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America Ferrera

America Ferrera wrote Donald Trump a letter thanking him for his racist speech

America Ferrera: "While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don't want to spend my time chastising you."

Jenny Noyes   "While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don't want to spend my time chastising you."

Queen B

Beyonce celebrates marriage equality with a rainbow remake of 7/11 video

So much rainbow!

Queen B came a tad late to the rainbow pride party. But she arrived, as always, in style.

Hollywood Sexism

Rose McGowan dropped by agency after tweeting about sexist casting call

Rose McGowan says she was fired by her acting agent for speaking out.

Philippa Hawker   Actress Rose McGowan tweeted about a movie casting call she thought was sexist, and gave a none-too-subtle hint about the identity of the star of the film.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is 'not speaking yet' after suffering an aneurysm

Joni Mitchell singing in New York in 2000.

Lenny Ann Low   Three months after she was rushed to hospital, Joni Mitchell is still "not speaking yet," reveals her former partner.

Amazing Grace

Barack Obama sings Amazing Grace during Clementa Pinckney eulogy


Nick O'Malley    In an address unlike any other given by this president – or by any before him – Barack Obama on Friday farewelled his friend, the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was gunned down while leading bible study in the Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Inside Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a depressed Disney princess

'Princess Amy', pictured here with Tim Gunn, isn't impressed that she has to marry her cousin.

Ebony Bowden   "I'm not really comfortable sleeping with a close relative and also, I just turned 14."

Courtney Love live tweets as her car attacked in Paris Uber strike

Courtney Love, with daughter Frances Bean, earlier this year.

Kelly Lawler   "They're beating the cars with metal bats. this is France?? I'm safer in Baghdad."

Cara Delevingne's Vogue profile is causing outrage over lesbian "phase" speculation

Cara Delevingne and girlfriend musician St. Vincent in March.

The profile suggests she learns to trust men and has been labelled "insensitive and offensive".

Bad Feminist

Highlights from Roxane 'Bad Feminist' Gay's TED talk

Roxane Gay's 'Confessions of a bad feminist' TED talk.

Here's your dose of wisdom for the day.

Equal Rights

Meryl Streep writes to Congress calling for revival of Equal Rights Amendment

Meryl Streep: "A whole new generation of women and girls are talking about equality - equal pay, equal protection from sexual assault, equal rights."

Jenny Noyes   "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."


Ruby Rose had the perfect response to the furore over straight women 'turning gay' for her

If you haven't joined the Ruby Rose crushwagon yet, now's the time to jump on.

Jenny Noyes   Well if you haven't joined the crushwagon yet, now's the time to hop on...

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea: "Some days I just want to crawl into my cave"

Iggy Azalea attends the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

Jenny Noyes   The Aussie rapper told Richard Wilkins feeling confident every day is something to aspire to, but it's 'not humanly possible'.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton founded a school, and 10 other intriguing facts

Tilda Swinton's style, movie roles and hobbies are anything but ordinary… and the school she built is no exception.

Clare Sibthorpe   Just when you thought Tilda Swinton couldn't get more interesting, it turns out she founded a school in Scotland with 17 students including her own kids.

Child care

Zoe Saldana slams Hollywood's treatment of actors who become mothers

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 21:  Zoe Saldana attends VIP Red Carpet Suite Hosted by Ketel One Vodka at 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton on March 21, 2015 in Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 21, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Ketel One)

Andrea Mandell   If studios spend crazy amounts "perking up male superstars", why can't they help out with child care?

Gender issues

Ruby Rose explains being ‘gender fluid’

Ruby Rose at the "Orange is the New Black" Season 3 screening benefiting the Women's Prison Association in the US.

"I'm somewhere in the middle, which - in my perfect imagination - is like having the best of both sexes."

Age Old Problem

Helen Mirren on Hollywood ageism: "It's F--king Outrageous"

Helen Mirren attends The Wrap's Power Women Breakfast in New York City.

"... and 'twas ever thus."

Rod Stewart's wife says men shouldn't cook

Penny Lancaster wants husband Rod Stewart to stay out of the kitchen.

Oh Penny Lancaster, no. Don't take us back with your backwards comments.

Miley launches transgender youth campaign

Miley Cyrus and Leo Sheng with matching tattoos for #instapride campaign

She is teaming up with bosses at Instagram to launch a campaign showcasing the issues facing transgender youth.

Inside Out

Your hero Amy Poehler is hanging out in Australia right now

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 08:  Actress Amy Poehler attends the Los Angeles Premiere and Party for Disney??Pixar??s INSIDE OUT at El Capitan Theatre on June 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Handing out buckets of infectious joy to everyone she sees. Yes, please!

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon says she's excited by the rise of gender fluidity

"Once all those 'boxes' are gone, it's going to be so much more interesting... we can get down to the nitty-gritty of, really, what a person is."

"Once all those 'boxes' are gone, it's going to be so much more interesting... we can get down to the nitty-gritty of, really, what a person is."

Lena Dunham blasts Texas abortion laws

Actress Lena Dunham has criticised Texas laws which place limitations on women's right to abortions.

"What's happening to women and the right to choose in Texas is TERRIFYING."

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has delivered another incredible commencement speech

"Every scar that you have is a reminder not just that you got hurt, but that you survived," Obama told the students.

This time things got emotional as Mobama spoke to graduates on Chicago's troubled South Side, where she grew up.

Hillary Clinton shows off pantsuit collection in first Instagram post

Hillary Clinton delivers a keynote address during the Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women on February 24 in Santa Clara, California.

Chris Zappone   Her signature piece of clothing, the pantsuit, has made its debut as an icon in her campaign for president.

Melty milestone

Laverne Cox to debut as Madame Tussauds' first transgender wax figure

Laverne Cox last year became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category.

Magdalena Mis   "When I think about being who I am- a black trans woman from a working class background raised in Mobile, Alabama- this honor feels even more improbable and extraordinary."

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus tells Paper Magazine her gender identity and sexuality is fluid

Miley Cyrus on the cover of Paper Magazine.

Jenny Noyes   "I don't relate to being boy or girl, and I don't have to have my partner relate to boy or girl."

Grande size rant

Ariana Grande posts 'feminist rampage' on Instagram

Singer Ariana Grande is angry at the double standards when questioned about her relationships.

Ariana Grande has expressed her frustration over the treatment of women.

Sarah Hanson-Young wins apology from Zoo Weekly after sexist bikini photo

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Latika Bourke   She says her defamation victory will set an example to her 8-year-old daughter about standing up to sexism.

'Peak life'

Channing Tatum goes undercover at Magic Mike XXL screening... and women find him creepy

Hunky actor Channing Tatum went undercover as marketing executive 'Scott' for a <i>Magic Mike XXL</i> screening.

Ebony Bowden   He went undercover as a balding, dishevelled marketing executive and it was really weird.

Jemima Kirke

The internet cannot even handle Jemima Kirke's hairy armpits

Jemima Kirke flashed her armpit hair in a sleeveless dress at the CFDA Awards.

Jenny Noyes   That incorrigible rebel Jemima Kirke has done it again, sporting one of the most controversial looks to ever hit the red carpet in 2015. Her own body hair.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer's Glamour Awards acceptance speech is everything you'd want it to be

Amy Schumer accepts her Trailblazer of the Year award.

Amy explained why she wasn't nervous: "I'm probably 160lb right now and I can catch a d--k whenever I want."

Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her husband's death with emotional tribute

Sheryl Sandberg said she will never feel joy again, following the death of her husband.

Andrea Chang   "I have lived thirty years in these thirty days," she wrote. "I am thirty years sadder."


The best reactions to Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover

Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of <i>Vanity Fair</i> magazine.

Jenny Noyes   The internet reacted as the internet does – positive, negative, shrug-emoji. But happily, overwhelmingly, the messages were of support, congratulations, and thanks.

Laverne Cox: 'Caitlyn looks amazing, but the struggle continues'

THE GOOD: This beautiful matte-meets-glossy Johanna Johnson gown perfectly flatters Laverne Cox's curves. She looks like a gorgeous art deco statue (and yes, that's definitely a compliment) and that colour sings on her (yes, the bottom of the dress does need a bit of an iron ... but satin's a particular nightmare on that front so let's give her a pass).

Arienne Thompson   Hollywood and the Internet were in a tizzy following the debut of Caitlyn Jenner, but there's one voice among the millions that stands out.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan speaks publicly for the first time since injury from deadly crash

Tracy Morgan: "I love comedy and I can't wait to get back to her. But right now my goal is just to heal and get better."

Dave Itzkoff   "I love comedy and I can't wait to get back to her. But right now my goal is just to heal and get better."

'I'm free': Caitlyn Jenner makes her Vanity Fair cover debut

This photo taken by Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair shows the cover of the magazine's July 2015 issue featuring Caitlyn Jenner.

Josephine Tovey   After years of hiding in the spotlight, Caitlyn Jenner, is now, in her own word, free.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah on the 'gift' of being an outsider

"I wouldn't say I was introverted, I was more 'out there', somewhere. I was off in a dream world all the time and was not very communicative."

Michael Lallo   Being different has been both agonising and liberating for actor Daryl Hannah. She talks about autism, environmental activism and shaking the 'blonde bombshell' label.

Hillary 2016

Hillary Clinton's campaign merch is pretty fantastic

Pantsuit up: Hillary Clinton's pantsuit print campaign merch t-shirt may not be pretty, but it is pretty great.

Jenny Noyes   Now everyone can "pantsuit up".

Tot's Tantrum

This toddler's tantrum no big deal for Barack Obama

No I can't: Two-year-old Claudia Chaudhary on the floor of the White House Red Room.

Michael Koziol   Two-year-old Claudia Chaudhary was not thrilled during a visit to the White House, throwing a tantrum on the floor of the Red Room. The photograph went viral.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's advice to young people who want to make a difference

Michelle Obama: "Run to, not away from, the noise".

"I want to urge you to actively seek out the most contentious, polarized, gridlocked places you can find."

Gloria Steinem and women activists cross from North to South Korea

Gloria Steinem and South Korean peace activists march along a military fence at a military check point.

Yoonjung Seo and Anna Fifield   They faced accusations they were legitimising Kim Jong Un's regime and ignoring its human rights abuses.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is speaking up for gender equality at Cannes

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 13: Jury member Sienna Miller attends the opening ceremony and premiere of "La Tete Haute" ("Standing Tall") during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 13, 2015 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Miller has taken time out of her gruelling schedule as Cannes juror to express her optimism about the direction of women's rights.

Renaissance Woman

"I was so lost in my imagination and it would always take me to pretty dark places".

Michael Idato   Singer Florence Welch has experienced the darkness of depression but the light of creativity burns brightly.

Celebrity Sexism

Buzzfeed reporter reacts to Ferg Donnelly harassing her at work

It all started when Ferg - sorry, Johansson - asked "why are you so tan"?

Ironically, actor Paul Johansson went there to create the article "13 Ways To React To Dicks At Work".

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett clears up speculation over her sexuality

Cate Blanchett poses during a photocall for the film "Carol" at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Bryan Alexander   "In 2015, the point should be, 'Who cares?' "

Johnny Depp

Barnaby Joyce has threatened to kill Johnny Depp's dogs

Johnny Depp with one of his dogs.

Tony Wright   Sending his fugitive pups to a Brisbane poodle groomer was Johnny Depp's big mistake.


Anna Kendrick drops f-bombs on Hollywood sexism

Anna Kendrick arrives at the 2015 Oscars in February. She has criticised the awards for the fact that all of the best picture nominees were male-led movies.

Karl Quinn   A pitch-perfect reaction, you could say.

Taylor Swift calls 12-year-old fan with cancer

Taylor Swift has delighted a young fan with cancer by giving her a call on the phone.

Emily's mother said her daughter had "the biggest smile" and "jumped up and down" after the call.

Kristen Stewart says Hollywood is 'disgustingly sexist'

Kristen Stewart  is  tipped to be pleased at the new trainers trend.

"Hollywood is disgustingly sexist. It's crazy. It's so offensive it's crazy."

What Sophia Loren knows about men

"Kissing Cary Grant was very nice": Sophia Loren.

Jane Rocca   Screen icon Sophia Loren on the significant men in her life.

Sophie Turner

Stark reality

Sophie  Turner

Jessica Salter   Five teenage years playing Sansa Stark in the savage and sexy Game of Thrones have been quite an education for Sophie Turner, as Jessica Salter discovers.

Beyonce's mum got married because Blue Ivy wanted her to

Blue Ivy Carter

The best part? The whole wedding album is online.

Lena Dunham: 'When I was raped, I felt powerless'

Lena Dunham at Variety's annual Power of Women event

Lena Dunham talks about her evolution as a feminist and surviving a sexual assault.

Jared Leto reveals Joker look

Crazy for Joker: Jared Leto looking literally insane as the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming <i>Suicide Squad</i> movie.

It's a tough job making Leto look anything but angelic. But this is pretty terrifying.

Mark Ruffalo answers the sexist questions usually directed at Scarlett Johansson

<i>Avengers</i> co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo.

Nice guy Mark Ruffalo got an ever so small taste of what it's like to be woman in Hollywood.

Bruce Jenner tells Diane Sawyer 'I am a woman'

Bruce Jenner

"Yes, for or all intents and purposes, I'm a woman."

Bruce Jenner tells Diane Sawyer 'I am a woman'

Bruce Jenner

"Yes, for or all intents and purposes, I'm a woman."

Carey Mulligan says Hollywood is "massively sexist"

"There's a lack of material for women. A lack of great stories for women."

The 29-year-old actress says complex roles are hard to come by for young actresses.