Three beautiful new hairstyles and how to master them


Christina Butcher

Messy high bun

The look

Look like you had the best night of your life and just woke up in Paris with the messy high bun. In fact, the lazier you are, the easier this style is—the dirtier your hair, the better the messy high bun will look! If your hair is squeaky clean, use a texturizing powder or sea salt spray to mess it up before starting this hairstyle. It’s a look that embraces fly-aways, so bear that in mind with whatever your plans are. This is a great casual hairstyle, but not necessarily ideal for more formal or work occasions.


Difficulty level: Easy

Ideal hair length: Long

Accessories: This hairstyle looks effortless because it is! There’s therefore no need to go over the top with accessories. A headband or thin ribbon can help to adorn this bun, but keep it simple and chic.

Try this: The messy high bun is even easier to do if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, and is perfect in second-day hair. The messy bun can also be worn low on the nape of the neck, or to the side.

How to get it

1. Spray dry shampoo onto your hair to give it some texture and body.Y ou want the finished style to look loose and relaxed, so don’t brush your hair. Use your fingertips to gather all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Place the hair doughnut at the base of your ponytail.

2–3. Backcomb your ponytail to create even more mess and texture.

4. Gently twist your ponytail and curve it around the base of yourponytail to form a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. If your hair is thick or curly, try using hairpins for a stronger hold.

5. Pull some pieces of hair loose around your face and at the nape of your neck to give this style a “lived-in” look.

TOP TIP: Dry shampoo is the perfect styling product for creating this hairstyle, whether your hair is clean or dirty. It absorbs oil at the roots of your hair and adds a matte texture to the mid-lengths and ends.


Asymmetric chignon

The look

This style adds a touch of glamour to the look and gives it an edge that would suit a party, a formal event, or a day at the office.

Difficulty level: Medium

Ideal hair length: Medium to long

Accessories: Pin fresh or silk flowers into the twist to bring out the beauty of this unusual and intricate-looking style. This hairstyle is easy to wear under a hat, as you can customise the size of the chignon to fit.

Try this: This style can be varied infinitely. If your hair is long, twist your hairmore to create double buns. Forshorter hair, you can twist and fold your hair into a messy chignon. If you think your hairis too short, it’s not! You can pin hair that’s just two inches long.

How to get it

1. Start by twisting a small section of hair from the top left side of your head.

2. Twist the hair tight around your index finger, then twist around the index finger on your other hand to create a small twisted bun on the side of your head. Slide a bobby pin through the twist, pinning it to the hair underneath.

3. Next, twist and pin a small section of hair from the right-hand side of your head, and make a twisted bun next to the first section.

4. Pin the two twists together to create the top of the asymmetrical shape.

5. Keep taking small sections of hair, twist tight around your index finger, then twist around the index finger on your other hand and pin. Continue until all your hair is pinned in place.

TOP TIP: This style looks great when you overlap sections. Weave your bobby pins through more than one twist to create a hairstyle that will hold. You can also cross your bobby pins over each other into an X shape for added hold.


French fishtail braid

The look

This braid is a head-turner. By combining French braiding techniques with the fishtail braid style, you’ll create a stunning herringbone-shaped braid. If you’ve mastered a regular fishtail braid, you’ll love adding the dynamic herringbone shape to your look. Best suited to long hair or hair without layers, this distinctive braid can be worn straight or curved into a gorgeous chignon.

Difficulty level: Hard

Ideal hair length: Long

Accessories: With so much beautiful detail, this hairstyle doesn’t need many accessories, but you can wear a headband to add a pretty touch to the front.

Try this: By braiding your hair on a diagonal angle, you can create a beautiful side French fishtail braid. Curve your braid around to form a fishtail chignon.

How to get it

1. Brush your hair to remove any knots. Take a section of hair at the back of your head and split it into two equal sections.

2. Holding one section in each hand, use your index finger to add inhair from the left side of your head and cross it over and add to the right section.

3. Repeat on the right side, picking up hair and adding it to the left section.

4. Continue adding in hair and crossing to the opposite section until there’s no more hair left to add.

5. Finish in a regular fishtail braid and secure the end with an elastic.

TOP TIP: This style works best in long hair without too many layers. Try to keep each section small and even to emphasise the herringbone shape. You can also gently pull at the sides of the braid to give it more volume.

This is an edited extract from Hair Romance by Christina Butcher (Murdoch Books) $24.99, available now.