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Easy mistake

Taraji P. Henson thought she was watching Maroon 5 during the Super Bowl halftime show

Taraji P. Henson at last month's Golden Globes.

Rob Moran 1:41 PM   It was Coldplay, but we 100% understand the confusion.


Susan Sarandon's cleavage defended by son, fans, and Susan Sarandon

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 30:  Actress Susan Sarandon attends the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine ...

Jenny Noyes   Piers Morgan called Sarandon's boobs "tacky" and "horribly inappropriate". Fans and feminists sent him their cleavage pics.

Dad Goals

Kevin Smith gives his daughter a 'Sorry Men Suck' Cake

This cake speaks the truth.

Sometimes, we could all do with cake iced with that sentiment.


This comedian had the perfect response to Facebook's #MotherhoodChallenge


Ellie Taylor chose to highlight the perks of #NonMotherhood instead.

Hollywood diversity

Julie Delpy apologises for saying women have it worse than African Americans in Hollywood

Julie Delpy: "It was never meant to diminish the injustice done to African American artists"

USA TODAY   "It was never meant to diminish the injustice done to African American artists or to any other people that struggle for equal opportunities and rights."

Ronda Rousey

Watch Ronda Rousey judo flip comedian Beck Bennett in SNL promo

UFC champ Ronda Rousey with SNL cast member Beck Bennett.

Let this be a lesson for all – do not mess with this woman.

Body image

Writer Rosie Waterland shares nude selfie to challenge unrealistic beauty standards

A censored version of the photo Waterland shared on social media.

"Your body is your history. It's your battleground. It's what makes you who you are, and you wouldn't be as intelligent or as successful or as funny as you are without it."

Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler has Multiple Sclerosis

CULVER CITY, CA - JANUARY 09:  Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler attends Art of Elysium's 9th annual Heaven Gala at 3LABS on ...

Jayme Deerwester   Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who played the emotionally conflicted daughter of mobster Tony Soprano on the Emmy-winning drama, has gone public with her struggle with her nearly 15-year battle with multiple sclerosis.

Australian stories

Sun, sand and fun.

Jane Rocca   Well-known migrants tell what they found when they first arrived on our shores - the good, the bad and the surprising.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner to publish a memoir about her transition with 'Friday Night Lights' author Buzz Bissinger

Caitlyn Jenner in Los Angeles.

Alexandra Alter   The book will cover her childhood and rise to fame as an Olympic decathlete; her marriages and relationship with her children; her transition, and her experience as the world's most famous transgender woman.

Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph's emotional reaction to learning about her slave ancestors

Maya Rudolph

"I just think of my kids, so it's really hard to see... I just can't believe what I'm looking at."

David Bowie

Astronomers have named a lightning-bolt constellation 'Starman' after David Bowie

The constellation was chosen because it is in the Mars region.

Astronomers have officially registered a lightning-bolt-shaped group of stars in a cosmic tribute to the great singer.


Cher donates more than 180,000 bottles of water to Michigan town amid water contamination crisis

"This is a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it's happening in the middle of our country," the Oscar ...

And she's calling on other celebs with waterfalls of money flowing out of their pockets to do the same.


African American celebrities condemn Oscars whitewash

Jada Pinkett Smith, who has questioned whether people of colour should attend the Oscars, attending this year's Golden ...

Francesca Wallace   Celebrities have spoken out against whitewashing of award ceremonies, as actors slam the 2016 Oscars for a lack of diversity.

Oscars 2016

#OscarsSoWhite resurrected for another year


Kathleen Lee-Joe   For the second year in a row, no actors of colour were nominated in any of the 20 acting categories, bringing on that dispiriting feeling of déjà vu.

Women in TV

Viola Davis: 'We've Been Fed A Whole Slew Of Lies About Women'

Viola Davis: 'We've Been Fed A Whole Slew Of Lies About Women'.

"[By TV standards] if you are anywhere above a size two, you're not having sex. You don't have sexual thoughts."

Fashion police

Ciara trolled for singing the anthem with a plunging neckline at National Championship game

Ciara's 'inappropriate' dress.

Jenny Noyes   The pop star wore a stunning full length gown that was 'distracting' and 'inappropriate', according to one commentator.

Chris Gayle

Jarryd Hayne backs Chris Gayle with Coogee Instagram post

'Teaching the bruv some manners on speaking to women in oz!': Jarryd Hayne came out in support of Chris Gayle on Instagram.

Lisa Visentin   Jarryd Hayne has thrown his support behind Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle, posting a photo of the pair together at Coogee Beach and calling for him to be given a second chance.

Hollywood diversity

Actress Rachel Bloom on why diversity is the key to telling better stories

"America is a melting pot of immigrants, and I don't think it is acknowledged half as much as it is on television."

"Anything else I do from now... I would want to make it about people who are diverse, gay, trans, because those are stories that have not been told before," she said.

David Bowie dead at 69

David Bowie will release Blackstar on January 8.


Kate Aubusson and Nick Toscano   Pop legend David Bowie, according to a notice on his official website and social media accounts.

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg opens up about identifying as a black, bisexual woman

Amandla Stenberg, 16:

"It's a really hard thing to be silenced and it's deeply bruising to fight against your identity," she said.

David Bowie

'What Did Bowie Do At Your Age?' will make you feel like a massive underachiever


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Even if you're feeling okay about your career path, knowing what David Robert Jones was doing will most certainly shame your paltry accomplishments.

Watson Your Bookshelf

Emma Watson seeks name for her feminist book club

Emma Watson wants help finding a name for her feminist book club.

Suggestions include Watson Your Bookshelf, fEMMAanist book club and Sisterhood Of Prose.


Barry Humphries angers trans community, describing gender reassignment as 'self mutilation'

"You're a mutilated man, that's all. Self-mutilation, what's all this carry-on?"

Lloyd Jones   "You're a mutilated man, that's all. Self-mutilation, what's all this carry-on?"

Hollywood ageism

Dakota Johnson fumes against Hollywood ageism

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 22:  Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson arrives at the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood ...

"Why isn't my mother in movies? She's an extraordinary actress! This industry is f---ing brutal."

Singer Chris Brown is a suspect in Vegas assault case

Controversial R&B singer Chris Brown.

Jessica Contrera   R&B singer Chris Brown is beginning 2016 the way he ended 2015: as the subject of never-ending controversy.

Bill Cosby's wife must testify in civil case against him, judge rules

Bill Cosby's wife, Camille, will be forced to testify against her husband.

In the same week that comedian Bill Cosby was arrested on sexual assault charges, his wife, Camille Cosby, learned she must testify in a civil case against the entertainer filed by seven women who said he defamed them, court documents said.

Cosby assault

Bill Cosby finally charged for sexual assault, posts $1 million bail

Bill Cosby arriving at Montgomery County District Court.

Christine Hauser and Daniel Victor   Authorities in Pennsylvania announced criminal charges against entertainer Bill Cosby stemming from a woman's accusation that he drugged and sexually abused her.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is done with hearing about how she's aged since last playing Leia in 1983

Carrie Fisher hamming it up on the red carpet at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Jenny Noyes   More than three decades since the original films, audiences are shocked that General Leia is an older woman.

Jennifer Lawrence hates NYE, too

Jennifer Lawrence opens up to Glamour magazine about feeling like a virgin again, using Planned Parenthood as a teen, ...

Further proof she would be your best friend if only the two of you ever met.

Glee star Mark Salling arrested for child pornography

The cast of Glee: Salling at far left.

Glee star Mark Salling was arrested for possessing child pornography on Tuesday morning.

DV Survivor

Comedian Beth Stelling reveals via Instagram she was raped and abused by her ex-boyfriend

Jenny Noyes   "My personal is my professional... So now I'm allowing this to be part of my story," Stelling wrote in the post.

Cate Blanchett opens up about adoption

Cate Blanchett is taking a step back from work in 2016.

Hannah Furness   "You don't know anything about the child you're going to meet," Blanchett said.

Christmas donation

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher donate $1 million to help Syrian children

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 06: Actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher attend 41st AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mel ...

The couple have given half of their donation to The Sunday Times Christmas appeal to help protect 250,000 children against a threatened measles outbreak in Syria, the newspaper said.

Marriage equality

Elton John makes plea for gay rights on first wedding anniversary

Elton John married David Furnish one year ago.

"We also want to shine a light on all the less privileged and less advanced parts of the world, where LGBT people are criminalised and discriminated against."

Graham Norton

Graham Norton says it is 'heartbreaking' to see gay men judge others for being camp

Graham Norton at the Winq Magazine Men of the Year lunch.

"I was just an effeminate little boy who turned into an effeminate man."

Black feminism

Serena Williams quotes Maya Angelou and puts critics in their place

Sportsperson of the Year Serena Williams accepting her Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year award.

"I've had people look past me because of the colour of my skin. I've had people overlook me because I was a woman."


Cara Delevingne calls out paparazzi for trying to photograph up her skirt

Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend St Vincent leave an event in London this week/

"If a picture tomorrow comes out soon of my ass.... I sincerely apologise!"

How Serena Williams helped Sheryl Sandberg through her husband's death

Serena Williams, at the 2015 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Ceremony on December 15.

Mary Ward   The Facebook COO said it felt like the tennis star was "carrying" her.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence says being single is not 'a sad thing'

Jennifer Lawrence told Stephen Colbert she was constantly tired from overworking.

"I don't feel a lack of something not being in a relationship."

Men's Rights Activism

Charli XCX criticised the BBC for airing a doco on the men's rights movement

Charli XCX argued the dangerous views of the men's rights activists did not deserves the airtime they were given.

She argued the dangerous views of the men's rights activists did not deserves the airtime they were given.

Caitlyn Jenner apologised for saying trans women shouldn't look like men in dresses

Caitlyn Jenner in Los Angeles.

"[Some] people don't have the resources to access the medical procedures that would help them look the way they would like to look."

Showbiz sexism

Nicki Minaj takes on sexist body-shamers in amazing feminist twitter rant

Nicki Minaj: "Not giving me my props doesn't stop me from being great."

"Not giving me my props doesn't stop me from being great."

James Deen

James Deen told an interviewer in 2013 he 'hates feminism' and safe words give women all the power

James Deen

Jenny Noyes   Some enlightening interview footage has surfaced from when James Deen and Stoya were touring Australia for Sexpo.

Gay athletes

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova predicts ‘avalanche’ of gay athletes

Martina Navratilova says things have come a long way for LGBTI atheltes.

"Come out, come out wherever and whoever you are."

Porn industry

James Deen denies rape allegations - and says he 'never claimed to be a feminist'

Adult star James Deen scrubs up well in clothes.

Caitlin Gibson   He said he was "completely baffled" and "shocked" by the wave of allegations against him.


Jill Soloway couldn't find any TV writers with a 'trans-feminine' perspective so she trained her own

The creator and executive producer Of 'Transparent', Jill Soloway.

Soraya Nadia McDonald   She was also once refused a job on 'Glee' and told she was "difficult".

Hollywood ageism

Carrie Fisher just revealed a devastating truth about women in Hollywood

Carrie Fisher brought her dog Gary along because his tongue matched her sweater.

Danielle Paquette   In case you were too distracted by her Twitter-famous dog to notice, Carrie Fisher just dropped a truth bomb.

Gender fluid

Sting's child Eliot Sumner does not identify with any gender

Eliot Sumner: "I've never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew".

Lorna Cooper   "I've never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew".


Emma Watson was told not to use the word 'feminism' in her famous UN speech

Emma Watson at the HeForShe campaign launch at the United Nations.

"If women are terrified to use the word, how on earth are men supposed to start using it?"

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian went to Paris for churros and doesn't care what the haters think

Kim Kardashian: ""First they say I'm too skinny so I have to be faking it... Now they say I'm too big so I have to be ...

Jenny Noyes   Although let's be honest, she probably should have gone for croissants.

Pirelli calendar

Annie Leibovitz's 2016 Pirelli calendar ditches nude models for Amy Schumer, Serena Williams and Yoko Ono


Schumer acting like a boss. Check. Serena Williams as warrior. Check. Patti Smith looking badass. Check. Yoko Ono in a top hat. Check.


Stoya says her ex-boyfriend and fellow porn-star James Deen raped her

Porn actors James Deen and Stoya in 2013.

The hashtag #SolidarityWithStoya has taken off online as women throw their support behind Stoya.

Lisa Millar

ABC reporter Lisa Millar's perfect response to viewer who criticised her jacket during Paris attacks coverage

The coat

Rob Moran   Even in times of international tragedy, some TV viewers can't get past a female journalist's wardrobe choices.

Wedding snaps

First pics from Sofia Vergara's wedding

The bride wore a strapless dress with a detachable skirt.

Mary Ward   Who was there, and what the dress looked like.

Proud Dad

Johnny Depp talks about his daughter Lily-Rose's sexual fluidity

Johnny Depp: "I’ll never stop worrying about her. It’s a father-daughter thing."

And his discomfort at seeing his teenage daughter become so famous.


A year after his wife's death, man passes out 100 love notes in her honour

A year ago Hyong U Yi’s wife Catherine Zanga died after battling cancer. On Friday, Yi and their two children Anna, 10 ...

Jonathan McFadden   Hyong Yi's heartbreaking and beautiful tribute to Catherine, his wife of 15 years who died of ovarian cancer last year, sparked a wonderful Twitter movement.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham describes her endometriosis hell

Lena Dunham says she hopes for "a future in which the pain of teenage girls is fully investigated, taken as seriously as ...

Dunham says she hopes for "a future in which the pain of teenage girls is fully investigated, taken as seriously as a broken leg."