Can punctuation affect our relationships?

Texting could be harming your relationships.

Jessica Bennett 12:15am How to interpret the hidden message in our text message punctuation.

Danica Weeks: 'My agonising year without Paul after MH370'

Danica Weeks says she is still grappling with the news that the search area has been ruled out as MH370's final resting place.

Danica Weeks 12:15am Danica Weeks, wife of missing MH370 passenger Paul Weeks, reflects on her first year without her husband.

Lunch policing

Stay out of my child's lunch box


KASEY EDWARDS 11:45pm "As a brand new school mum, I’ve recently discovered that schools have assumed the role of the Lunch Box Police," writes Kasey Edwards.

My son in a dress is not a political statement

Fallow’s “cozy kitty

Chadwick Moyer He is three-years-old and just wants to be happy, so leave him alone.

The irrational fear that drives underage marriage

Mustafa Abdel Ghany at Bankstown Local Court on February 26, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

RUBY HAMAD Until women are regarded as more valuable than their virginity, cases like Mustafa Abdel-Ghany's will continue.

A journalist's guide to Julie Bishop's powerful emoji face

Annabel Crabb Dinkus

ANNABEL CRABB Have we ever, in this country, witnessed a phenomenon quite as magically compelling as Julie Bishop's face?

Jane Caro: Why do companies act like middle-aged divorced men?

Jane Caro:

"I have come across this attitude depressingly often."

Why the boys club in parliament can't handle smart women

Attorney-General Senator George Brandis and Human Rights Commission President Professor Gillian Triggs during a Senate hearing at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 24 February 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

CLEMENTINE FORD The rank sexism that has seeped out of Parliament House this week is a strong reminder of exactly what women are up against in this country.

It's official: Hillary Clinton would run for President as a woman

Apart from being sexist and unfunny, Paul's fake Clinton account breached Pinterest's rules.

SARAH OAKES Turns out 'being a woman' is now a much hotter ticket than it was in 2008.

Perfect strangers

Why are strangers only friendly in public if you have a dog or a baby?


DOM KNIGHT "It seems to me that we need to be consistent," writes Dom Knight.

Boys noise

Why I'm not into music by men anymore


ELEANOR ROBERTSON "There's a time for male feelings. That time is almost the entire history of music and thank heck it's over now," writes Eleanor Robertson.

Professional women, stop complimenting each other's looks

Women in management ranks get paid as much as 45 per cent less than their male peers, new government data has revealed.

Emma Johnson Women everywhere, I urge you: Do not attempt to bond with other women via compliments on their looks.

Gay Agenda

Why can't women's magazines get on board with The Gay Agenda?

Then Prime Minister Julia Gillard photographed knitting for The Australian Women's Weekly.

Amy Coopes It was June 2013 and a political shitstorm was brewing in Canberra. Cloistered in her menstrual bunker aka the PMO, Julia Gillard and her misandrist crack team were desperate for a Hail Mary pass. If the marginal seat focus groups were anything to go by — hold me, John McTernan — Australia's first Perm Minister was toast.

Family violence

How alcohol fuels violence against children

 A new report shows nearly half of the child protection cases in Australia involve alcohol

JENNA PRICE A new report shows nearly half of the child protection cases in Australia involve alcohol

LGBTI parenting

I'm gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too

Why is it normal to prefer your kid is straight but not to hope they are gay?

Sally Kohn Why is it normal to prefer your kid is straight but not to hope they are gay?

Q&A: Men don’t need to hear other men speak out against violence in order to change

Rosie Batty on Q&A on Monday night.

CLEMENTINE FORD Rosie Batty and Natasha Stott Despoja's Q&A appearance highlighted two hard truths we need to face to challenge family violence.

Office housework

When women are expected to take care of the 'office housework'


NATALIE REILLY They're the menial office tasks - pouring water, setting up the Power Point, organising farewell presents - and in news that's a surprise to nobody, women are doing more of it than men.

"I'll be watching the Oscars, but also quietly weeping from frustration"

B Law.

BENJAMIN LAW Love the Oscars glamour, but hate the horrible gender politics, especially this year when only 25 women were nominated to 102 men? Benjamin Law feels the same.

The scene in Kingsman that has everyone talking


CLEM BASTOW There is one moment in the film that has divided audiences and critics. But is it sexist?

Clem Ford

Should we really reclaim the word 'slut'?

CLEMENTINE FORD Can we truly take back a word that remind women they are literal dumping grounds for the world’s garbage?

Childhood diversity

The day my daughter told me she didn’t like brown skin


Rachel Hennessy My daughter’s recognition - and dislike - of her difference at such a young age shows that lack of exposure to diversity has an impact, writes Rachel Hennessy.

Words for women

The one word used to dismiss creative woman


CLEM BASTOW Why must we reduce women's work to girls' talk?

Is our attitude towards sexual assault getting worse?

It's one thing to argue that #notallmen behave this way, but research certainly shows that #quitealotofmenandwomen believe that even if they did, there are understandable reasons for it.

CLEMENTINE FORD How would you feel if the perpetrator was your son? Your brother? Your friend?

Women, stop marrying yourselves

Calling all single ladies!

NATALIE REILLY Women, stop marrying yourselves

Kid-free and happy

Benjamin Law is kid-free and happy

Benjamin Law.

Benjamin Law on happily not having children.

BHP refuses to see men as primary carers to newborns

Shawn Butland, a hydro geologist with Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH), measures groundwater readings while performing an underground pump test in the South Limb pit at Atlas Iron Ltd.'s Pardoo mine site in Pardoo, east of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, on Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Pardoo is Atlas' first producing iron ore mine, operational since October 2008. Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Shawn Butland

JENNA PRICE Two men who looked after their newborns when their wives had caesareans were denied primary carer’s leave.

Eurovision dreams

Four ways Australia could win Eurovision

Ruslana lifts the winner's cup at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

ELEANOR ROBERTSON Come on Australia, we have better Eurovision talent than Warwick Capper.

Why do actresses have to do the orgasm face?

Keira Knightly re-enacted that famous sandwich scene from

CLEMENTINE FORD Let's try and achieve some O-face equality, shall we?

Bad birthdays

Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to enjoy our birthdays?


DOM KNIGHT "Once we hit 21, let’s stop celebrating our birthdays. We should need no pretext to entertain our friends, and even if we’re looking for one, the date of our arrival becomes less worthy of celebration with the passing of each year," writes Dom Knight.

Rebecca Hannibal should not be charged for Georgina Bartter's ecstasy death

Fatal reaction: Georgina Bartter.

RUBY HAMAD Going after a teen girl because she and her best friend popped pills at a music festival is going to achieve very little.

Male entitlement

Male sexual entitlement is killing women

Ben Moynihan was found guilty of stabbing three women.

RUBY HAMAD Far too many men grow up thinking they are owed sex.

Equality etiquette

How to behave when you've invited gay friends to your wedding


Maeve Marsden Maeve Marsden has some useful tips on navigating your special day in an unequal world.

Sorry Beck, Kanye was right, Beyonce should have won the Grammy


CLEM BASTOW If it comes down to 'artistry' then Kanye was right: Beyonce's did have the better album.

Stop turning Robyn Lawley into a symbol of diversity

First: Australian model Robyn Lawley is the first size 16 model to appear in Sports Illustrated.

CLEMENTINE FORD When a slightly larger than average, impossibly beautiful white woman is seen as a win for women.

Mutiny on the red carpet: why this is the awards season that everything changed

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Julianne Moore flat out refused the Mani Cam treatment at the Golden Globes this year.

CLEM BASTOW Giving the red carpet Mani Cam a worthy of a roundhouse kick.

White Ribbon

Bizarre 'White Ribbon' 50 Shades of Grey fundraiser sparks alarm

A scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

Jane Gilmore Why is White Ribbon implicitly endorsing a film that glorifies abusive, controlling and violent relationships?

Why the Grammys raising awareness of domestic violence is so hypocritical

CLEM BASTOW It seemed like an admirable move, until you stopped to consider the artists that the Grammys still see fit to fete...

Down Syndrome baby Leo's mum shouldn't be demonised

Baby Leo was diagnosed with Down syndrome after his birth in an Armenian hospital.

Kim Lock She's been called heartless, cold, selfish—a baby abandoner. He's been hailed as a hero, a blessing, an international inspiration—and he's made a lot of money.

All About Women

The truth about feminism

 Annabel Crabb Clementine Ford Jane Caro

Rachel Eddie Four of our favourite local thinkers: Celeste Liddle, Clementine Ford, Annabel Crabb and Jane Caro.

Why did it take 11 days to find Desmond Narrier, Clive Hart, and Ryheem Davey?

Desmond Narrier, Clive Hart, and Ryheem Davey

CELESTE LIDDLE How far have we truly come when it comes to valuing Aboriginal lives?

Working mothers

Working mothers, let's step away from the desks


JEN VUK "While we’re carrying more than our lion’s share of responsibility, here’s something else we need to take on board: a lunch break is a right, not a political statement," writes Jen Vuk.

A eulogy for Abbott's 'signature Paid Parental Leave policy'

This baby knows what's up.

JACQUELINE MALEY The time for asking nicely for policy is over. Let's make demands.

#QuestionsForMen: Why I started the pushback against sexist double standards

CLEMENTINE FORD "There are others out there who can also see that the Emperor is wearing no clothes."

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are the consequences of a hopelessly skewed society

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

RUBY HAMAD We glamourise a certain way of life, but punitively punishing those who go to extreme lengths to attain it.

Cutting cursive

Is this the death of cursive writing?

Finland's board of education announced it will be replacing school cursive writing with classes in typing. Should Australia follow suit?

PAUL CHAI Finland's board of education just announced it will be replacing school cursive writing with classes in typing. Should Australia follow suit?

Women's contraception

The women's contraception that's more effective than the pill

The Mirena.

JEN VUK And less than 10 per cent of us are using it.

Clare's Law

Should Australia introduce its own Clare's Law?

Clare's Law.

Jane Gilmore A 'right to ask' law, where potential victims have access to police records of domestic violence complaints against their partners, has made over 1,300 disclosures in less than 12 months in the UK. Is it time it was introduced to Australia?

Domestic violence

The government's lack of action on family violence puts women's lives at risk

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty questions the funding cuts.

JENNA PRICE The outlook for our most vulnerable women is very bleak indeed.

Prediction: what the PM's 'last chance' speech at the Press Club today will sound like

Tony Abbott needs to make a frank admission that the government has made mistakes.

ANDREW P STREET Despite literally everything that's been going on over the last 24-hours-to-18-months, Tony Abbott is pretty clear about the best thing about the federal government: Tony Abbott.

The QLD election result is a win for Australian women

JENNA PRICE "Most male candidates would have thought those seats were unwinnable."

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules: Does reality TV do a better job of depicting people with disability?

Sheri and Emilie on MKR.

Carly Findlay Could it be that there is a greater representation of disability in reality TV than on scripted TV shows?

When will we write an obituary for literary sexism?

Australian author Colleen McCullough during portrait session held in 1997.

Danielle Binks The Australian's Colleen McCullough obituary is hardly surprising when you look at how entrenched sexism is in the book publishing world.

#Smearforsmear: Selfies as public health campaigns

'Lipstick smear selfies' posted under #smearforsmear

CLEMENTINE FORD Do we really need 'lipstick smear selfies' to raise awareness for a deadly disease?

Real reformers?

Why it's dangerous to separate powerful men from the oppressive regimes they lead

Pope Francis.

RUBY HAMAD Ruby Hamad on the myth of Pope Francis and King Abdullah as advocates for women.

Michelle Obama's headscarf-free Saudi Arabia appearance is no 'political statement'

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama stand with new Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz at Riyadh airport.

RUBY HAMAD Foreign dignitaries have done the same in the past. So why the big deal about Michelle Obama?