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Indecent assault

This woman was jailed for after accusing a police officer of groping her

Ng Lai-ying, 30, was found guilty of assaulting a police officer with her breasts.

Jenny Noyes   Instead, she was convicted of assaulting him 'with her breasts'.

This heroic sex worker fought off and killed a suspected serial killer

The unnamed woman said she shot the man after he tried to strangle her.

Michael Daly   Police suspect the man shot dead in self defence by an escort was a serial killer, after finding a chilling collection of items in his car.​

US Boy Scouts to end ban on gay leaders

The Scouts have been increasingly consumed by battles over the exclusion of gay people.

Erik Eckholm   The Boy Scouts of America is expected Monday to end its blanket ban on gay leaders - a turning point for an organisation that has been in turmoil over the issue.

Bali bombings

Why I chose to meet the terrorists who killed my husband

Ni Luh Erniati's husband Gede was a barman at the Sari Club.

Rebecca Henschke   Coming face-to-face with those responsible for the Bali bombings.

More than 1000 alleged sex abusers, not one reported, inquiry told

Justice scales

Rachel Browne   The Jehovah's Witness Church in Australia received allegations of child sexual abuse involving more than 1000 of its members over a 60-year period but did not report a single claim to police, a royal commission has heard.

Labor backs party reform, lifts female quota

Labor has taken an historic step to ensure women hold 50 per cent of positions at all levels of the party organisation and get a greater shot at running for parliament.

Paul Osborne   Labor has taken an historic step to ensure women hold 50 per cent of positions at all levels of the party organisation and get a greater shot at running for parliament.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama compares Kenya's treatment of LGBTI citizens to slavery in America

Obama in Kenya

Robyn Dixon   Kenyan leaders didn't want talk of gay rights during Obama's visit, but he brought it up anyway.

Tea towels for equality

Gillard misogyny speech tea towel causes a stir at Labor conference

Tea towels with the words of former prime minister Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech are on sale at the ALP national conference in Melbourne.

Adam Gartrell   A reminder to Australia's housewives as they do the ironing (or washing up)?

Start schooling earlier, not later, say political leaders

"Before I was diagnosed with dyslexia, my teachers merely thought that I was stupid and lazy," writes Catherine Rodie.

Kirsty Needham   As Sydney parents debate holding children back longer from school, to start at six, the nation's leaders are considering an earlier start to school.

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Differently abled child

When the urge to 'protect' is really a judgement

Jackie Macedo and her three-year-old son Noah.

Jenna Price   Why are people concerned for this happy child and his mother?

Twitter truths

Feminists hijack the #WhatWomenLove hashtag in India

"Go to a Karaoke bar together. Give her a surprise by dedicating a song to her & singing it to her."

Women love "hashtags generalising us based solely on our gender".

Bill Cosby detailed sex, drugs and deceit in deposition a decade ago

Comedian Bill Cosby

GRAHAM BOWLEY and SYDNEY EMBER   He was not above seducing a young model by showing interest in her father's cancer.

She was a quiet commercial lawyer. Then the Chinese authorities turned on her

Human rights lawyer Wang Yu. China's state media accused Wang, the country's most prominent female human rights lawyer, of "blabbering about the rule of law and human rights".

Anna Fifield and Xu Yangjingjing   Lawyer Wang Yu defended the Chinese feminists arrested in March for their anti-harassment protests. And now she is being detained for "seriously disturbing social order".

Prince Philip asks women: 'Who do you sponge off?'

Prince Philip

Gordon Rayner   Yep, this happened.

'Our culture has changed incredibly'

Junior officer Kayla Desvaux de Marigny (left), with Deputy Commissioner Cath Burn and Superintendent Doreen Cruickshank (right), the longest serving female officer in NSW.

Rachel Olding   When Doreen Cruikshank joined the police in 1971, she wore a uniform dubbed the 'air hostess dress' and gave school lectures on road safety for the first 15 months.

Right-wing extremism 'equal' to Muslim radicalisation

Right-wing numbers are staggering says Dr Anne Aly.

Rachel Olding   Right-wing extremism is emerging as an equal, if not greater, threat than Muslim radicalisation in Australia and multiculturalism is "close to death" at a federal level, academics have told a conference on social cohesion.

Reclaim Australia

Julie Bishop refuses to condemn MP George Christensen for plans to attend Reclaim Australia rally

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she hasn't been briefed on the Reclaim Australia group.

Fergus Hunter   Ministers won't appear on Q&A but a coalition MP attending a racist, far-right rally is apparently OK.

Prince Philip asks women: 'Who do you sponge off?'

Prince Philip

Gordon Rayner   Duke of Edinburgh at his mischievous best as he visits Barking and Dagenham with the Queen

Obama makes forceful comment after question on Cosby rape allegations

President Obama said that there was no mechanism to take back Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom over sexual misconduct allegations, but said using drugs on women or men without consent for sex was rape.

Nick O'Malley   President Barack Obama has addressed the slew of rape accusations against the comedian Bill Cosby, at a press conference held to defend the Iran nuclear deal.

No Regrets

New study finds 99 per cent of women have no regrets after an abortion

"The predicted probability of reporting that abortion was the right decision was over 99% at all time points."

Jenny Noyes   It's an overwhelming result in favour of women's decision-making ability, and a major shutdown of the claim that abortion harms women's mental health.

Moroccan women cleared of 'gross indecency' for wearing tight clothes

protests in Morocco

Jenny Noyes   The women facing two years jail for wearing tight clothes have been acquitted after a public outcry. Now their sights are on the harassers who got them arrested.

Family Violence Inquiry

8 proposals the Royal Commission will consider for combating family violence

Rosie Batty is not a fan of the 'risk register' proposed by Victoria Police, saying resources should be focused on effective intervention.

Jenny Noyes   Victoria's family violence inquiry is promising to be a "different kind of Royal Commission" - one that seeks and sets practical solutions in place. So what's on the table?

Family Violence Inquiry

The Royal Commission into family violence has begun in Melbourne

Rosie Batty: There can never be an 'acceptable' level of family violence.

Melissa Meehan and Jacqueline Le   The inquiry has received almost 1,000 submissions seeking answers and action to prevent further deaths.

Malala opens school for Syrian refugees on her 18th birthday

Malala: "Today on my first day as an adult, on behalf of the world's children, I demand of leaders we must invest in books instead of bullets."

Sylvia Westall   "Today on my first day as an adult, on behalf of the world's children, I demand of leaders we must invest in books instead of bullets."

Funding cuts crisis

Domestic violence victims turn to motels with few after-hours refuges left

The NSW government has spent almost $14 million in the last year housing people in motels and caravan parks.

Lisa Visentin   Domestic violence advocates have called on the NSW government to fund a 24-hour on-call worker in every women's refuge in the state amid revelations it has spent almost $13 million housing people in motels since overhauling the state's crisis accommodation services.

Rape in India

Indian judge asks rapist and victim to reconcile and possibly marry

Protest after the rape of a a women in New Delhi in 2014.

Annie Gowen   Here's a recap of the insensitive and misogynistic remarks Indian officials have made about violence against women.

Indigenous affairs

Small victory for activists as court gives tent embassy a reprieve

Aboriginal activist Jenny Munro arrives at the Supreme Court for Friday's hearing.

Daisy Dumas   Redfern's Aboriginal tent embassy has secured a five-week reprieve, but the stoush over development on the site is escalating.

Transgender woman confronts alleged attackers outside Newtown Local Court

Stephanie McCarthy.

Kate Aubusson   A Sydney transgender woman who was bashed at a Newtown pub has confronted her alleged attackers outside court.

Wong and Bernardi to face-off over same-sex marriage

Senator Penny Wong and Senator Cory Bernardi will debate same-sex marriage on July 29.

Lisa Cox   They're two of the Parliament's fiercest voices on same-sex marriage. Now Labor Senator Penny Wong and fellow South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi will tackle marriage reform in a debate at the National Press Club.

Raising awareness

Fitness blogger's domestic violence awareness message goes viral

Irish fitness blogger Emma Murphy speaks about being a victim of domestic violence.

It takes a truly affecting Facebook post to clock 5 million views, more than 140,000 likes and 85,000 shares in one day.

Gender Imbalance

The gender representation charts that shame the Abbott government

Gender balance in ministries around the world.

Gareth Hutchens   The Abbott government ministry is one of the worst in the developed world for gender balance.

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The death of revenge porn

The state is examining ways to enact laws preventing revenge porn.

Fergus Hunter   One morning in October 2012, Tania* sat down in her open-plan workplace and clicked on an email. It contained a photo of her lying on a lounge in her lingerie and had been sent to everyone in the business.

Victim Rights

Claire's battle for justice

Heavy cost: Rape victim Claire McFarlane.

Louise Hall   A week shy of the 16th anniversary of a vicious rape and bashing in Paris that left her clinging to life, Claire McFarlane is celebrating a deeply personal achievement.

'Memo to Eric: we've already got children': Penny Wong's blunt message on gay marriage

Penny Wong: worrying development.

Lisa Cox, James Massola   She's the South Australian senator who keeps her private life private. But not today.

Domestic violence a bigger threat than terrorism, poll shows

Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the Year, addresses the National Press Club of Australia in June.

Matthew Knott   Three quarters of Australians believe domestic violence is as much or more of a threat than terrorism, new polling shows.

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Meet the 14-year-old who changed the school syllabus

A raft of major changes are announced to the 7-10 school syllabus that will specifically focus on domestic violence prevention.

Eamonn Duff   She wrote to the NSW Government following the suicide death of her mother. Weeks later, her moving words have already sparked historic change.

Sex Ed

Christian sex education program tells schoolgirls too much sex will break their 'chemical bond'

The students were warned that having too much sex would affect their 'chemical bond'.

Timna Jacks   Year 7 girls have been warned not to have multiple sex partners or risk becoming like overused sticky tape, in a Christian sex education program at a public Victorian high school.

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Conscience Vote

Abbott's sister challenges him to allow conscience vote

Christine Forster, sister of Tony Abbott, wants Liberal MPs to have a free vote.

James Massola and Judith Ireland   Tony Abbott's sister, Christine Forster, has directly challenged the Prime Minister to allow his MPs a free vote on a cross-party same-sex marriage bill, as Liberal Party divisions erupt and the government's leader in the Senate, Eric Abetz, warns ministers who wanted to vote for the legislation to quit the frontbench.

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Christopher Cullen jailed for 30 years for murdering wife

Christopher Cullen has been jailed for murdering estranged wife Victoria Comrie Cullen at Taren Point.

Louise Hall   Christopher Cullen has been sentenced to 30 years jail for the "callous" murder of his estranged wife Victoria Comrie Cullen in a deserted fishing club car park in Taren Point on January 22, 2014.

False Friends

Anti-Islam group deregistered for masquerading as domestic violence group

A screengrab from the Patriots Defence League of Australia Facebook page.

Bianca Hall   An anti-Islam organisation has been deregistered, after it was found to be posing as an advocacy group for domestic violence victims.

Tasmania launches gender equity plan to boost female representation in government

Jacquie Petrusma

The membership of government boards should have female representation of at least 50 per cent by 2020.

Marriage Bill

Multi-party same-sex marriage bill to be introduced in August

NEWS- Terri Butler in West End a day after the by-election in the seat of Griffith , Queensland.

James Massola, Stephanie Peatling   Prime Minister Tony Abbott has slapped down a cross-party attempt to legalise same-sex marriage, but faces six weeks of potentially divisive debate over the issue, with conservative MPs mobilising to block any move to legislate the land mark social reform.

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Detention centre doctors, workers dare government to prosecute them over new laws

Border Force Act open letter.

Jane Lee   Dozens of doctors, teachers and humanitarian workers have challenged the Commonwealth government to prosecute them for publicly discussing poor conditions in immigration detention centres.

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'Abortion drone' delivers pregnancy-terminating drugs by air

The drone used in in Saturday's flight between Germany and Poland.

Josephine Tovey   A European women's activist group used a drone to deliver pregnancy-terminating drugs from one country to another this week, in a move designed to raise awareness about restrictive abortion laws and test the possibilities of emerging techonology.

Young school students to be targeted in DV measures

Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman speaks during Question Time.

Amy Remeikis   Queensland's young school students will be targeted in an attempt to break the cycle of violence against women.

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Will a rainbow profile picture ever actually effect change?

Mark Zuckerburg

Caitlin Dewey   The momentary, risk-less act of editing my profile picture

Gay marriage judgment in US adds to momentum in Australia: Turnbull

"The fact is that there has been a sea change around the world": Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the US same-sex marriage ruling.

Pallavi Singhal   Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says that the US Supreme Court's landmark ruling on Friday will "clearly" influence Australia and calls for a conscience vote.

Gay marriage trend only going one way, says Turnbull

Celebrations outside US Supreme Court on Friday in Washington DC.

Marianna Papadakis   Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said a "free vote" on gay marriage should be held when Parliament returns from the winter break in August.

We will not be shamed: revenge porn victims speak out

Photos of nursing student Sarah Kaye Steinmann were uploaded online without her permission.

Natalie Bochenski   Young women whose pictures have been posted on revenge porn websites said the focus should be on shutting down the predatory behaviour of perpetrators, rather than telling them to "cover up".

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Sunrise scandal

'We're stronger together': Clementine Ford on why she named abusers

Appearing on The Project, Clementine Ford said online abuse was expected toward women who spoke out.

Ebony Bowden   Writer Clementine Ford has appeared on The Project and delivered a resounding message to the women of Australia: it's okay to name your abusers.

'You're in my house': Barack Obama burns heckler in White House

President Barack Obama

Margaret Talev and Justin Sink   "As a general rule I am just fine with a few hecklers. [But] my attitude is if you're eating the hors d'oeuvres ... You know what I'm saying? And drinking the booze. ..."

Nick Xenophon and crossbenchers introduce board gender balance bill

Women on Boards CEO Claire Braund.

At least 40 per cent of all seats on government boards will have to be filled by women under a new crossbench proposal.

Hillary Clinton puts same-sex marriage at forefront of her campaign

Hillary Clinton delivering her "official launch speech" at a rally in New York in June.

Josephine Tovey   Like many politicians who now support same-sex marriage, Hillary Clinton's position on the issue has "evolved" over time. 

Women's rights activists at higher risk of violence than two years ago, survey found

A woman shouts slogans during a demostration in Istanbul on February 14, 2015, against the murder of a young woman named Ozgecan Aslan. Women's rights activists in Turkey took to the streets in protest at the murder of a young woman after she resisted an alleged attempt to rape her, local media reported. AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

Despite a global momentum to end violence against women and girls, women's rights defenders are at higher risk of violence.

Rosie Batty launches new campaign 'Never Alone'

Rosie Batty: "I see [Luke]'s friends are all growing up and changing, and it is really hard ... (he was) captured in his youth."

A tearful Rosie Batty has marked the 13th birthday of her late son Luke with a new campaign that tells victims of domestic violence they are "Never Alone".

Julia Gillard inspires UK school girls, as ABC's Killing Season laid out her plan to take prime ministership

Seize your dreams ... Julia Gilllard (left) joins US First Lady Michelle Obama to speak to pupils during a visit to Mulberry School for Girls in London, Britain.

Nick Miller   It was a moment of unintended political irony. Julia Gillard inspires UK school girls, as Killing Season laid out her plan to take prime ministership off Kevin Rudd.

Making fun of obesity has nothing to do with free speech

In new research findings that surprises no one: The men most likely to harass women online are also most likely to have their own problems.

Caitlin Dewey   Where once fat-shaming trolls traded tasteless jokes, they now steal, and rebroadcast, obese peoples' photos.

Catcall Ban

Argentina may be about to criminalise catcalling

Aixa Rizzo, the woman who uploaded a YouTube video that prompted the legislation, joins the #NiUnaMenos campaign against domestic violence.

"Lewd comments are just the tip of the iceberg that manifests itself in domestic violence." Yes.

Teens' hard labour the unseen price of West's fashion garments

Sixteeen year-old Vien Dyna

Lindsay Murdoch   Across Asia, millions of children are toiling for long hours, often in stifling conditions, earning barely enough to live on while they sew garments for fashion brands in the West.