The men I'd like to thank in 2014

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay.

SARAH MACDONALD Tis the season where we hard-core, leftie, child hating, crazy fembots pause from the act of giving guns to our girls and emasculating our boys to instead wish for peace and good will to all men.

2015: looking ahead

What would a dream 2015 look like for Australian women?


RUBY HAMAD Some important, concrete steps we can take to lay the groundwork for what will hopefully be a powerful year.

Sydney siege: Man Haron Monis' history of violence against women was a warning sign no one took seriously

Members of the Muslim community lay flowers at Martin place after two people and the gunman died when the siege ended.

CLEMENTINE FORD We have to stop differentiating violence as matters of private or public interest.

#I'llRideWithYou is helping, attacks on it are not

#illridewithyou: online users continue to tweet their support for the local Muslim community.

JENNA PRICE We should never wait for the opportunity to speak out in support of others.

Who has the right to tell a survivor's story?

Lena Dunham has been forced to amend her memoir to protect the identity of the man sexually assaulted her.

Radhika Sanghani Lena Dunham has been forced to amend her memoir to protect the identity of the man sexually assaulted her. But why?

Police brutality

Why it's essential to remember black female victims of police brutality


RUBY HAMAD "What recent cases demonstrate is that age, gender, and non-criminality is no safeguard from the danger of being killed or brutalised while black."

"Fuggin' up"

When actresses are praised for 'going ugly' in a film role


NATALIE REILLY Apparently you can be beautiful or you can be credible, but you can't be both.

Talking about abortion

It’s time to talk positively about abortion


Kim Lock "One third of women will undergo abortion in their lifetime; it is a vital, normal, and healthy procedure. So can we shed the stigma and begin to speak positively?"

Kate cracks

The unique joy of seeing famous women 'break character'

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge takes part in gift wrapping with volunteers as she visits Northside Center for Child Development in New York City. Photo: Samir Hussein

Claire Cohen Kate Middleton's sassy side-eye struck a nerve for a good reason.

Five signs it's time to leave a party

The party's over: don't spoil a good night by overstaying.

Georgie Pearson The right time to leave the party is when you're still having fun.

Peta Credlin, like Julia Gillard, runs into the gender card

Anne Summers dinkus Dinkus

Anne Summers This past week has shown that Liberal women, like women everywhere, are subject to gender stereotyping


Here's a list of other things Tony Abbott might want to 'call out' after calling out sexism

Abbott on Sunrise - 8 Dec 2014

STEPHANIE PEATLING Every once in a while politics provides moments that could best be described as face palms. Or some kind of baffled looking emoji.

We need to change the language we use to describe domestic violence

Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

CLEMENTINE FORD Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

Work 'availability'

When getting engaged stalls your career

Engagement ring.

ALICE WILLIAMS When Starbucks recently issued a new dress policy that essentially banned wedding and engagement rings, it touched a nerve among many women (especially in hospitality) for whom an appearance of ‘availability’ is an unofficial job requirement.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's money isn't the problem, our sexist and outdated attitudes are

Hillary Clinton

Radhika Sanghani It's been suggested that Hillary Clinton has a "money problem" because she's earning so much. But we'd never say that about a male politician, would we?

What fuels the fierce media obsession with feminism's failures?

RUBY HAMAD Ruby Hamad finds something troubling in the obsession with feminism's supposed "failures."


Rolling Stone: no apology can undo the damage they have done

President of the University of Virginia student council, Jalen Ross, during a news conference. Mr Ross called the Rolling Stone article '?wake-up call'? for the university.

Jane Gilmore There are a number of lessons to be learned from the Rolling Stone story about a gang rape at University of Virginia, but the one most necessary will probably be most ignored by the media, if only because it is an object lesson in their own failure.


Workplace emails

A guide to passive aggressive emails in the workplace


NATALIE REILLY Think of them as you would the five love languages - heartfelt manifestations of self-expression.

The three cafe culture rules we should all agree on

Laptops. How long can you justifiably siphon WiFi after ordering a single flat white?

Lisa Pryor Children. Should they exist? Laptops. How long can you justifiably siphon WiFi after ordering a single flat white? Dogs. Under the table or tied to a lamp post, straining and yapping?

Funny women

A shout-out to internet's funniest women

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of 'Go Fug Yourself'.

Alyssa Rosenberg Sometimes, you need to laugh or you’ll cry.

Ugly Girls Club

You need to know about the Ugly Girls Club

The 'Ugly Girls Club', images via Facebook.

CLEMENTINE FORD There’s a reason why the backlash against feminism has always relied on the stereotype of the ‘ugly, man-hating, hairy legged lesbian’.

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Legal rights are (less than) half the battle in the fight for equality

Legal rights

RUBY HAMAD The arguably more formidable obstacle to a truly equitable society is entrenched cultural attitudes, says Ruby Hamad.

Gauhar Khan

Slapped on live TV: can Gauhar Khan's assault change attitudes in India?

Gauhar Khan speaks at the press conference she called following the assault.

SARAH MACDONALD The divide between men and women needs to be mended with hard work, good policy and the slapping down of male attempts to punish the fashion choices of the famous and the unfamiliar.

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The incoming Victorian State government sure has a lot of women of calibre

Danielle Green, reelected as the member for Yan Yean.

JENNA PRICE So so hard. So hard to find women of calibre. Or women with merit. So so hard to elect women to Parliament. Except in Victoria where the incoming state government has a record 22 women.

Nobody panic, Larissa Waters is not trying to kill Christmas


ELEANOR ROBERTSON The Telegraph's attack on Senator Larissa Waters's call for gender neutral toys is satire we can all enjoy.

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Xmas journalism

A guide to all the articles that are about to be written about Christmas


Ali Benton If you only read one Christmas commentary piece this holiday season, make it this commentary on the non-stop commentary.

Rise Up Australia: how has a racist political party managed to woo people of colour?


RUBY HAMAD People of colour are often more likely to be listened to when they are willing to tell white society what it so desperately wants to hear.

Greens MP calls for end to gender-based toys for 'No Gender December'

Greens Senator Larissa Waters.

JUDITH IRELAND Gender-based toys impact self-perception, career aspirations, domestic violence, gender pay gap, say the Greens.

Sasha and Malia

Obama girls are doing it for moody and style-free teenagers everywhere

UNDERWHELMED: Sasha and Malia Obama don't seem impressed with the presidential turkey pardon.

Sasha and Malia Obama have been criticised for their 'classless' clothing and poor attitude at the White House Thanksgiving ceremony. Claire Cohen explains why we should be applauding the First Daughters.

When does lying to a woman for sex become rape?


Radhika Sanghani "It’s about making someone say yes to something they would otherwise say no to."

What happens to women who fight back against harassment

Tugce Albayrak

CLEMENTINE FORD Do women’s complaints about harassment only become acceptable in the brief window of legitimacy created when other women die?

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Sexist poses

Have you ever seen a man asked to pose like this?

May0055098. Daily Telegraph. Arianna Huffington for DT Features. Picture shows internet pioneer Adrianna Huffington creator of the Huffington post, picture for a Bryony Gordon interview. Picture date 27/05/2014

Harriet Green, the former Thomas Cook chief executive, has been photographed in a black dress with a weight between her legs. But she's not the only woman to fall victim to an oddly styled shoot.

Reproductive coercion

Male partner pregnancy-controlling behaviour: the emerging crisis point of violence against women


Kate Marsh The issue of reproductive coercion and sexual assault in abusive relationships remains shrouded in darkness.

Don't patronise me, Darling


ANNABEL CRABB The degree of fury that being called "Sweetheart" or "Love'' elicits depends on context, but terms of endearment are fine if it's me saying them, writes Annabel Crabb.

Partying parents

Party on! Within reason


Lisa Pryor "We may not be teenagers any more, but our fun nights still get cut short by vomit."

Do you sit in the front or back of a taxi?


BENJAMIN LAW "Every time I'm about to hop into a cab, I struggle with the vexed question of where I should sit."

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Phillip Hughes

Why our children should play cricket this weekend


KATHRYN WICKS "Mum, you have to yell out when I am on 63 so I can retire."

The case for not giving gifts at Christmas


DOM KNIGHT There is just one seething boil on the splendid posterior of the otherwise splendid Yuletide season: the presents.

How to apologise for sexism: a scientific study


RUBY HAMAD We can all take something from the formal apology over Shirtstorm.

Where are those proud male 'champions of change' when you need them?

Alan Joyce

JENNA PRICE By all means support women. Just stop expecting special names and special recognition for work you should be doing anyway.

The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Why don't we give medals to women who've survived violent or escaped their perpetrator?

CLEMENTINE FORD There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.

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Three women who were murdered by their partners that you should remember today

Rachelle Yeo, Lisa Harnum and Kim Hunt.

Moo Baulch Lisa Harnum, Rachelle Yeo and Kim Hunt: three stories that have shifted the way we think and talk about domestic violence in 2014.

Agony Of Ecstasy

What are your 'ecstasy years' doing to you today?


CLEM BASTOW A new ABC2 doco follows a 28-year-old Adelaide uni student as she investigates how her past ecstasy use is affecting her current mental health.

Limiting language

Is it offensive to call women 'girls'?

Happy ... Pharrell Williams loves the work of the folks from the Diana Isaac Retirement Village.

NATALIE REILLY Let's look at the evidence...

Why is Australian TV still so white?

The TODAY show, Supplied for Sun Herald TV liftout. September 11, 2012.

RUBY HAMAD It shouldn't take a Karl Stefanovic for us take the exclusionary racism happening on our TV screens seriously.

How not to critique a parent: Mark Latham's criticism of Lisa Pryor

Annabel Crabb

ANNABEL CRABB There are, essentially, three kinds of newspaper columns. All three kinds cost the writer something. And all three – if done well – deliver something to the reader.

I'm willing to pay for good TV shows, so please, someone, let me

Ben Law.

BENJAMIN LAW Sure, I'll be tangled in a dreadlock of devices and cables, but hey - that's what true choice looks like.

Why did it take us so long to take the claims against Bill Cosby seriously?

Entertainer Bill Cosby pauses during a news conference about the upcoming exhibit, Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue, at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art, on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, in Washington. After amassing a private collection of African-American Art over four decades, Bill Cosby and his wife Camille plan to showcase their holdings for the first time in an exhibition planned at the Smithsonian Institution. The collection, which will be loaned to the museum, includes works by such leading African-American artists as Beauford Delaney, Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence, Augusta Savage and Henry Ossawa Tanner. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

JULIA BAIRD Possibly the most striking fact about the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby is that they were only taken seriously when a bloke joked about them.

What would an anti-sexism school curriculum look like?

CLEMENTINE FORD Clem Ford on why equality needs to start in the classroom.

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How to take down a woman of colour with one word

 Judge Sonia Sotomayer

RUBY HAMAD The casual dismissal of the talents of historically marginalised groups crosses geographical and occupational boundaries.

First Contact

Bo-dene Stieler: 'I can't believe the disrespect I showed the Aboriginal community'

Ray Martin, centre, in First Contact, airing on SBS (Nov 2014).

Bo-dene Stieler A month spent experiencing the harsh realities faced by Aboriginal communities helped First Contact's Bo-dene Stiedler put her own hardships into perspective.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has a body image problem

Victoria's Secret

NICOLE ELPHICK For a company that has built its fortune from hoisting up breasts and covering derrieres, Victoria’s Secret seems to not be very keen on the actual bodies of the majority of women.

New York plastic surgeon wants to give you 'vacation breasts'

Plastic surgeon develops 'Vacation breasts' procedure.

KASEY EDWARDS Finally, just what women need -- an 'insta boob job'.

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Leslie Feinberg

Leslie Feinberg was a pioneer with an urgent message for all of us

Author and activist Leslie Feinberg.

Eleanor Robertson Trans activist, communist revolutionary and prizewinning author Leslie Feinberg died this week but her legacy will live forever.

Why is India sterilising its women?

Life-threatening procedure: Sixty-eight women who were sterilised have been hospitalised.

CLEMENTINE FORD There are so many safer, non-invasive reproductive health options, so why are women's lives put at risk?

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You've been warned

Life advice from sponsored posts

Every second entry appears as an authentic slice of life, until you look closer and realise ... it's just a big old advertisement.

NATALIE REILLY Behold, the unintentionally hilarious commercial solutions to your real life problems.


Lessons from reality TV stars like Redfoo

Jacqueline Maley dinkus

JACQUELINE MALEY What do Redfoo, Big Brother and The Bachelor have in common?


Physical beauty doesn't make you interesting


JANE CARO "In my journey into old age, I've discovered just how tedious the young can be."

Time Magazine

Time Magazine's silly proposal to ban the word 'feminist'

FEMINIST: An unexpected pick for the worst word of 2014, but it's in the lead at the moment. Beyonce would disagree.

Alyssa Rosenberg Time Magazine has made a tradition of asking readers which word they feel they would be well-rid of. And on the list this time is the word “feminist,” which poll conductor Katy Steinmetz dismisses in a rather flip fashion.

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