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This weekend's Sunday Life features the gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen on the cover. Her brief but brilliant career has been marked by fine work rather than the celebrity fame of her sisters, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley. In her latest role in Liberal Arts she plays a bright and breezy college student, not so far removed from her own study days.


  • Shannon Moroney had been married only a month when a policeman knocked on her door and shattered her life. She tells how she coped with the heart wrenching truth that her husband was a rapist.
  • Is taking "selfies" a harmless way to document your life? Or is it damaging to women's self-esteem?
  • Chrissie Swan clears out her kitchen cupboards and takes a trip down memory lane.
  • We are getting more shut-eye than ever, so why are we so tired all the time? Nick Galvin investigates.
  • New York ... the city has taken a battering with Hurricane Sandy but tourists can help rebuild with a bit of cash and a lot of love. 
  • Katie Quinn Davies give three veg a sensational makeover.
  • Artist Alli McIldowie finds the perfect home and studio with a Spanish-inspired gem.
  • Bear Grylls tells what he knows about women.