What would a "men's rights" course look like?

All kinds of valuable advice on how to wear your fedora below...

All kinds of valuable advice on how to wear your fedora below... Photo: Stuart C. Wilson

UniSA made waves yesterday when it's student union attacked courses on "men's studies" that the institution was considering running. While the University has now confirmed they won't be going ahead with the new subjects, it made us wonder... what would a "men's rights" subject at University actually look like?

Are you suffering under the stiletto-heeled jackboot of feminist oppression? Do women everywhere constantly and egregiously excuse themselves from their sexual obligations to you? Did some harridan you had a crush on in Year 9 laugh at your rad collection of Warhammer figurines once?

Fear not, ye modern-day Leonidas: salvation is at hand. "Men's rights" courses  offer a safe space for students to expand their minds, engage in respectful yet passionate debate about gender issues and get some damn breathing space between us and all those hormonal bitches outside, amirite fellas?

No matter what your interests – history, politics, breathing heavily on public transport – Men’s Studies has something to offer the modern gentleman-warrior in the struggle against misandrist tyranny. You can even take it online, so you don’t even have to conform to society’s Greerstapo standards by changing out of your gaming trackpants! Take a look at the subjects on offer and book your place today, and remember: you are a precious flower and all your problems were caused by people you don’t know.

Also, tampons right? Gross.


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