How to go from surviving to thriving at work


Arianna Huffington

Huffington has partnered with to launch a six-week course based on her book <i>Thrive</i>.

Huffington has partnered with to launch a six-week course based on her book Thrive. Photo: Bloomberg

This week, Daily Life has teamed up with Arianna Huffington and the OWN network to help you get more out of your work and personal life, based on her best-selling book and forthcoming online course, Thrive.


In the year since Thrive was published, I've been thrilled to meet people all over the world who are longing for change. People are rejecting the myth that burnout has to be the price we pay for success.

But again and again, I've been asked: "It's hard to change old habits – how do I go from understanding what I need to do in order to thrive to actually doing it?"


That's why I'm so excited to have partnered with the team at to launch a six-week course on Thrive: it's a bridge from knowing what we need to do in order to thrive to actually doing it and thriving.

I've loved working on the course, taped in my apartment in New York (yes, that's my bedroom in the section on sleep). We shot over 40 lesson videos; some just with me, some with guest teachers including NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, happiness expert Shawn Achor, Wharton Professor Adam Grant, Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa, and my own personal Thrive Tribe – my daughters Christina and Isabella Huffington, my sister Agapi, my great friend and breathing teacher Joan Witkowski, and my fabulous yoga teacher Rudy Mettia.

Each week we tackle two steps – for a total of 12 steps (because we are all addicted to our current way of living and working!) – with practical tips and tools to help you move from merely surviving to succeeding and thriving.

Every week, I will be holding "office hours" to answer students' questions and discuss any obstacles they are facing on our Thrive journey.

We have developed some great tracking tools that will help you monitor your progress, achieve your goals, and thrive. And all our steps and practices are based on the latest scientific findings about the importance of sleep, meditation, renewal, and taking time to unplug and recharge.I very much hope you can join me on this six-week journey, beginning on May 3.

Go to to register now.

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