Wicked Campers' 'misogynistic slogans' go too far, says Sydney mother

Image: Change.org

Image: Change.org

An online petition calling for a crackdown on vehicles with "misogynistic and degrading slogans and imagery" has now reached over 95,000 signatures.

The Change.org petition, was launched by Sydney mother Paula Orbea after her 11-year-old daughter read the slogan, 'In every princess, there's a little slut who wants to try it just once', on the back of a passing Wicked campervan.

Wicked Campers are popular among backpackers travelling across Australia, and well-known for their signature controversial slogans and artworks.

But Ms Orbea says it’s time to say, enough.


“This business (amongst many others) thrives on pleasing a small demographic of people, who find it funny to mock those who may be living the horrible realities perspectives such as these manifest”, the petition reads.

She said slogans like the one witnessed by her daughter "ring too familiar to real life attrocities.

"This particular phrase promotes paedophilia and resonates very badly with everyone who thinks it's abhorrent to sexually assault a girl, especially by groomed males who think 'she wants it'", she said. 

Since the launch of the petition backlash on social media has spread, with many calling for a boycott of Wicked vans.

The Brisbane-based company operates across Australia, New Zealand, North America, the UK, and South Africa, and has been subject to a series of complaints about the artwork of the vans.

In March a complaint was upheld by the Advertising Standards Bureau regarding the slogan, "fat girls are harder to kidnap." 

The Queensland government is still considering possible controls that may apply to the campervans, with suggestions the vans should be banned completely.

Though it has not only been slogans that have brought the company under fire.

In 2011 Wicked Campers paid fines of more than $26,000 for misleading advertising about the cost of hiring campervans.

Other slogans the Sydney mother has identified in the Change.org petition include, 'A wife: An attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done,' and, 'Save the whales, harpoon a Jap.'

She said it is "inconceivable" such slogans are publicised on the moving vans.

"We must become Actionists - by looking at the action that is being performed, (regardless of gender), deciding whether it's good for us as a species and calling it out if it isn't; demand change."

Ms Orbea is calling on Wicked Campers Australian director to "eliminate mysoginistic and degrading slogans and imagery."