'I didn't know what happened in my home was different'

Extreme loss: A 14-year-old is pushing for education to help young people speak up about violence in the home.

Clementine Ford   Why are programs addressing domestic violence awareness still failing to include the education of children?

Domestic violence

Confronting online campaigns show hidden victims of family violence

Extreme loss: A 14-year-old is pushing for education to help young people speak up about violence in the home.

Eamonn Duff   "If domestic violence was addressed within schools, I could have gotten help and saved my mum."

When will we stop counting dead women?

Family and friends will gather on Wednesday for the funeral of Stephanie Scott.

Jenna Price   There have been 31 women killed this year so far. So why is Abbott cutting funds to 27 DV support services?

Street harassment is one of the "most pervasive forms of sexualised violence"

<i>Illustration: Michael Mucci</i>

Judith Ireland   It's one of the most pervasive forms of sexualised violence so why isn't street harassment taken more seriously, asks Judith Ireland.

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No single minister can prevent domestic violence alone

Pru Goward has been appointed the Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Moo Baulch, CEO of Domestic Violence NSW   What does the appointment of Pru Goward as Australia's first anti-domestic violence minister actually mean for women?

Bankstown boys rap against domestic violence

Year six students from Bankstown Public School perform 'We All Say No'.

Jenny Noyes   "We all say no, so don't sit in silence." Everyone should listen to these primary school boys.

New anti-domestic violence minister highlights prevention

"The Premier is right, we need to put so much more effort into prevention – to treat the causes, not just pick up the ...

Rachel Olding   The country's first dedicated Domestic Violence Minister is promising to radically shift government's focus to prevention.

'Mother blame'

The most vicious attack that can be made on a domestic violence survivor


Louise Pascale   How abusive partners alienate children from their mothers through continuous criticism and lies.

Family violence

Can new approaches towards tackling domestic violence save women's lives?


Melissa Fyfe   As Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence begins, experts are searching the world to find the best answers to a basic question: can the murders of women by their partners or ex-partners – a weekly tragedy in Australia – be prevented?

Five things we know about young people's view on domestic violence

 Male high school students were among the most likely to agree with gender stereotypes and attitudes supportive of violence

Clementine Ford   And why they are so important.

Finding a Way Back From an Arranged Marriage

Fraidy Reiss, founder of Unchained At Last, a nonprofit group that helps women extricate themselves from arranged marriages.

SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN   "I wanted to do something to give back. I wanted to use my pain to help others in the same situation."

Abuse survivor speaks out about domestic violence in the 'nicer suburbs'

Survival story: Kay Schubach, a  successful eastern suburbs woman who was abused by her partner and almost killed, has ...

Rachel Olding   "No one ever wants to admit the fairytale lifestyle has gone wrong," says Kay Schubach.

More than 1 in 3 women worldwide experience violence

Moroccans call for gender equality on International Women's Day in Rabat.

Somini Sengupta   Despite the many gains women have made, violence against women and girls worldwide "persists at alarmingly high levels," a United Nations report says.

I am taking a stand on domestic violence today
Five things we can do to inspire change on domestic violence.

Resources for Women
If you feel you might be in an abusive relationship or know someone who could be, there are organisations that are available to assist you, and numbers you can call.

Help keep Women and Girls Safe
If you would like to take a stand by donating much needed funds to support women and children who have experienced domestic violence, here are some helpful links.