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Woman to go on trial in Italy for being a bad housewife


Nick Squires 9:40 AM   An Italian woman could face up to six years in jail after her husband accused her of not doing enough cooking and cleaning at home.

Women poised to start flying RAAF fighter jets

A F-16 fighter jet belonging to the U.S. Air Force comes in for a landing at a U.S. air force base in Osan, south of Seoul April 3, 2013. The U.S. has positioned a warship off the Korean coast as a shield against ballistic missile attack, and also deployed radar-evading F-22 Raptors on Sunday to take part in the annual joint military drills it carries out with South Korea.   REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won (SOUTH KOREA - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS TRANSPORT)

David Wroe   Australia could soon have its first woman fighter pilot and is likely to have at least five women in the cockpit of the Joint Strike Fighter when the cutting-edge warplane comes into operation at the start of next decade.

NFL says women must be interviewed for executive jobs

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Eben Novy-Williams   The National Football League will require that female candidates be interviewed for all vacant executive positions, Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

Thousands march through Melbourne to demand asylum seekers be allowed to stay

The Let Them Stay rally in Melbourne.

Thousands of people have marched through Melbourne to demand asylum seekers be allowed to remain in Australia and the closure of offshore detention centres.

Nauru children

'These children are among the most traumatised we have ever seen'

A drawing from a child in detention.

Ninety-five per cent of asylum-seeker children who have lived at Nauru are at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, a medical team led by the Australian Human Rights Commission has found, in research that will fuel calls for asylum seekers in Australia to be saved from returning to offshore detention.

Surge of Zika virus has Brazilians re-examining strict abortion laws

Dr Angela Rocha with the results of a scan of a baby with microcephaly at the Oswaldo Cruz hospital in Recife, north-eastern Brazil, last week.

Simon Romero   A judge in central Brazil has taken the rare step of proclaiming that he will allow women to have legal abortions in cases of microcephaly.

Return of Kings meetings cancelled after public backlash

Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, the American founder of the Return of Kings group.

Wave of public anger forces leader of controversial men's advocacy group Return of Kings to call off public gatherings planned for several Australian cities on Saturday.

Anglican churches offer sanctuary to asylum-seeks at risk of being returned to Nauru

Dean of Brisbane, Dr Peter Catt at St John's Anglican Cathedral

Up to 10 Anglican churches around Australia are offering sanctuary to about 270 asylum-seeks at risk of being returned to Nauru in the wake of a failed High Court challenge.

Boy to be sent back to island where alleged rapist is: report

A drawing by a child in detention on Christmas Island.

Kate Aubusson   A five-year-old boy allegedly raped on Nauru is one of 90 children who face being returned to the offshore detention centre, where his rapist is still detained, ABC 7.30 reports.

Labor push for early gay marriage vote

Terri Butler listens as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks on gender equality during question time on Tuesday.

Judith Ireland   Labor will try and bring on a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage, with frontbencher Terri Butler planning to move a motion "soon" for a lower house decision on the cross-party marriage equality bill.

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Pakistani women at forefront of drive to give poor rural girls an education

Malala Yousafzai

Ummul Baneen   Amid this largely patriarchal society, Pakistani women, be they educated campaigners or illiterate mothers, are at the forefront of advocating for girls' right to school.

Gender categories

Australian Bureau of Statistics adds 'other' option to gender categories

Write down what your goals for the day, advises productivity guru Tim Ferriss.

Jenny Noyes   For the first time, people who don't identify as 'male' or 'female' can choose another option in ABS surveys.

Feminist activists to confront anti-woman group Return of Kings

Roosh Valizadeh: "F--- it, I just booked a flight to Australia."

Timna Jacks   Feminist groups will descend on Federation Square on Saturday night to confront a "neomasculinist" online group called Return of Kings, which supports the legalisation of rape on private property.

These are the babies we're sending to Nauru 'hell'

Samuel is one of 37 babies born in Australia who is now destined to be sent back to Nauru.

Michael Gordon, Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker   Baby Samuel's parents earmarked him for great things, but soon he may be returned to Nauru, where the future looks bleak.

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'Would I get any votes': Stan Grant weighs up career in politics on Q&A

Stan Grant on Q&A

Neil McMahon   Stan Grant was pressed on whether he was entering politics and David Morrison defended his selection has Australian of the Year. Q&A spent much of 2015 with a yoke around its neck. It returned for 2016 surprisingly liberated.

Hate group

Supporters of 'legal rape' advocate to meet in Sydney

Daryush Valizadeh's freedom of speech would not be violated if his request for an Australia visa was denied.

Phoebe Moloney   Return of Kings supporters are planning to meet face-to-face in Sydney for the first time. Website founder Daryush Valizadeh says it is time for the group to 'come out of the closet'.

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Penny Wong

'The most hurtful argument in the marriage equality debate'

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong has two young daughters with her partner Sophie Allouache.

Judith Ireland   Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is used to to hearing arguments against same-sex marriage. But for Australia's most prominent gay politician - one hurts more than others.

Israel to build mixed prayer section at Wailing Wall

Jerusalem: The Wailing Wall.

The plan comes after an almost 30-year struggle by non-Orthodox Jews who have fought for extended rights for women at the holy site.

Victorian government to apologise for 'shameful' historic anti-gay laws

*** BESTPIX *** BARCELONA, SPAIN - JUNE 27:  A reveller waves a pride flag during the annual Pride Parade on June 27, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Gay parade marches are taking place in at different places around the world to commemorate the start of the gay rights movement.  (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

"[We will be] sending the strongest message that we are sorry. That that was a dark chapter in our state's history and that we are better than that," says Premier Daniel Andrews.

Three men sentenced to death for rape and murder of Indian student

Activists call for severe punishments for the men convicted in the Kamduni rape case.

Sujoy Dhar   An Indian court has sentenced three men to the death penalty for raping and killing a 20-year-old woman in in Kamduni village, West Bengal.

Gay marriage could pass today: Shorten

Under Labor's proposed changes, fines for underpaying workers could increase from $10,800 per person and $54,000 for a corporation to $216,000 and $1.08 million respectively.

Opposition Leader Bill promises that marriage equality could happen under a Labor government without wasting $160 million on a plebiscite.

Why we shame the trolls who send us inappropriate messages

Laura Lux and Emily Sears are among the countless women who have to deal with online harassment.

Emily Sears, Laura Lux   An Australian model, who is being applauded for responding to men who send her unsolicited images on social media by telling their girlfriends, shares why she does it.

Serbia's prime minister asks parliament to sack defense minister for sexist remark to female reporter

Serbian Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic dismissed over a sexist remark to a female reporter.

Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic triggered public outrage last December after remarking to a crouching female reporter: "I love these journalists who kneel so easily."

Female chauffeurs win damages from Saudi prince

A Saudi woman drives a vehicle in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2013, as seen on a video published by the then Oct26thDriving campaign.

A US federal judge has awarded damages to three women who sued after they were dismissed from their chauffeur jobs because a Saudi prince wanted only male drivers.

Women now outnumber men in US top video game design program, sparking big industry changes

Elizabeth Swensen, Martzi Campos and Maria Ferreri are part of the USC game program, which for the first time has more females than males enrolled in it. (Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Todd Martens   "I want to make more of what I want to play so I can play something that I enjoy," says USC student Stephanie Henderson.

Hundreds of women fight for access to sacred places in India

In recent weeks, hundreds of women in India have agitated in high-profile cases for access to key temples and a historic mosque that barred them for years.

Annie Gowen   This week, about 500 women traveled by bus toward a temple in the Indian state of Maharashtra with the intent of storming its sacred altar -- where females have been barred for more than 400 years.

Mother takes on Banana Boat over child's sunburn

Damien McCaull got sunburnt on Australia Day.

Esther Han   Melissa McCaull is adamant she followed instructions, but her son's skin turned into the colour of an "overripe tomato".

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Tony Abbott draws swift rebuke from sister after attacking gay marriage as 'erosion of family'

Tony Abbott.

Matthew Knott   The former PM told a conservative Christian group in the United States "we need less ideology and more common sense", urging policy makers to pass on the institution of marriage "undamaged" to future generations.

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Gay marriage

The love story behind China's first gay marriage case

Sun Wenlin (L) and his partner Hu Mingliang.

Emily Rauhala   Their suit is part of a nascent push to use Chinese law to advance gay rights.

Sex Work

Full body ads on the way for sex workers

Local paper ads for 'Adult Services' could get a lot more explicit.

Richard Willingham   Sex workers say Andrews government plans to change ways they can advertise their services ignore far more important issues.

Pearce stood down by Roosters

Damning: A still from the video showing a seemingly intoxicated Mitchell Pearce slumped in a chair

Tom Decent   Mitchell Pearce has been stood down from training by the Roosters indefinitely in the wake of his drunken Australian Day celebrations in which he similuated a lewd act with a dog.

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'Bizarre and extraordinary': Coalition tensions flare over same-sex marriage

Former cabinet minister Eric Abetz is a leading opponent of same-sex marriage.

Matthew Knott   A split has re-opened within the Coalition over same-sex marriage, after conservative senator Eric Abetz warned he may vote against allowing gays and lesbians to marry even if the Australian public backs the change at a national plebiscite.

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Health panel calls for depression screenings during and after pregnancy

Health panel calls for depression screenings during and after pregnancy

PAM BELLUCK   omen should be screened for depression during pregnancy and after giving birth, an influential US health panel said Tuesday.

Jeremy Clarkson condemned for offensive, transphobic comments in newspaper column

Jeremy Clarkson

Trans rights activist Paris Lee: "My father bullied me for years, hitting me and criticising me to try and make me macho. Trans kids need love and acceptance, Jeremy Clarkson."

Bikram yoga founder fined $924k in sexual harassment suit

Bikram Choudhury

Stephen Ceasar   Bikram Choudhury was found guilty of sexually harassing his own lawyer, who was fired after she began investigating claims that he raped a yoga student.

'Great secret'

Lisa Wilkinson's miscarriage heartbreak

Lisa Wilkinson speaking about her pregnancy battle.

Ebony Bowden   She's known for lighting up breakfast television as co-host of Today, but Lisa Wilkinson has revealed her personal pain while trying for a fourth child.

Rape in Australia spiked after gun laws: Republican Ted Cruz

Defeated Trump in Iowa: Ted Cruz.

Peter Mitchell   US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz's claim sexual assaults on women in Australia went up significantly after strict gun laws were introduced has been challenged by a Washington Post analysis.

Planned Parenthood

Anti-abortion activists indicted in Planned Parenthood video case

Planned Parenthood supporters attend a September rally in Los Angeles to campaign for access to reproductive health care.

Chuck Lindell   A jury investigating undercover videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood admitting to illegally selling fetal tissue have instead indicted the abortion opponents who shot the video.

Abbott jets to US to address abortion opponents

The Age, News, picture by Justin McManus 01/10/2015. Former Prime MInister Tony Abbott's interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

Mark Kenny   Fresh from giving new hope to disaffected anti-Turnbull Liberals by staying in federal politics, Tony Abbott heads to the United States on Tuesday to gee-up one of the religious Right's most reactionary bodies, the pro-Christian, Alliance Defending Freedom.

Outgoing Australian of the Year Rosie Batty hopes successor will continue work

Rosie Batty

Belinda Merhab   "Whilst family violence is still happening behind closed doors, the conversations aren't."

Dozens of nations discriminate against women in citizenship laws, study found

Palestinians standing behind the gate of Rafah crossing hold their passports as they try to cross into Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip  in 2014

Ellen Wulfhorst   More than a quarter of the world's nations have sexist laws on nationality, including stripping women of citizenship if they marry a foreigner.

Australian of the Year delivers Turnbull slapdown in first speech

Malcolm Turnbull announcing David Morrison is 2016's Australian of the Year.

Judith Ireland   He's famous for his capacity to deliver a slap down. He wasted no time using his acceptance speech at the Australia Day awards to serve up more tough words - this time for the PM.

Victorian government cracks down on 'gay conversion therapy'

Victorian Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

The Victorian government has vowed to crack down on gay conversion therapists who claim they can "cure" homosexuality.

How Rahul Dravid saved Catherine McGregor

Catherine McGregor at the National Press Club in April 2015.

Michaela Whitbourn   The spectacle of gruff men in suits hugging a fellow commuter in an airport lounge might raise the odd eyebrow. When that commuter is Catherine McGregor, the world's most senior transgender military officer, it is nothing short of profound.

Ex army chief David Morrison a straight shooter on women's rights

Boss. David Morrison ex Army Chief and chairman of the Diversity Council and Lisa Annese CEO for a story on how they work together, BOSS Sum of the Parts. Photo by Edwina Pickles. Taken on 2015.

Deborah Snow   Lieutenant-General David Morrison became an internet sensation with a searing attack on sexism and demeaning treatment of women within the defence force.

'Lathamland' outrage

White Ribbon blasts Triple M and Mark Latham amid backlash over domestic violence comments

Mark Latham

Ebony Bowden   The radio station, a media partner of the White Ribbon foundation, did not apologise for the broadcast in a statement issued while "Lathamland" was still on air.

Mark Latham launches attack on Rosie Batty

Mark Latham believes he has a "right to offend".

Ebony Bowden   Mark Latham has given listeners a taste of his vitriolic Triple M show, attacking "political correctness gone beserk" in a teaser ahead of his Friday debut.

Former Oklahoma policeman Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 years for 18 counts of sexual assault

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 years for raping four women

Heide Brandes   "He deserves what he gets. There will never be a day where I don't think of how I was violated," says victim Sherry Ellis.

Red doors making asylum seekers in English town easy targets for abuse

A painted red door of a house is seen on a terraced street in the Gresham area of Middlesbrough, northern Britain, January 20, 2016.

Phil Noble   Asylum seekers in a northern English town have become easy targets for racist abuse because they have been housed in properties that almost all have red front doors.

Hillary Clinton is endorsed by largest LGBT rights group

Hillary Clinton holds up a doll that was handed to her from the audience this week at a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Abby Phillip   America's largest LGBT rights organization, the Human Rights Campaign, announced that it has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

India must strengthen planned law to protect transgender people, says rights group

LGBT activists in the Rainbow Pride Walk

"The Transgender Persons Bill will help protect and empower India's transgender population, but the government needs also to address the bill's shortcomings."

Veil ban

UK PM David Cameron will back Muslim veil ban

British Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to defend his government's handling of Google's taxes during his weekly question-and-answer session in the House of Commons.

Peter Dominiczak and Steve Swinford   A French-style blanket ban ruled out but individual organisations will be able to choose to stop Muslim women wearing the veil.

'Pick up' instructor has Australian visa cancelled

Banned: 'Pick up artist' Jeff Allen.

Judith Ireland   A US man who had come to Australia to hold seminars on how to pick up women has had his visa cancelled on character grounds. 

American Pie singer Don McLean on domestic violence charge

Singer Don McLean gets his mug shot at Knox County Jail in Maine after being arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

A jail supervisor says American Pie singer Don McLean has been arrested on a misdemeanour domestic violence charge in Maine.

Viral arrest video sparks criticism

Police argue with a woman as they arrest a man at Boondall.

Jorge Branco   Police union says officer shown shoving woman repeatedly in the throat "showed restraint".

Grindr in India: When gay sex is taboo, apps open a door

In countries where homosexuality is outlawed or taboo, apps have opened up a new digital frontier.

Shashank Bengali and Jonathan Kaiman   Despite a national law banning same-sex intercourse, tens of thousands of gay Indians use Grindr for social networking, dating and, yes, sex.

On Paper, Italy allows abortions, but few doctors will perform them

Benedetta scrambled to find a doctor after her gynecologist refused her abortion request.

GAIA PIANIGIANI   "To expect a woman to see her belly growing, to raise a doomed life, is inhumane.I felt like a container, not a human being,"

Tsai Ing-wen becomes Taiwan's first female president in landslide election victory

Tsai Ing-wen raises her hands as she declares victory in the island's presidential election.

Philip Wen   Taiwanese voters have delivered an overwhelming rejection of the Beijing-friendly Kuomintang government, sweeping opposition candidate Tsai Ing-wen to a landslide victory in the island's landmark presidential election on Saturday.

74 women a day sought rape and domestic violence help over festive break

74 women a day sought rape and domestic violence help over festive break

Eamonn Duff   Seventy-four women across Australia reached out for rape and domestic violence support every day during the festive period, alarming new figures have shown.

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