Rookie mistakes

12 rookie decorating moves you might be making

"I was raised by an interior designer and even I have been guilty of making these rookie decorating moves."

Underage drinking

When should you have the 'booze talk' with you kids?

That moment comes earlier than adults might expect, according to a new report.

Travel: Singapore

How to eat at Singapore's hawker stalls

Don't just go for the chicken rice (delicious as it may be). There's an etiquette to eating right at Singapore's famed hawker markets.

Regular exercise

How walking can add seven years to your life

Just 25 minutes of brisk walking every day could buy extra years of health - and happiness.

Swimming spots

10 amazing travel spots to take a memorable swim

The weather's finally heating up and we can start thinking about testing the waters. Try these dips with a difference...


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