. Chanel No 5: The Hair Mist, $60.


Dr Adam Sheridan, dermatologist

Is make-up with a sunscreen enough to protect your skin from the sun?

"No! It's helpful, but on its own is insufficient protection from the sun's cancer-causing rays. Nothing beats the combination of a broad-spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses."