Power rangers

Power Ranger's new costumes skewered online

It's Elizabeth Banks, of Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect fame. She'll be starring as villain Rita Repulsa in the upcoming ...

Ebony Bowden 1:18 PM   They were supposed to inspire a whole new legion of fans, but the Power Rangers' new costumes are the laughing stock of the internet.

Channing Tatum's naked ambition: Magic Mike Live show is heading to Las Vegas

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows a scene from "Magic Mike XXL." Warner Bros. said Thursday that the ...

Peter Vincent 10:09 AM   Channing Tatum fans, pack your bags. The Magic Mike star announced on Facebook today that he is planning a "Magic Mike Live" stage show in Las Vegas starting in March.

Bad Neighbours 2

Seth Rogen acknowledges the homophobic, sexist content of his previous films

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in <i>Bad Neighbours 2</i>.

Rob Moran   "There's for sure some stuff in our earlier movies - and even in our more recent movies - where even like a year later you're like, eh, maybe that wasn't the greatest idea."

New comedy

Chin takes news into the world of sitcom

Lee Lin Chin in the trailer for 'The Weekend Shift'

Jenny Noyes   Lee Lin Chin is playing herself, of course, in a new SBS comedy.

The 100

The most feminist TV show you’re not watching

Commander Lexa leads a whole damn coalition of clans.

Rachael Mullins   If you're a modern TV-loving woman, you might find that the meme about the woman who takes a short, half-hour break from being a feminist to enjoy a TV show hits a little too close to home. But there's at least one show airing right now that not only passes the Bechdel Test, but flips it over and beats it into cowering submission.

Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly: Self-immolations show the government's asylum seeker policy is 'working'

Waleed Aly: Asylum seeker self-immolations are "part of the policy game-plan".

Jenny Noyes   Refugees setting themselves on fire in despair is "part of the policy game-plan".

Carly Fleischmann

Watch this young woman with autism's delightful interview with Channing Tatum


Rob Moran   It's the first episode of her new web chat show, 'Speechless with Carly Fleischmann'.

Bad Moms

Mila Kunis fights back for all overworked, underappreciated mums in the trailer for 'Bad Moms'

Mila Kunis in <i>Bad Moms</i>.

Rob Moran   Mums, here's your ultimate Hollywood revenge fantasy.

Reacting with violence

Aussie artist behind unflattering Donald Trump nude assaulted in Los Angeles street

Donald Trump by artist Illma Gore.

Jenny Noyes   When Illma Gore's nude drawing poking fun at Donald Trump's 'manhood' went viral, she became the target of violent threats. Now she says one has been carried out.

Clem Bastow

Why the internet's whiny male trolls can't wait to see the new 'Ghostbusters' fail

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in the upcoming <i>Ghostbusters</i>, out in July.

Clem Bastow   "The amount of dislikes the Ghostbusters' trailer is receiving is in no way organic. This is witless misogyny run rampant," writes Clem Bastow.

The Project

Carrie Bickmore blasts Prime Minister for ignoring working parents

Parental leave and childcare has 'fallen off the radar,' says Carrie Bickmore. The Project co-host has a school-aged son ...

Ebony Bowden   Carrie Bickmore has lashed the government for ignoring working families in a scathing segment on Monday night's episode of The Project.

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The internet is calling on Disney to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in 'Frozen 2'

Elsa from <i>Frozen</i>.

Rob Moran   "Let's trend #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in hopes that Disney will consider giving queer girls representation in princess form."

Henrietta Lacks

Oprah to star in HBO's 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'

Winfrey is also an executive producer on the film.

It details the story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman whose cancerous cells became the source of medical breakthroughs.

On-screen diversity

Hollywood has a serious LGBTI diversity issue, GLAAD study finds

Rooney Mara (left) and Cate Blanchett in <i>Carol</i>, for which Blanchett is nominated.

Tre'vell Anderson   In a year of big name queer performances, Hollywood actually went backwards on LGBTI diversity.


ABC boss Michelle Guthrie vows to improve diversity

Michelle Guthrie, who will replace Mark Scott as managing director of ABC in May.

Matthew Knott   In her first official day on the job, Michelle Guthrie has used an email to outline a commitment to "extend our reach and our relevance into areas where we are under-represented."

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Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight contestant 'disappointed' after being paired with former brawler

Clare Verrall survived a random bashing last year only to be paired with Jono Pitman on 'Married At First Sight'.

Jenny Noyes   Clare Verrall survived a random bashing last year, then found herself marrying a bloke who'd been ordered to take anger management classes after being arrested for brawling.

Cultural appropriation

Watch Native Americans review culturally appropriated music festival fashion

Please stop this, everyone.

Rob Moran   "For us to have fought for hundreds of years to maintain that identity, and then just to make us a joke like this, it's hurtful."

Amy Schumer

'I don't owe you anything': Amy Schumer slams dude who harassed her for a selfie

Amy Schumer is done with entitled fans.

Rob Moran   "I will not take pictures with people anymore and it's because of this dude," the comedian wrote on Instagram.

Obama love

Relive the Obamas' romantic first date with the 'Southside With You' trailer

The Obamas find love in <i>Southside With You</i>.

Rob Moran   It all started with the strains of Janet Jackson's 'Miss You Much'.

Whitney Houston

Oscar-winning director to make Whitney Houston documentary

American singer Whitney Houston, June 1988 (Photo by RDA/Getty Images)

The film will feature never-before-seen footage of the late musical icon.

Game of Crones

In praise of Game of Thrones' older women

Catelyn Stark, played by Michelle Fairley.

Alyssa Rosenberg   And as the men destroy themselves and each other, crones may be the only people left to repair the shattered world.

Ellie Kemper

Watch Ellie Kemper and Conan O'Brien compare their resting bitchfaces


Rob Moran   Yes, apparently IRL Kimmy Schmidt isn't maniacally smiling all the time.

Absolutely Fabulous trailer is out - and Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are heading to Australia

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders as Patsy and Eddie in <i>Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.</i>

Sarah Thomas   Ab Fab is back, with Edina and Patsy on the run for accidentally murdering a certain supermodel in the movie version of the cult sitcom.

Reebok fail

Reebok released a shoe celebrating Ellen Ripley, but forgot about women's sizes


Rob Moran   Because why would a woman possibly want Ellen Ripley's sneakers?

Robert Durst of The Jinx jailed for seven years

Robert Durst, pictured in 2014, was sentenced to seven years in prison on Wednesday.

Della Hasselle and Edvard Pettersson   Durst was given seven years and a month in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to possessing a firearm as a felon.

True Colours

Kesha joins Zedd in recording studio to make new music

Kesha performed onstage with record producer Zedd during Coachella.

Electronic dance music superstar Zedd has kept his promise to work with pop star Kesha.


Watch men read horrible tweets to female sports reporters' faces

Sports journalist Julie DiCaro responds to one of the mean tweets.

Jenny Noyes   This video takes the "mean tweets" genre to a whole new level, in a bid to end online harassment.


The onscreen double standard it's time to flip


Clem Bastow   "As far as I'm concerned, feminism won't have won until I can tune in to Game Of Thrones and see Podrick making bread while his wang flops about in the wind," writes Clem Bastow.

Amy Schumer

Watch Amy Schumer fact-check Jennifer Lawrence's interview quotes for Vanity Fair


Rob Moran   The comedian is the magazine's latest cover star.

Clashes on Christian Q&A over author accused of equating gay rights with rise of Nazis

Australian Christian Lobby leader Lyle Shelton on Q&A.

Neil McMahon   Julie McCrossin​ rebuked ACL's leader, saying 'I do feel it's introducing to the Australian conversation an intensity and a savagery that is not normally part of our pluralistic society."

NYC living

The crucial difference between 'Girls' and 'Broad City'

Broad City, New Series, Thursday 5th May at 10pm on ABC2. M Mag TV Previews by Melinda Houston. Image supplied by ABC ...

Libby Hill   Their approaches to love, life and friendship couldn't be more different, Libby Hill writes.


How non-white Aussie actors are struggling for recognition

The writer of this piece, Charlotte Nicdao, acting in the TV series 'Camp'.

Charlotte Nicdao   "There's a prevailing opinion that the only way to be successful as an actor of colour is to move our careers elsewhere," Charlotte Nicdao says.


Study agrees with Emilia Clarke's calls for 'Game Of Thrones' to #FreeTheP

Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen in the hit series.

Rob Moran   The show's nudity bias looks even worse in cold hard numbers (not a euphemism).


Sydney now has an awesome Prince mural


Rob Moran   And it's become an instant shrine to the late musician.

Zelda Fitzgerald

Scarlett Johansson to take on iconic novelist and socialite Zelda Fitzgerald

Actress Scarlett Johansson

Fitzgerald was credited for popularising the "flapper" style of short hair, knee-length dresses and headbands in the 1920s.


Beyonce launches 'Lemonade' on Jay Z's Tidal service

A scene from Lemonade.

Hannah Francis   Pop star drops new album, exclusive for subscribers to husband Jay Z's streaming service, Tidal.

Peabody Awards

Netflix's 'Jessica Jones' and 'Master Of None' win Peabody Awards

Krysten Ritter in Netflix's Jessica Jones.

Michael Cavna   In praising 'Jessica Jones', the Peabody judges said the show "asks unpopular questions about power and consent, while constructing vivid and compelling characters."

Game Of Thrones

'Game Of Thrones' star Lena Headey shocked by backlash following nude scene

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister in <i>Game of Thrones </i>.

The actress was criticised for using a body double for a key nude scene in the series.

Kiss Cam Pizza Girl

This awesome sports fan showed 'Kiss Cam' what true love really looks like


Rob Moran   'Kiss Cam Pizza Girl', we salute you.

The Girl On The Train

Watch Emily Blunt get a little crazy in the trailer for the bestseller adaptation, 'The Girl On The Train'


Rob Moran   If the book was "the next Gone Girl", then the movie is "the next Gone Girl", too.


Snapchat's 'blackface' option: why the internet is cross about Bob Marley filter

A screenshot of some of the Marley face swaps people are sharing on Twitter.

Caitlin Dewey   Virtually every face-swap app has an option for cross-racial masks, so why has Snapchat's addition of a Bob Marley face set people off?

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Emilia Clarke and Broad City's Abbi and Ilana agree that TV needs to #FreeTheP


Rob Moran   The "p" stands for penis, in case you weren't sure.

Queen Bey

Beyonce's 'Lemonade' will be a docu-style special

Bey has previewed Lemonade with two cryptic teasers released online.

Patrick Ryan   Bey has previewed Lemonade with two cryptic teasers released online.


Naomi Watts to star in Netflix psychological thriller 'Gypsy'

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 15:  Actress Naomi Watts attends the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Gala at The Cunard Building on April ...

Gary Levin   Watts will star as "a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives".

Roll With It

New, adorable Japanese meme compares babies to bread

#MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto is guaranteed to make you squeel with delight.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Is it bread, or is it a baby?

Dad jokes

The funniest guy on Twitter is this dad with four daughters aged under five

Comedy writer James Breakwell and his daughters.

Rob Moran   Dad jokes you'll actually wanna subscribe to.

Hollywood bias

SNL's One-Dimensional Female Character returned to discuss Hollywood's dialogue gap

SNL's Cecily Strong as 'Heather'.

Rob Moran   "I can't say any more lines, or they'd have to pay me like a man."

TV shows

The trouble with millennial sitcoms

The millennial sitcom mines the gap between fantasy and reality to powerful effect

Neha Kale   Does the focus on middle-class struggle distract us from the fact that for, some young people, the system has always been unjust?

Comedians Zoe Coombs Marr and Rhys Nicholson wed in Melbourne's first gay marriage

Comedians Zoe Coombs Marr and Rhys Nicholson are getting married in an act of protest.

Michael Lallo   Coombs Marr and Nicholson each has a same-sex partner, but Australian law forbids them from marrying the person they love. So instead they married each other.

Controversy erupts over Scarlett Johansson being cast in manga film Ghost in the Shell

Questions raised: Scarlett Johansson as the Major Motoko Kusanagi in the first image from <i>Ghost in the Shell.</i>

Sarah Thomas   Another Hollywood "whitewashing" row has broken out after the first image of manga sci-fi thriller Ghost in the Shell  featuring Scarlett Johansson as the Japanese character Major Motoko Kusanagi.


Grimes criticises media for constantly asking her about 'music industry sexism'

Canadian musician, Grimes.

Rob Moran   "The media propagates sexism by portraying me as a victim rather than the successful producer that I am," she wrote on Twitter.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus calls her early years on SNL 'very sexist'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a 20-something cast member on <i>SNL</i> in the early '80s.

Rob Moran   She also lay in another juicy dig at Malcolm Turnbull in a new interview in the New York Times.


New ABC show 'Cleverman' is about an Aboriginal superhero and we're already hooked off the trailer

Hunter Page-Lochard as Koen.

Jenny Noyes   The first episode airs in June, which is far too long to wait.

Robert De Niro's anti-vax backtrack

Robert De Niro

Andrew Stephens   "I, as a parent of a child who has autism, am concerned. And I want to know the truth," said the Oscar winning actor.

Rape culture

This slam poet has a 4-step regimen for eradicating the social disease that is rape culture

Slam poet FreeQuency

Jenny Noyes   There's "no cure in sight under this current system of patriarchy," says poet and activist FreeQuency. But she has a few ideas.