The car ad that speaks the truth about motherhood

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The Motherhood' feat. Fiat 500L

Fiat's viral hit - The Motherhood' feat. Fiat 500L

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A three-minute video of a mum rapping lyrical about the ordeals of motherhood - living in PJs for three months, eating cold fish fingers and faking orgasms – has gone viral.

Made for car manufacturer Fiat, the company was initially wary of sending it out but it’s racked up more than 2.5 million views and almost 90,000 shares since it debuted.

The Australian arm of Fiat is sending ‘‘Welcome to the Motherhood’’ out on social media even though the car it promotes, the 500L, won’t go on sale in this country for at least six months, if not next year.

A still from the Fiat commercial that has become a viral sensation.

A still from the Fiat commercial that has become a viral sensation.

Complete with rousing hip-hop backing track and babe in arms, the mother-of-three sings of the lifestyle changes when you cross over into ‘The Motherhood’, the club that once you’re in, “you’re in for good”. “Wipe the sick off my coat, but the smell still lingers; gave up on real food, eat left-over fishfingers,” she laments, while her children dance as a makeshift posse in the background.


Her song of swapping a sexy handbag for a ‘snot-stained sack’, being sleep deprived and under house arrest before joining a book club to drink some wine, has struck a chord with mothers everywhere. But it almost didn’t get the approval of the car company. It was only when Fiat UK managing director Andrew Humberstone showed it to his wife, who apparently fell about laughing, that it got the go-ahead.

The ad shies away from the ‘busy mum’ approach, a move which media commentator and Gruen Transfer panellist Jane Caro celebrates. “This talks to women as ‘the person’, and not as ‘the servant’’’, she says. ‘‘So often cars are sold to mothers as a tool for their servitude. Mothers are people. The reason we keep missing that is because we think of mothers as mothers.”

The viral campaign also cleverly taps into the trend of mothers going online for information. “Women are taking to social media and the internet with more enthusiasm and alacrity than men, partly because it’s giving them unmediated access to the public conversation,” she says.

Created by London agency Krow Communications, the campaign has generated considerable hype in the lead-up to the model’s UK release. But director of corporate affairs for Fiat Chrysler Group Australia, Lenore Fletcher, said while the ad is promoted via the company’s social media channels, the 500L may not be seen down under until late 2013.

For Caro, though, this will not affect the impact of the ad. “An ad like that is designed to get the brand onto the shopping list next time [families] are in the market for a car…it’s a long term investment in creating a personality for that brand,” she says.

Motherhood’s lyrics of note:

  • “It’s the Motherhood, it’s another hood / And once you’re in the club, you’re in for good.”

  • “I express like the best from these holes in my chest / Wear my nursing bra like a bulletproof vest.”

  • “Spent three months in PJs, it was clearly a sign / Joined a book club just so I could drink some wine.”

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