Claire Danes

Claire Danes is most definitely a feminist

claire danes

Danes joins the celebrity feminist coterie, professes her admiration of Lena Dunham.

Xmas gift ideas

Two purebred unicorns for sale on Craigslist


You need yourself $1,860,000 quick sticks.

J-Law on body image

Jennifer Lawrence never wants to hear the word 'diet'


She is still hurt about being called 'fat' when she started out.

Sexist advertising

Is this ad for the new Renault Koleos sexist?


When 'beautiful meets capable' doesn't only describe an SUV.

Controversial poll

Cumberbatch voted World's Sexiest Movie Star


The actor most likely to resemble an otter is world's sexiest

Going viral

The reason why we have ridiculous beauty standards


This 37-second video will make you wonder why we have models at all.


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Monica Lewinsky details 'consensual relationship'

Monica Lewinsky speaks about her affair with former President Bill Clinton in an exclusive essay penned for Vanity Fair. (01:28)

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