Domestic abuse

How fathers can stop the cycle of abuse

Children learn from their parents, and this includes abusive behaviour from their fathers.

Kasey Edwards 12:15 AM   Many men seem to be either unaware that treating the mother of their children with contempt may set a bad example for their sons.

Australia likes to think of itself as more civilised than America. It is not.

An image from the Four Corners program of boy strapped to a chair.

Linda Tirado   Australia cannot continue to pretend that it doesn't have a serious problem with racism, can't keep claiming the mantle of civility while its people are hurting and wounded, writes Linda Tirado.

Message to Pauline: Leave my dad out of it

Curtis Cheng, who was shot dead by a 15-year-old boy outside Parramatta Police Headquarters in October last year, with ...

Alpha Cheng   It is simplistic to link terrorism with all Muslims and it puts Australians at risk.

Food memes

What those 'I Heart Junk Food' memes really say about us

It's become fashionable for women to declare our love for 'bad' food - but what are we really saying?, asks Natalie Reilly.

Natalie Reilly   It's become fashionable for women to declare our love for 'bad' food - but what are we actually saying?, asks Natalie Reilly.

Aboriginal beauty

Why didn't we hear about the other Aboriginal finalists of Miss World Australia?

Magnolia Maymuru poses during the Miss World Australia 2016 National Final.

Celeste Liddle   Two other finalists of Miss World Australia this year were Aboriginal. Celeste Liddle has a theory on why we didn't hear about them.

Clementine Ford

The medical procedure women are being denied


Clementine Ford   Holly Maitland would like access to a tubal ligation. Her story is an eye-opener for all of us, writes Clementine Ford.

Don't distance yourself from Qandeel Baloch. She is me and she is you

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was murdered by her brother.

Sarah Malik   The murder of Qandeel Baloch is an extreme version of the constant policing women everywhere face, writes Sarah Malik.

Wendy Squires

Life is dull. Wreck your marriage

NEWS. 5 January 2012. Novelist Wendy Squires

Wendy Squires   I see several of my friends who are staying in marriages because of children and are desperately unhappy as a result.

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Workplace harassment

When your boss oversteps the boundaries

As a young social work student, Kerri Sackville experienced an abuse of trust she's never forgotten.

Kerri Sackville   It's hard to put your finger on what the problem is. You just know in your gut that something feels very wrong.

Daily racism

How Muslim Australians are being terrorised every single day

Sara Gadalla was harassed on election day.

Jenna Price   When we talk about people's legitimate fears, we need to talk about the fear of those who face daily personal attacks because of their background.

Muslim identity

Like Sam Dastyari, I am a non-practicing Muslim. Why is that hard to accept?

Sam Dastyari joined Ross Greenwood on Money News.

Ruby Hamad   This is what people need to understand about virulent Islamophobes: They believe they have a better understanding of Islam and Muslims than Muslims do.

Please explain

The burning question I didn't get to ask Pauline Hanson

Yusra Metwally (left) in the Q&A audience.

Yusra Metwally   Yusra Metwally put her hand up on Monday night's Q&A program, but she never got to ask her "please explain". Here's what she planned to say.

Body image

I am ashamed of my naked body

"I find nudity and sex so petrifying sometimes that I feel more comfortable with the idea of never having sex again," ...

Koraly Dimitriadis   "What's wrong with me? Am I the only one out there who literally has to have their clothes torn off them before sex?", asks Koraly Dimitriadis.


Australia's border policy already targets Muslims for exclusion. Do we just forgive and forget?

Sonia Kruger wants a ban on Muslim migration to Australia.

Somayra Ismailjee   Sonia Kruger wants us to close our borders to Muslims. But that process has already begun, writes Somayra Ismailjee.

Clem Bastow

Things everyone who gets tattoos is asked

"As the canvas of my body has become increasingly colourful, so too have the interactions with the general, curious ...

Clem Bastow   "As the canvas of my body has become increasingly colourful, so too have the interactions with the general, curious public," writes Clem Bastow.


Meet the woman who stood up to the Sicilian mafia

Photographer Letizia Battaglia says the mafia is stronger today than ever.

Aela Callan   "I tell young women to be independent and fight to transform men in this world," says photographer Letizia Battaglia, who is renowned for her images of La Cosa Nostra's most brutal crimes.

Honour killing

No, we don't need to come up with a new word for 'honour killing'

Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch was allegedly murdered by her brother in an honour killing.

Ruby Hamad   The murder of Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch has reignited debate about the term. Here's why Ruby Hamad believes it is the most appropriate way to describe such murders.

Mental health

Rules of online engagement: don't interact with haters

The comments made online used to upset me but they don't anymore.

Jenna Price   My rule now is to engage with people whose opinions I value – which is not the same as engaging only with those with whom I agree.

Activist women

Women are not responsible for fixing the world's problems. But they do it anyway

Black Lives Matter founders Opall Tometi and Alicia Garza.

Clementine Ford   Feminists can list any number of by-ROTE responses to our activism, but high up on the list is the demand we "do more" to help men.

Speak up

Let it out

"Silence keeps things as they are. It is only by speaking out that things change".

Jane Caro   If you've got something to say, then say it, says Jane Caro. That's how change happens.

The Liberal Party has a woman problem

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says China faces 'strong reputational costs' if it refuses to abide by the ruling.

Julia Baird   Well this is getting a bit embarrassing. While Hillary Clinton is making a serious and unprecedented bid for the White House, more and more Americans are asking questions about the experiences of Julia Gillard.

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Animal rights

Admit it. Mike Baird has finally done something right with his greyhound racing ban

The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has been a central drop off point for abandoned racing greyhounds.

Ruby Hamad   Ruby Hamad feels like she's woken up in Opposite Land this week.


What will it take for Australians to recognise #BlackLivesMatter here too?

A man holds up a sign saying "black lives matter" during a protest of shootings by police, in Washington, Friday, July ...

Louisa Gardner   The recent deaths of black men at the hands of US police is heartbreaking. But let's not pretend the issue is foreign to Australia.

Feminist evolution

Why it's OK to celebrate the rise of female leaders, even if they're not good feminists

Theresa May will be the next British Prime Minister.

Jenny Noyes   This not what a feminist revolution looks like. But that doesn't mean we have nothing to celebrate, writes Jenny Noyes.

Clementine Ford

'Hysterical' insults and other relics we need to retire

Steve Price has claimed he was 'ambushed' by a question on domestic violence on the ABC's Q&A.

Clementine Ford   While men are sometimes called hysterical in an attempt to denigrate them by likening them to women, men like Steve Price never are and would never consider themselves to be so.

My theory on why we are all so angry


Jane Caro   Solving this may just be the key to rediscovering our humanity, writes Jane Caro.


White people need to stop shrugging off racism as 'not our problem'


Clementine Ford   The asinine rebuttal of "All Lives Matter" has reared its head again. This is what we can do, writes Clementine Ford.


John Howard doesn't deserve praise for defending his Iraq war legacy

Former Prime Minister John Howard talking about the Chilcot Report.

Celeste Liddle   Celeste Liddle remembers why she and thousands of others marched against Australia's involvement in Iraq.

Disability rights

The light sentencing of Oscar Pistorius is an insult to people with disabilities

Oscar Pistorius reacts after sentencing at South Africa's High Court on July 6.

Naomi Chainey   "We have failed to examine how our cultural understanding - or misunderstanding - of disability may have inspired inappropriate leniency," writes Naomi Chainey.

Last frontier for women in power is in sight

Dollar. Generic. 080414. Illustration by Michel O Sullivan. Pic shows graph with the up arrow in laptop. Use for Dollar, ...

Anne Summers   There are plenty examples of women in power, but there's a far newer phenomenon that's starting to change how decisions are made.

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Fembot future

Would replacing sex workers with robots really solve our problems?

They say that robots will one day rule us all, but as a sex worker I always thought I had the one job that wouldn't see ...

Kate Iselin   They say that robots will one day rule us all, but as a sex worker I always thought I had the one job that wouldn't see me replaced by a machine, writes Kate Iselin.

Call out culture

Feminists call out men for behaving badly and it's good for feminism

Women are not obliged to react to sexist behaviour with a smile, as Broad City's Abbi and Ilana kindly demonstrate.

Matilda Dixon-Smith   That "the personal is political" isn't a radical or new concept, so why keep chastising feminists for calling men out?

Excusing racism

'Classwashing' Australia's racism problem won't make it disappear

"Disaffection and economic disempowerment does not cause racism; it only emboldens it," writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad   Even more extraordinary than the results of recent elections is how racist voting habits are being explained away, writes Ruby Hamad.

Not All Men

The real reason men insist on reminding us 'Not All Men'

"I have a theory... and I'm afraid it's going to be one of those controversial ideas that only compounds people's absurd ...

Clementine Ford   "I have a theory... and I'm afraid it's going to be one of those controversial ideas that only compounds people's absurd belief that I hate men," writes Clementine Ford.

Sans solidarity

After Baghdad attacks, many ask: where is the global outpouring of grief?

A woman grieves during the funeral procession of a bomb victim in Baghdad.

Anne Barnard   The relative indifference after so many deaths caused by the very groups that have plagued the West is more than a matter of hurt feelings.

Pauline Hanson is right, sort of

One Nation fielded 27 candidates in the election, including Pauline.

Zeinab Zein   It is a great paradox of Hanson's politics that she cannot see that the people she claims to represent and the people she maligns in order to give them voice, may have much in common.

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Clem Bastow

What it's like being a non-drinker in this boozy country

"My dream is that, eventually, non-drinkers will be considered just as boring and commonplace as their drinking ...

Clem Bastow   "While my non-drinking will likely continue indefinitely, the horrified looks and hamfisted reactions show no signs of abating," writes Clem Bastow.

Trigger happy

Trigger warnings have nothing to do with 'political correctness'


Claire Pullen   If you wouldn't make fun of an ex-soldier with PTSD, you shouldn't complain about the rise of content warnings for sexual violence.

Sarah Macdonald

What I discovered while cleaning out my family home

Young woman unpacking her things after moving into a new flat.

Sarah Macdonald   It was the family home for 42 years, but when Sarah Macdonald starting cleaning it out, she discovered more than mementos and memories.

Hanson returns

We shouldn't be surprised by the return of Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson in her office in Albion, Brisbane, Queensland, 27 May 2016 (On her 62nd Birthday). Photo by Tertius Pickard

Celeste Liddle   Many Australians saw the downfall of One Nation as the end of racism in the country, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, Hanson's ideas became mainstream politics, writes Celese Liddle.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is facing a child rape lawsuit. Why aren't we talking about it?

Donald Trump

Clementine Ford   The presumption of innocence shouldn't be a free pass for powerful men to avoid scrutiny, writes Clementine Ford.

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law: Why I've got a massive crush on Australian democracy

It's easy to be cynical about Australian politics.

Benjamin Law   It may oscillate between infuriating and dull, but Ben Law reckons there's a lot to love about #auspol.

Voting day

Why I'll be asking my friends who they voted for today

Election 2016. 
People voting at Double Bay Public School. Photograph by Edwina Pickles. 2nd July 2016.

Holly Warland   The idea that it's rude to ask someone who they voted for is for the 1950s, not today, writes Holly Warland.

Don’t cock up your vote today

Ballot papers are counted at Manchester Central count, as counting gets underway in the referendum on the UK's ...

Julia Baird   It has never been entirely clear why so many people like to draw penises on ballot papers.

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LGBTI rights

What does your religion mean to queers?

"For a lot of queer people, if religion disappeared from the earth, our lives would only improve," writes Patrick Lenton.

Patrick Lenton   "It's very easy to see the juxtaposition - nobody is luring Christian youth to gay conversion parties," writes Patrick Lenton.

Brexit irony

Here's three reasons not to call Brexit the UK's 'Independence Day'

The historic Brexit vote has divided Britain.

Ruby Hamad   Jokes aside, the idea that Brexit is a win for “independence” is a fantasy that must not be legitimised, Ruby Hamad writes.

Plebiscite could be Turnbull's Brexit

Malcolm Turnbull's job may not be on the line here as much as David Cameron's was but the messiness of the proposed ...

Josephine Tovey   Two international events of the last week highlight just how disappointing Australia's approach to same-sex marriage has been, and could be in future if a re-elected Coalition government goes ahead with plans for a plebiscite.

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Liar liar

How should we handle friends who lie?

"The biggest liars, the toxic liars that I've known, are never up front about it," writes Patrick Lenton.

Patrick Lenton   "The biggest liars, the toxic liars that I've known, are never up front about it," writes Patrick Lenton.

Clementine Ford

Why we should all be attention seekers


Clementine Ford   One of the funniest accusations levelled at women is the one which mocks us as being 'attention seekers' whenever we speak out on issues we're politically passionate about.

Feminism and footy

Women shouldn't have to accept abuse, football has to change

Eddie McGuire speaks to the media.

Erin Riley   Contrary to the claims of Eddie McGuire's defenders, abuse is not a necessary part of football culture, writes Erin Riley.

Pregnancy as work

When will our society properly recognise the labour of pregnancy?

What would happen if women went on a reproductive strike for a year, and refused to be pregnant?

Erin Riley   Erin Riley imagines what would happen if women across the world went on a reproductive strike.

Clem Bastow

Why I won't give the AFL my time or money anymore

Eddie McGuire's comments about Caroline Wilson went down like a cold shard of ice.

Clem Bastow   "It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy a footy match without being clouded by thoughts of its toxic climate of entitlement and misogyny," writes Clem Bastow.

Manus Island

Iranian journalist and Manus Island detainee Behrouz Boochani publishes op ed in wake of Q&A appearance

An Iranian refugee detained on Manus Island for three years asked the PM why he could not come to Australia.

Jenny Noyes   The Prime Minister said he didn't know anything about Boochani's case and refused to answer his question: 'Why am I here?'


Caro: Eddie's ice pool attack took me back to the bad old days

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire.

Caroline Wilson   When my editor asked me to write this column my first response was discomfort. As a busy football weekend rolls into Monday there always seem to be so many good stories to explore and, believe me, I do not relish being a part of a story like this. Again.

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Clementine Ford

Football is for everyone - so when will the AFL start acting like it?

Eddie McGuire's sexist comments aren't just 'banter', writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford   "There is an underlying hostility towards women's involvement in AFL, and ignorant, pig-headed behaviour from senior leaders like Eddie McGuire only compounds that," writes Clementine Ford.

The things we shouldn't say to little girls

Illustration: Simon Bosch

Julia Baird   Every now and then, the most well meaning comment can make me worry.

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Dom Knight

Why would anybody ever need a gun at home these days?

As the post-Orlando gun debate rages in the US, Dom Knight tries to make sense of the 'right to bear arms'.

Dom Knight   As the post-Orlando gun debate rages in the US, Dom Knight tries to make sense of the 'right to bear arms'.

Amy Middleton

The queer stories we need to share in the wake of the Orlando shooting

Austin Hagge, left, cries on the shoulder of Austin Matthew, during a candlelight vigil downtown for the victims of a ...

Amy Middleton   "The event hits hard because it tears open a wound that we spend our lives trying to seal," writes Archer Mag's Amy Middleton.

Clem Bastow

A tribute to Coco the Kelpie, my beloved family dog


Clem Bastow   It's a blessing to be there at the end of a life - even when it's the family pet's, writes Clem Bastow.

Orlando shooting

What it means to ignore the LGBT identity of the Orlando shooting victims

Caleb McGrew right, wipes tears as he stands with his partner Yosniel Delgado Giniebra during a vigil in memory of the ...

Amy Coopes   The Orlando shooting is part of a long, bloody and hate-filled continuum of anti-LGBT oppression, writes Amy Coopes.