The Rohingya plight challenges the popular view of terrorism

Thousands of Rohingyas are thought to be stranded on boats without adequate food, water or sanitation.

Ruby Hamad   Violence against Muslims rarely makes headlines in the West unless it is committed by other Muslims.

The perfect winter reading list for boner killers

Foreboding, sinister and atmospheric, these novels both old and new are a thrilling change from Netflix.

Clementine Ford   Foreboding, sinister and atmospheric, these novels both old and new are a thrilling change from Netflix.

Kitchen equality

Why a man’s place is in the kitchen


Paul Chai   When my own kids scoffed at the idea of me making them dinner, I realised I'd dropped the ball when it came to cooking at home, writes Paul Chai.

Indigenous affairs

Fighting domestic violence shouldn't mean revoking Aboriginal rights

"If the governments truly believe the safety of Aboriginal women to be paramount, why are the very services which save lives underfunded?"

Celeste Liddle   If governments truly want to protect Aboriginal women, why are they cutting back the very services which save lives?

Coroner's Court report

What the Coroner's Court report reveals about domestic violence

Over the whole ten years, "there were no cases where a woman was a domestic violence abuser who killed a male domestic violence victim".

Jane Gilmore   In the past 10 years, there was no single case in NSW where a male victim was killed by an abusive female partner.


Disney's white 'African princess' film is beyond offensive

Jeremiah Heaton and his seven-year-old daughter Emily Heaton.

Ruby Hamad   Inspired by a white American dad’s bid to claim a piece of Sudan so his daughter can feel like a princess.

The conclusive guide to saving Twitter from its trolls

Agony Aunts.

Caitlin Dewey   Twitter's problem is a cultural one: 90 percent of the company's employees are men.

Tony Abbott's short-lived life as a 'defender of new mums'

Gone is the feminist defender of new mums: Tony Abbott,

Jessica Irvine   In 2002 he said we'd see compulsory paid maternity leave over this government's dead body. We should have believed him.

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A thank you note for the three things that didn't happen to me

Call it fate, destiny, whatever. But if these things had happened, my life path would have changed forever, writes Monica McInerney.

Monica McInerney   Fate? Destiny? Whatever. But if they had happened, my life path would have changed forever, writes Monica McInerney.

It's not a woman's job to teach violent men how to behave

Don't play the victim blame game with family violence.

Miki Perkins   Don't play the victim blame game with family violence

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Road trips

Are family road trips overrated?

Road trip

Paul Chai   Every parent knows, you have to approach a long family road trip with military planning and precision, writes Paul Chai.

Why I am calling on Coles and Woolworths to ban Zoo Weekly

Zoo Magazine

Laura Pintur   Almost every young woman I know experiences the daily reality of sexual harassment. And I've had enough.

'Benevolent' Sexism

There's no such thing as 'benevolent' anti-choice movement

American anti-choice protestors staging a "pray-in".

Ruby Hamad   They may insist they are "protecting" women, but these new anti-abortion crusaders are still driven by sexism.

In praise of women who speak out about sexual harassment

Jemma Ewin.

Kelly Thomas   Those take on the fight must be commended for helping all women to do the same

Women in NRL

We need more female leaders in rugby league

Equity: Marina Go says without quotas we haven't experienced any change.

Clementine Ford   We should start talking about 'maximum quotas for men' rather than 'minimum quotas for women'.

Federal Budget 2015

Federal Budget 2015: 10 ways Australian women have been let down by the budget

Joe Hockey, Australia's treasurer, speaks during a news conference inside the budget lock-up at Parliament House in Canberra.

Jenna Price   No news of increased funding to stop family violence. No news of ways to ensure women could make their way back into the workforce.

Men-only clubs

Why do we still have men-only clubs?


Paul Chai   "In the 21st century, the fact that membership to a club requires that you have a penis seems far more sinister than it does quaint," writes Paul Chai.

Kasey Edwards

Challenging the belief that men are better leaders than women


Kasey Edwards   "When men stuff up, it's explained away as a steep learning curve or circumstances beyond anyone's control. When women stuff up, it's seen as (further) proof that women are not up to the job."

The backlash on speaking out about violence against women


Clementine Ford   "I have an entire folder of emails sent to me by men talking about me being raped, killed or just 'taught a lesson.'"

Men's rights groups

How a men's rights group fared in the UK election

 Mike Buchanan, head of 'Justice for Men and Boys'.

Kasey Edwards   Confused about the need for a party called 'Justice for Men and Boys'? So were thoundsands of UK citizens.

Tampon tax

Joe Hockey needs to stop taxing our periods

Victorian students rally against the GST back in 2000.

Rachel Eddie   An online petition started by Sydney University student Subeta Vimalarajah has reignited debate over the tampon tax.


How an email from Nora Ephron's son calmed my fears about motherhood


Natalie Reilly   "Have you ever felt so overcome by your own neediness you did something weird? When I was pregnant, I did this weird, small thing."

Clem Ford

When sexist behaviour is sold as entertainment

"Odd Woman Out" -  Jenn Brown and Shirin Oskooi during the sixth episode of this season's Survivor.

Clementine Ford   What happens when a sexist show becomes the golden goose of a TV network.

Hillary 2016

Hillary Clinton isn't making grandmothers cool


Dom Knight   They always were, writes Dom Knight.

Pope Francis

Are we over-cheering 'feminist' Pope Francis?

Pope Francis waves to faithful.

Ruby Hamad   Should we be applauding Pope Francis' pay gap speech if he's yet to take action on reproductive rights?

Sex education

Christian Schools Australia CEO condemns Anglican church sex-ed course

Teen Sex By The Book

Jenna Price   The head of Christian Schools Australia says the Anglican Church has lost its ability to speak to women in this generation.

Sexual harassment victims need more support at work

Surgeon Caroline Tan has spoken out over sexual harassment in hospitals.

Jenna Price   Sexual harassment at work is not about sex. It's about power. Who holds it. Who uses it well.

Q&A Talks Rape

Last night's Q&A tackled our culture of male violence and rape

Comedian Adrienne Truscott responds to a question about authorities telling women not to walk alone.

Jenny Noyes   Unfortunately most of the panellists still don't get it.

Dad bods

We need to talk about the Dad Bod

Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Natalie Reilly   Leonardo DiCaprio has one. So does Jon Hamm. And it's the hottest male physique right now.

Clementine Ford

We need to stop making excuses for men like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao pose at their final press conference.

Clementine Ford   On Sunday afternoon, people cheered on while one man who beats women fought another man who denies them their reproductive rights.

Keeping secrets

What it's like to keep a huge part of your life a secret


Beccy Cole   "After a few years, I began wishing that people would find out."

Frozen embryo battle

Should men have 'parental rights' over frozen embryos?

ctress Sofia Vergara with former partner Nick Loeb.

Ruby Hamad   How Nick Loeb's fight against Sofia Vergara for frozen embryos turned into a bizarre 'custody battle'.

Gillian Triggs: Right to freedom of speech is far from absolute in our law

Gillian Triggs

Gillian Triggs   Ask any Australian if they have a right to freedom of speech and they will robustly assert "yes, of course". But, under Australian law, there is no such formal legal right

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Bali Nine

Five former drug dealers who got a second chance

How did it come to this?: Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, stars in Last Man Standing.

Ruby Hamad   They would never have achieved the things they did if they had to pay for their worst youthful mistakes with their lives.

Living with disability

What it's like to have to defend your right to live


Jacki Brown   "I am pro-vaccination but I want to question the way that disability can be used as a means to an end when discussing this issue."

Is this the official beer of rape culture?

a user posted photo on Reddit revealed the latest Bud Light slogan as 'The perfect beer for removing "No" from your vocabulary for the night'.

Clementine Ford   When Bud Light said it'll "remove 'no' from your vocabulary for the night", the social media backlash was immediate.

Sacked for drug use but not for sexual assault

"It seems concerning that an employee would be dismissed for conduct when at the time he was found not to be in control and not knowing what he was doing."

Jenna Price   A Qantas first officer who sexually assaulted a female flight crew member was fired. But it wasn't for what you'd expect.

One in Three

We need to bust the 'one in three' male DV victim myth

The facts are that women and children are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence and men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.

Jane Gilmore   And it's posing a serious risk of altering the way governments approach the issue.

History Lesson

Australia needs to own up to its history

'I was embarrassed' ... Ben Affleck admits of Facebook his motives behind lobbying against revealing details about a slave-owning ancestor.

Alecia Simmonds   Ben Affleck and Australia share a lot in common: we’re rich, we're pretty, and we'd rather not own up to our history of slavery.

Fond farewell

I gave my father the funeral he would've wanted

Catherine Rodie farewelled her father under an African sky, just the way he would have liked it.

Catherine Rodie   Catherine Rodie farewelled her father under an African sky, just the way he would have liked it.

The fraught balance between the personal and professional on social media

Sacked over Twitter comments: Scott McIntyre.

Jenna Price   Employers need to recognise that every tweet, every Facebook post, extends our employment beyond the usual confines of work.

In no country in the world are women and men equal

Don't play the victim blame game with family violence.

Natasha Stott-Despoja   A UN Women report released today highlights this starkly.

The classic dad songs that are actually really sexist

A portrait of British pop group The Police, from left to right, Andy Summers, Sting and Stewart Copeland, early 1980s. (Photo by Terry O'Neill/Getty Images)

Natalie Reilly   Much has been made of the misogyny in hip-hop. But what of the supposed "nice guys" of music?

Annabel Crabb: I won't join the Belle Gibson lynch mob

Belle Gibson is interviewed in this month's <i>Australian Women's Weekly</i>.

Annabel Crabb   "There are two things I'd ask you to consider before you set out for my house with a lighter and a kerosene-soaked rag wrapped around a stick."

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Bruce Jenner's story is his alone to tell, so why all the wild talk?

Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer 'I'm a woman'.

Mary McNamara   We pat ourselves on the back for giving Grammys to songs that combat intolerance but still gasp at the idea of a man getting his nails done.

An important reminder to show compassion to strangers

Benjamin Law.

Benjamin Law   Because the characters we encounter in those moments - the lady talking to herself- are clearly the product of tough lives.

Anzac Day

'Limited Edition Gallipoli Centenary Bear' on sale at Australia Post shops for $89.99.

Christopher Scanlon   Are limited edition teddy bears and mugs really commemorating the fallen, or erasing them?

When you don't speak the same emoji

Unicode is preparing to release a major new version of its code.

Eleanor Robertson   More and more of us are ditching our cumbersome and nuanced birth languages for an array of small candy-coloured blobs.

How misandrists like to let their hair down

"But I'll let you in on a little secret. Feminists are only mostly joyless."

Clementine Ford   Feminists are only mostly joyless. It doesn't mean we never have any downtime.

A short history of things that have been compared to rape

The anti-vaccination Facebook post.

Clem Bastow   When things that are not at all like rape are described as being "like rape".

The already marginalised women with extra burdens

"There are women whose unique experiences of marginalisation go largely ignored in mainstream dialogue."

Ruby Hamad   "All over the world, there are women whose unique experiences of marginalisation go largely ignored in mainstream dialogue."

The case against 'feelpinion'

Humans have been cursed with an irresistible urge to have a view on everything.

Nelly Thomas   Humans have been cursed with the urge to opine about everything, and our extended audience is giving us a false sense of our knowledge bank.

Why do we put up with 'Married At First Sight'?

Michelle Park - Married At First Sight - Photograph by David Dare Parker

Rebecca Shaw   Why is it okay for reality TV to mock marriage while same sex couples still aren't allowed to partake in it solemnly?


Is online shame-storming a force for good or a weapon?

"Many seem terrified by the possibility of being attacked by roving bands of verbal vigilantes."

Megan McArdle   Twitter makes it absurdly easy to attack someone without pausing to think about context or your effect on another human being.

Clem Bastow

We need to talk about Joss Whedon's 'feminism'

Where is all the Black Widow merch?

Clem Bastow   As the man at the helm of a movie that will make billions, Whedon is in a position to insist upon real change. So what's he doing?

Teen family violence survivor: 'I didn't know what happened in my home was different'

Extreme loss: A 14-year-old is pushing for education to help young people speak up about violence in the home.

Clementine Ford   Why are programs addressing domestic violence awareness still failing to include the education of children?

Jessica Irvine

Working mothers are the most productive people in the workforce

Working mothers

Jessica Irvine   Why then are they perceived so differently, asks Jessica Irvine.

Stella Prize

The best way to change gendered reading habits


Danielle Binks   How can we get better recognition for women writers and their works, and finally put an end to the idea of "girl books" and "boy books"?

Neha Kale

The problem with 'swirling'

Few things are a more potent symbol of slipping away from this toxic history than openness to partnering with someone from another race.

Neha Kale   Does celebrating interracial couples for being interracial defeat the whole purpose?

Clementine Ford

Important questions tabloid editors have about women

Daily Mail

Clementine Ford   Women. What even are they, and why are they always so disgusting while being it?