Bruce Jenner's story is his alone to tell, so why all the wild talk?

Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer 'I'm a woman'.

Mary McNamara 3:24pm We pat ourselves on the back for giving Grammys to songs that combat intolerance but still gasp at the idea of a man getting his nails done.

An important reminder to show compassion to strangers

Benjamin Law.

BENJAMIN LAW 8:35am Because the characters we encounter in those moments - the lady talking to herself- are clearly the product of tough lives.

A short history of things that have been compared to rape

The anti-vaccination Facebook post.

CLEM BASTOW When things that are not at all like rape are described as being "like rape".

Speaking emoji

When you don't speak the same emoji

Shrugs: Alcohol and drugs were prevalent among the emoji used by Australians.

ELEANOR ROBERTSON More and more of us are ditching our cumbersome and nuanced birth languages for an array of small candy-coloured blobs.

Anzac Day

We've turned Anzac Day into another consumerist binge-fest

'Limited Edition Gallipoli Centenary Bear' on sale at Australia Post shops for $89.99.

CHRISTOPHER SCANLON Are limited edition teddy bears and mugs really commemorating the fallen, or erasing them?

How misandrists like to let their hair down

CLEMENTINE FORD Feminists are only mostly joyless. It doesn't mean we never have any downtime.

The already marginalised women with extra burdens

RUBY HAMAD "All over the world, there are women whose unique experiences of marginalisation go largely ignored in mainstream dialogue."


The case against 'feelpinion'

Humans have been cursed with an irresistible urge to have a view on everything.

Nelly Thomas Humans have been cursed with the urge to opine about everything, and our extended audience is giving us a false sense of our knowledge bank.

Why do we put up with 'Married At First Sight'?

Michelle Park - Married At First Sight - Photograph by David Dare Parker

Rebecca Shaw Why is it okay for reality TV to mock marriage while same sex couples still aren't allowed to partake in it solemnly?


Is online shame-storming a force for good or a weapon?

Megan McArdle Twitter makes it absurdly easy to attack someone without pausing to think about context or your effect on another human being.

We need to talk about Joss Whedon's 'feminism'

Where is all the Black Widow merch?

CLEM BASTOW As the man at the helm of a movie that will make billions, Whedon is in a position to insist upon real change. So what's he doing?

Working mothers are the most productive people in the workforce

Working mothers

JESSICA IRVINE Why then are they perceived so differently, asks Jessica Irvine.

Stella Prize

The best way to change gendered reading habits


Danielle Binks How can we get better recognition for women writers and their works, and finally put an end to the idea of "girl books" and "boy books"?

Teen family violence survivor: 'I didn't know what happened in my home was different'

Extreme loss: A 14-year-old is pushing for education to help young people speak up about violence in the home.

CLEMENTINE FORD Why are programs addressing domestic violence awareness still failing to include the education of children?

The problem with 'swirling'

Few things are a more potent symbol of slipping away from this toxic history than openness to partnering with someone from another race.

NEHA KALE Does celebrating interracial couples for being interracial defeat the whole purpose?

Important questions tabloid editors have about women

Daily Mail

CLEMENTINE FORD Women. What even are they, and why are they always so disgusting while being it?

Should we be crowd-funding welfare?

23-year-old student Tommy Connolly, with his 16-year-old cousin in hospital after the birth of her son.

KASEY EDWARDS Deserving and heartfelt it may be, but there's a serious problem with the crowd-funding campaign to help Tommy Connolly support his 16-year-old pregnant cousin and her newborn son.

What's the best way to intervene during a racist rant?

The Muslim couple who were being abused, in a screengrab from the video.

RUBY HAMAD "The contents of Stacey Eden's video and the way it's been received have much to tell us about the depressing state of how we address racism in this country," writes Ruby Hamad.

Do sex offenders deserve character references?

Luke Lazarus, left, convicted of anally raping a young woman outside his father's nightclub.

JANE GILMORE Character evidence is simply a formalised legal process for the myth that a "good guy" can do terrible things to women and not lose his standing as a "good guy".

I was a high school debating geek

Maths debaters

DOM KNIGHT And all I learned was how to be an arrogant git, writes Dom Knight.

The bigoted agendas hiding behind seemingly legitimate causes

Rally against racism  protesters clash with Reclaim Australia protestors at Federation Square.

RUBY HAMAD Exploiting real travesties is disingenuous and ensures the continuation of these injustices.

When will we stop counting dead women?

Stephanie Scott is believed to have been murdered on Easter Sunday.

JENNA PRICE There have been 31 women killed this year so far. So why is Abbott cutting funds to 27 DV support services?

Punishing anti-vaccine parents is the wrong approach

Parents who do not vaccinate their children will lose between $2100 and $15,000 per child under the policy.

JENNA PRICE "Yesterday I thought these punishments were a genius idea. Today I'm not so sure."

Rape should never be seen as a 'punishment' for sex crimes

Luke Lazarus leaves Downing Centre Court in Sydney after his sentencing hearing for raping a woman near his father's nightclub, was adjourned.

CLEMENTINE FORD Clem Ford on why we shouldn't succumb to the 'eye for an eye' mentality.

Six things I've learned from doing stand-up comedy


CLEM BASTOW Anxiety, addiction, critics... But it's still the best feeling in the world, writes Clem Bastow.

Men who want to lead the fight for women's rights

James Ritchie

RUBY HAMAD Like many men, James Ritchie may well be sympathetic to women’s issues. But sympathy is not enough.

The Reddit question no one should ignore


KASEY EDWARDS The question went viral, attracting more than 21,000 comments within a day.

Should we applaud Tony Abbott for being friends with Cate McGregor?

Cate McGregor.

Jenny Noyes When you're the Prime Minister, the personal alone is not political enough.

Rolling Stone

How the Rolling Stone debacle exposes our biases about rape


RUBY HAMAD “'Real' rape is regarded as only the bloodiest, the most heinous, the most physical," writes Ruby Hamad.

The offensive Soho Club ad that appeared after Luke Lazarus' rape sentencing

Clementine Ford dinkus

CLEMENTINE FORD The photo depicts a young woman who appears to be passed out on the ground with her legs slightly spread.

Dear Diary

A defence of teenage diaries


NEHA KALE "The urge to capture the minutiae of your existence on paper is a powerful rejection of a culture that deems your life insignificant," writes Neha Kale.

What no one wants to mention in Grant Hackett's 'remarkable' comeback

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 03:  Grant Hackett smiles after finishing the Men's 400m Freestyle Final during day one of the Australian National Swimming Championships at Sydney Olympic Park  Aquatic Centre on April 3, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

CLEMENTINE FORD Hackett is an excellent swimmer. But he's also a man who trashed his family's home while his terrified wife and children watched on.


Why Salt-N-Pepa were 20 years ahead of their time

Salt-N-Pepa onstage back in 1995.

SARAH OAKES The progressive '90s hip-hop trio wrote the anthem for every modern young woman exactly two decades ago, writes Sarah Oakes.


When first-person writing is a poorly-disguised 'fumblebrag'

NATALIE REILLY " It feels to me that, in our quest for intimacy, we took a sharp turn into self-pity."

Misogyny dictionary

A brief and offensive history of slurs against women

Chris Lilley as private school girl Ja'mie King.

ELEANOR ROBERTSON These insults have changed throughout history to reflect the particular anxieties of the time.

Is Australia seeing a resurgence of the nice guy?

Annabel Crabb, Kitchen Cabinet

ANNABEL CRABB Why else would Tony Abbott spend his days delivering personal apologies for just about everything he's said in the past?

Mike Baird is way behind on gender balance

The market delivered more than $1 billion in stamp duty to the NSW government in January and February alone.

Anne Summers Mike Baird is considerably more woman-friendly than his federal counterparts. But it seems he is still into tiny steps, not bold actions.

The struggle of paying full price for less 'worthy' books

GW.  Portrait Dinkus of Amanda Hooton Good Weekend Writer. Photographed at Sun Studios.  Pic by Nic Walker.  Date 22nd November 2014.

Amanda Hooton "I will happily buy, and fail to read, a Dickens tome, but find it excruciatingly hard to spend 20 bucks on something I'd devour with total pleasure."

Benjamin Law on why we need more religious holidays

cr: James Brickwood
Benjamin Law, columnist photo for Good Weekend

BENJAMIN LAW Benjamin Law digs Jesus. Just not in a religious sense.

No single minister can prevent domestic violence alone

Pru Goward has been appointed the Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Moo Baulch, CEO of Domestic Violence NSW What does the appointment of Pru Goward as Australia's first anti-domestic violence minister actually mean for women?

Why Purvi Patel's imprisonment matters for all women


CLEMENTINE FORD Indiana this week emerged as the first American state to send a woman to jail for "an attempted self-abortion".

Billy Gordon

What we're missing in the attacks over Billy Gordon's character

Former Labor MP Billy Gordon.

ALECIA SIMMONDS It’s hypocritical for us to ask indigenous politicians to redress their communities’ problems and then be shocked when it turns out that they have experienced those problems.


Tracey Spicer: We need to change the language surrounding autism


TRACEY SPICER On World Autism Awareness Day, Tracey Spicer writes about her personal connection to the misunderstood condition.

'The Glenn Closes'

What kind of Easter egg eater are you?

Are you a Headbanger, a Saver or a Glenn Close?

Ali Benton A small straw poll of Ali Benton's inner and outer circle revealed all sorts of weird Easter habits.

In defence of Trevor Noah's stupid, tasteless tweets

South African comedian Trevor Noah will become Jon Stewart's replacement as host of The Daily Show.

Caitlin Dewey Six tweets, out of almost 9,000. That's not exactly a representative sample.

When your job immerses you in stress and trauma

JENNA PRICE Female journalists open up about how to stay sane while working in dark places.

What is a 'Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl'?

CLEM BASTOW Does anyone really only carry around a Penguin classic, a set of keys, and one flat-dried rose kept folded in a silk handkerchief?

Five times men are the 'real victims' of everyday sexism


CLEMENTINE FORD Like, when men "can’t even approach women on the street anymore".

'Mother blame'

The most vicious attack that can be made on a domestic violence survivor


Louise Pascale How abusive partners alienate children from their mothers through continuous criticism and lies.

Juanita Phillips: Grey hair shouldn't cost you your job

Juanita Phillips, digitally altered (with her permission) to show her hair in its natural, grey state.

Juanita Phillips "Grey's fine with me and I'd like to think the audience could cope with it. But the TV industry? I wouldn't bet my career on it."

Women's wellbeing

We need a happiness index for women


NATALIE REILLY "That number you weigh, that size you wear, while useful, gives you no indication of how successful you are at life," writes Natalie Reilly.

Should we be treating periods as a feminist issue?


CLEM BASTOW "Society’s problem with periods is one thing; expecting all menstruating people to embrace their periods as somehow divine or sacred is entirely another," writes Clem Bastow.

When strangers complain about your hair


Heidi Stevens "The people have spoken, and the people hate my hair."

The real tragedy of the Adrian Bayley case is how easily it could have been avoided

Adrian Bayley

CLEMENTINE FORD The verdict will not remove the trauma from Bayley's victims. But it might go some way to helping them heal.

Fake holidays

Sexist 'national holidays' that need to be replaced

National Pro-Life Cupcake Day.

ELEANOR ROBERTSON Although I largely approve of these patently ridiculous holidays, there are a few that taint this noble practice by being really dumb.

Why you can hate fantasy, but love Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones

DOM KNIGHT "I’ve always suspected that the thicker the book, the less point there is in reading it," writes Dom Knight.

Why did the media ignore the rape of a seven-year-old girl?

CELESTE LIDDLE Why is sexual abuse in the indigenous community is either sensationalised or completely ignored by the media?

Why are Australian ads so white?

Coca-Cola's Blue Flick Commercial.

RUBY HAMAD When we're told our whitewashing makes America look progressive, you know we have a problem.

Third-party reproduction

I want my children to feel equal, but equality isn't sameness


Marie Holmes "While singular in their disdain, Dolce and Gabbana express an unease that many of us, gay and straight, have around third-party reproduction," writes Marie Holmes.

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