Living with disability

The problem with ABC's new disability series, 'Attitudes'


Jacki Brown We need to see media depictions that actually challenge and change attitudes instead of just reinforcing stereotypes, writes Jacki Brown.

Australian of the Year

Will Rosie Batty's victory make Australia finally take domestic violence seriously?

Rosie Batty was named Australian of the Year on Sunday night.

JENNA PRICE The biggest challenge to Rosie Batty’s battle to highlight the crisis of domestic violence in Australia? It’s Australians.

Invasion Day

This Australia Day, we're all responsible for working towards a more inclusive future

Celeste Liddle.

CELESTE LIDDLE Australia Day will always be a day of mourning for the First Peoples of this country, but it is possible to work towards a positive and more inclusive future, says Celeste Liddle.

Page 3

Why aren't there men on Page 3?

The Sun’s topless model page is back after a ‘mammary lapse’ – but where are the men?

Olivia Goldhill The Sun’s topless model page is back after a ‘mammary lapse’ – but where are the men?

Let it go, guys

Things not to give a s--t about in 2015

Reimagined Disney.

CLEMENTINE FORD Reimagined Disney princesses. Weight-loss success stories. Make-up free campaigns. Please, let's move on.

Racist words

Seven words you didn't know were racist

SMH GOOD LIVING 090224 - Kaffir Limes on White. asian; citrus; fresh; fruit; isolated; kaffir; kaffir lime; lime; white; wrinkled; wrinkly ROYALTY-FREE PIC, OK FOR ARCHIVING, OK FOR REUSE.
Picture by Craig Jewell

RUBY HAMAD Common terms that have super offensive origins.

Please, no more movies about white male geniuses

Benedict Cumberbatch is a white male geniuses in The Imitation Game.

CLEM BASTOW At the height of my sluglike summer viewing regime last week, I sat down to watch Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind, as a) it was on TV and b) I had managed to miss it both in cinemas and on its home entertainment release.

The Accused

Why 'The Accused' is still so important, almost 30 years on

The Accused.

Jane Gilmore Would a movie like 'The Accused' - which 26 years ago dealt with rape as a victim's experience - be made today? Not likely, says Jane Gilmore.

This is why the demise of Page 3 Girls is so important

Katie Price (aka ‘Jordan’) is a Page 3 alumni, first posing for the newspaper in 1996 when she was only 18 years old.

CLEMENTINE FORD Getting naked breasts out of a newspaper is a small step for The Sun but a giant leap for all women.

Domestic violence

NSW Police fail victims of domestic violence with flippant social media post

16112014 Photo: Ross Giblin/Fairfax NZ
A woman is escorted by police to the toilets after been breath tested at Toast Martinborough. PIXELATE FACE OF WOMAN

JENNA PRICE Mystery statistics and unmoderated comments make a mockery of a critical issue as NSW Police try and master social media.

Rosamund Pike

Why was Rosamund Pike called 'brave' in this picture?

Rosamund Pike, the crazed star of 'Gone Girl', gave birth just five weeks ago.

NATALIE REILLY This is what 'brave' looks in Hollywood these days and the reasons aren't as shallow as you might think.

Malaysian girls threatened with jail time for hugging K-pop stars

B1A4 perform on July 24, 2014.

RUBY HAMAD Why B1A4's fan meeting controversy is about so much more than strict indecency laws.

Ben Law's resolutions for 2015

Ben Law.

BENJAMIN LAW Resolute thoughts from Benjamin Law.


#OscarsSoWhite: Where are all the people of colour in 2015 Oscar nominations?

RUBY HAMAD Why we should care about the backlash on Oscar's all-white nominees list.

Five reasons Taylor Swift should win Triple J's Hottest 100

NO. 3: Taylor Swift
Age: 24
Earnings: US$64 million

ELEANOR ROBERTSON Let's be honest, the Hottest 100 needs all the help it can get.

Freedom shouldn't be the exclusive domain of white people

Blogger Raif Badawi

RUBY HAMAD Progressive Muslims like blogger Raif Badawi need the support, not the mockery, of the west.


The dangerous idea that men should be braver than women

Fred Nile: No bravery award for men who fled siege

JENNA PRICE Fred Nile's reaction shows men are still expected to push their feelings away.

Roadtesting trends

I tried all of 2015's 'worst trends' at once


CLEM BASTOW And every second of it was fantastic.

The Mindy Project

So what if Mindy dates mostly white guys on her show?

Mindy Lahiri and her colleague-turned-boyfriend Danny Castellano.

NEHA KALE Male show-runners aren’t forced to defend the world they create. So why has Mindy Kaling come under fire?

Sexual harassment

I was groped on public transport... and decided to fight back


Chloe Booker "There has been a language built up to support victims and condemn perpetrators that is becoming more widespread... and has personally made me feel more empowered," writes Chloe Booker.

What reactions to Sia's music video say about us

The video for Elastic Heart directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, features actor Shia LaBeouf and her regular stand-in Maddie Ziegler.

RUBY HAMAD Once again, we find ourselves in one of those all or nothing debates.

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It's not easy being an extrovert either

NATALIE REILLY The introvert craze began in 2012 when Susan Cain gave her TED talk

Failing freedom?

Should we be concerned about campaigns to ban speakers we don’t like?

Sherri Tenpenny has had her Sydney and Melbourne shows cancelled after sustained backlash

Kim Lock Almost all Australian venues have banned anti-vaccination advocate Sherri Tenpenny. But is that a good thing?

Cardinal Raymond Burke blames ‘radical feminists’ for paedophile priests

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke.

CLEMENTINE FORD Women. Is there anything good and holy in this world they don’t destroy?

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I am not a mother, but I can have an opinion on parenting

Kitty Flanagan Kitty Flanagan: "I am not a mother ergo I do not get to have an opinion on motherhood."

Twelve brilliant cartoon responses to the Charlie Hebdo terror attack

David Pope's cartoon reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attack

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack political cartoonists have done what they do best.

On Phylicia Rashad’s defence of Bill Cosby: sometimes the hero is the villain

Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable and Phylicia Rashad as his wife Claire on The Cosby Show.

RUBY HAMAD If the Bill Cosby saga tells us anything, it’s that sometimes, our hero is the villain.

Dumb diets

The three 'secrets' behind every stupid diet ever

Girls character Hannah Horvath combing through glossy magazine advice.

Emily Kaye Lazzaro Some step don't even require you to do anything, except give in to your already powerful self-doubt.

Abortion stories

Why it's so important to share our abortion stories


RUBY HAMAD New research shows that when it comes to countering the growing anti-abortion sentiment in Australia, women's personal stories will make a vital difference.

Body image

A flat tummy won't give you a better life


CLEM BASTOW Clem Bastow on what it took to finally make peace with her body at 32.

Basic Bitch Mum

Are you a Basic Bitch Mum?


NATALIE REILLY Announced your pregnancy via a staged photo shoot? Compulsively dress up your child in costumes for Instagram likes? Hello fellow BBM-er, welcome to the club.

Feminism in 2015

Disentangling feminism from the fad of feminism

Taylor Swift: is she or isn't she?

Alexandra Petri "Sometimes I worry that feminism is now so popular that it's become a fad."


This year, let's stop telling women to stay safe. Let's tell men not to assault us

Darlena Cunha "As I drove slowly around the endless strip malls that line the main drag of my city, I heard it - a public service announcement that seemed meant for me."

New Year's resolutions all politicians should make

<i>Illustration: Michael Mucci </i>

JACQUELINE MALEY The incipient New Year may be a mere construct of the Gregorian calendar, but that doesn't stop it from being a wondrous, unsullied thing. It is also the year's only politics-free period, a brief and silent window when the politicians have gone on holidays and are mostly absent from our TV screens and newspapers.


Fitness wristbands

My fitness wristband took over my life

Handy companion: But I feel like it's watching me all the time.

JACQUELINE MALEY "Ever since I strapped on my fitness wristband, life hasn't been the same."


Women are faster learners than men. Now we have proof

JENNA PRICE Women are faster learners than men. Now we have proof. It doesn't make us better people but it does make us more responsible voters.

Sharing the things we don't like makes a good date


Kitty Flanagan "I always knew if I was ever asked to write a column, it would not be about sex. (Or the city.) It would be about stuff that irks me," writes Kitty Flanagan.

Tony Abbott

Women rate Tony Abbott poorly on all fronts


JACQUELINE MALEY "It's essentially a male government focusing on male issues," says research group's managing director, following new polls showing just how badly Abbott's performing with female voters.

Is Victoria’s Secret the new Miss World?

Karlie Kloss in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show earlier this month.

Radhika Sanghani As Miss World ditches its iconic swimsuit round after 63 years, Victoria's Secret has taken up the baton.

Annabel Crabb: Regifting is always a minefield and politicians aren't immune

Annabel Crabb Dinkus Dinkus

ANNABEL CRABB Christmas has many constants. Its premature arrival in early November, for example, generating a small but perceptible annual uptick in the rate of "Jingle Bell Rock" related eye-stabbings among retail workers by about mid-December.

The men I'd like to thank in 2014

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay.

SARAH MACDONALD Tis the season where we hard-core, leftie, child hating, crazy fembots pause from the act of giving guns to our girls and emasculating our boys to instead wish for peace and good will to all men.

2015: looking ahead

What would a dream 2015 look like for Australian women?


RUBY HAMAD Some important, concrete steps we can take to lay the groundwork for what will hopefully be a powerful year.

Sydney siege: Man Haron Monis' history of violence against women was a warning sign no one took seriously

Members of the Muslim community lay flowers at Martin place after two people and the gunman died when the siege ended.

CLEMENTINE FORD We have to stop differentiating violence as matters of private or public interest.

#I'llRideWithYou is helping, attacks on it are not

#illridewithyou: online users continue to tweet their support for the local Muslim community.

JENNA PRICE We should never wait for the opportunity to speak out in support of others.

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Who has the right to tell a survivor's story?

Lena Dunham has been forced to amend her memoir to protect the identity of the man sexually assaulted her.

Radhika Sanghani Lena Dunham has been forced to amend her memoir to protect the identity of the man sexually assaulted her. But why?

Police brutality

Why it's essential to remember black female victims of police brutality


RUBY HAMAD "What recent cases demonstrate is that age, gender, and non-criminality is no safeguard from the danger of being killed or brutalised while black."

"Fuggin' up"

When actresses are praised for 'going ugly' in a film role


NATALIE REILLY Apparently you can be beautiful or you can be credible, but you can't be both.

Talking about abortion

It’s time to talk positively about abortion


Kim Lock "One third of women will undergo abortion in their lifetime; it is a vital, normal, and healthy procedure. So can we shed the stigma and begin to speak positively?"

Kate cracks

The unique joy of seeing famous women 'break character'

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge takes part in gift wrapping with volunteers as she visits Northside Center for Child Development in New York City. Photo: Samir Hussein

Claire Cohen Kate Middleton's sassy side-eye struck a nerve for a good reason.

Five signs it's time to leave a party

The party's over: don't spoil a good night by overstaying.

Georgie Pearson The right time to leave the party is when you're still having fun.

Peta Credlin, like Julia Gillard, runs into the gender card

Anne Summers dinkus Dinkus

Anne Summers This past week has shown that Liberal women, like women everywhere, are subject to gender stereotyping


Here's a list of other things Tony Abbott might want to 'call out' after calling out sexism

Abbott on Sunrise - 8 Dec 2014

STEPHANIE PEATLING Every once in a while politics provides moments that could best be described as face palms. Or some kind of baffled looking emoji.

We need to change the language we use to describe domestic violence

Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

CLEMENTINE FORD Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

Work 'availability'

When getting engaged stalls your career

Engagement ring.

ALICE WILLIAMS When Starbucks recently issued a new dress policy that essentially banned wedding and engagement rings, it touched a nerve among many women (especially in hospitality) for whom an appearance of ‘availability’ is an unofficial job requirement.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's money isn't the problem, our sexist and outdated attitudes are

Hillary Clinton

Radhika Sanghani It's been suggested that Hillary Clinton has a "money problem" because she's earning so much. But we'd never say that about a male politician, would we?

What fuels the fierce media obsession with feminism's failures?

RUBY HAMAD Ruby Hamad finds something troubling in the obsession with feminism's supposed "failures."


Rolling Stone: no apology can undo the damage they have done

President of the University of Virginia student council, Jalen Ross, during a news conference. Mr Ross called the Rolling Stone article '?wake-up call'? for the university.

Jane Gilmore There are a number of lessons to be learned from the Rolling Stone story about a gang rape at University of Virginia, but the one most necessary will probably be most ignored by the media, if only because it is an object lesson in their own failure.


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