Feminists deface Protein World ads, company responds by trolling

Women react to 'body-shaming' Protein World ads.

Women react to 'body-shaming' Protein World ads. Photo: Twitter

A furore has erupted on the London Underground over a series of ads by a weight loss supplement company posing the question "are you beach body ready?" next to a picture of a skinny model.

Women who've had enough of being told they aren't fit to be seen at the beach unless they're a perfectly-toned size six reacted by defacing the ads, rewriting the message to say "each body's ready", staging protests and signing a petition via change.org to have the advertisements taken down.

The activists involved have emphasised a message of inclusivity. The 'Each Body's Ready' Facebook page states: "We are questioning the term 'Beach Body Ready' and reinforcing that every 'body' of any shape, size and age is ready for the beach!"

Nevertheless Protein World, the company behind the ads, has decided the best course of action is to further antagonise their critics by posting and retweeting sexist responses via Twitter and accusing the activists of "fit-shaming" while simultaneously calling them "fatties".


(The following are just a couple of the charmers retweeted by the Protein World account):

Real mature, no?

The global head of marketing for Protein World told Huffington Post the company has no intention of taking down the ads over what he described as "a minority making a lot of noise."

"We now run Britain's largest protein facility, selling our products in over 50 countries to more than 300,000 customers. Most of them are women. How could we possibly be sexist?" That's right. Because no company that targets women via advertising has ever contributed to sexism.

With more than 40,000 signatures on the petition, hundreds of complaints received by Britain's Advertising Standards Association, further protests in the works, and no sign that Protein World is interested in listening, this fight doesn't look to be simmering down any time soon.

Source: Mic