'Pro-choice' doesn't equal 'pro-death'

The cover of Cory Bernardi's new book, <i>The Conservative Revolution</i>.

The cover of Cory Bernardi's new book, The Conservative Revolution.

There comes a time in every Australian’s life when they must ponder the following query:

"Was Senator Cory Bernardi birthed from a sentient human woman, or was he built in a factory out of spare parts and glue? If we were to cut open Senator Cory Bernardi’s head, would we find a brain there or the rusted element of an old kettle?"

The nation had cause to stop and consider these questions once more earlier this week, when it was revealed Bernardi had published a book titled The Conservative Revolution, calling for the country’s most privileged to put down their china tea cups and gold bullions, don their most comfortable boat shoes and storm the wombs barricades of the great unwashed.

This isn’t the first time Bernardi has made headlines for his 'controversial views'. One can’t help but wonder if his entire life serves as an abstract art installation that began when he emerged, confused, from the depths of the ocean one day and forgot how to return. He’s basically like the Patrick Star of the Australian political arena.


Prior to labelling pro-choice advocates as ‘pro-death’ soldiers of the ‘death industry’, Bernardi’s career highlights included:

1. Opposing same sex marriage on the basis that it might lead to the legalisation of polyamory or even bestiality

2. Linking multiculturalism with violence and referring to asylum seekers as 'welfare squatters' who 'take advantage of our generosity'


3. Wanting every child to be raised by a Christian Principal

To all of these, we can now add Bernardi’s latest concerns - a fear of women’s autonomy, reproductive rights and what kind of evil is currently being allowed to flourish in their down theres.

Bernardi’s new book The Conservative Revolution (which unsurprisingly features a quote of recommendation from his fellow conservative warrior, Andrew Bolt - hi Andy! xx) calls for a new debate on abortion in Australia, as if the last few years have seen conspicuous silence on the matter. One can only assume that when Bernardi says ‘debate’, what he actually means is an unfettered dialogue in which conservative lawmakers are allowed to discuss all the ways in which abortion is used by lazy slags as an ‘abhorrent form of birth control’, before drafting legislation that would drastically limit our rights to access such care except in cases where the Bible specifically points to a prophecy that dictates the child will grow up to be a ‘leftist’ voter who uses recycled toilet paper and insists on the radical act of viewing women as people. Indeed, the debate Bernardi proposes seems to be framed as, ‘Why are so many Australian women such sexually promiscuous whores, and why do they all want to murder their babies? Let’s hear from the men.”

It’s a reasonable enough proposition, by which I mean it is so out of left-field ludicrous that after my head exploded while taking it all in, it was forced to reassemble itself just so it explode again for emphasis. According to Bernardi, women (feminissssssts) are stifling the conversation on abortion in our country - presumably because very few of us want to revisit an arena in which we are forced to entertain the idea that arguments which position our bodies as property of the state could in any way, shape or form be plausible or relevant to our lives. That, and we’re all too busy fashioning perukes out of our armpit hair.

The Conservative Revolution appears to be a hot mess of contradictions, much like Bernardi’s own neural pathways. He accuses those who are pro-choice of being ‘pro-death’, while he insultingly rebrands the medical avenues that provide abortion and reproductive health care to women in need as ‘the death industry’

Yet, in the same rambling blather of nonsense, he also espouses the view that single mothers raise boys more prone to criminality and girls more at risk of ‘promiscuity’. Even more strange is his opposition to NFP organisation programs like the Red Cross’ Good Start Breakfast Club, who provide a healthy breakfast to thousands of children around Australia who may otherwise go hungry. Bernardi - the protector of life and defender of children, the man who thinks life begins at conception, the warrior who chastises women for responsibly assessing their means and capabilities to become a parent and making the difficult decision not to - wants to scrap school breakfast programs for underprivileged children because he worries that they ‘remove parental responsibility and create a mentality that the state will provide’. 

In Bernardi’s view, women who have assessed that they have neither the financial nor emotional means to raise a child should be vilified as irresponsible sluts relying on the convenience of state sanctioned murder. Meanwhile, the children he would see them be forced to bear become pawns in the ongoing ‘lesson’ these women must learn about responsibility and actions - even if it means those children are denied such basic human rights as a decent nutritional start to the day.

And here is Bernardi’s ultimate contradiction - that he would have it be the absolute right of the government to intervene when it comes to ‘saving’ a life, but that they must, for the good of the people, withdraw that support when it comes to raising one. 

This, we are told, is the conservative revolution. And I think I speak for everyone when I say:



  • Given I employ this clown with my tax dollars, I hope I'm getting a cut from his 3 sales.

    Date and time
    January 07, 2014, 7:52AM
    • In this day & age, when birth control is so readily available to everyone (including the very young) - abortion should be used in only the rare case, such as: rape, the endangerment of the mother's life during the pregnancy or during the birth, or when there's little hope as when the foetus is so badly deformed that it's quality of life will be awful.

      I took to the streets in the 1960's for women to have the right to access abortion & birth control. I didn't realise then that I was, for example, helping to eradicate 25% of all pregnancies in today's New South Wales which now end in abortion.

      Any decent human being can see that there's something wrong with such a scenario & it's leading me to question just exactly why I fought for "women's lib" when this same lib is now causing the premature death of so many future beings.

      Progressive or not progressive - we all need to look in our souls and question such a practice.

      no one speaks for the unborn
      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 10:26AM
    • "Progressive or not progressive - we all need to look in our souls and question such a practice."

      As soon as you can provide a single concrete, scientific piece of evidence for the existence of the soul, i'll be happy to do so.

      Until then i'll stick with the facts, such as the fact that the overwhelming majority of abortions do not involve terminating anything close to a sentient, self-aware being. Your average cow, sheep or pig has more sentience and capacity for suffering than the average aborted embryo or foetus, but I doubt most anti-abortion advocates are vegetarian or have a single qualm about eating a steak.

      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 10:39AM
    • 'no one speaks for the unborn' you have nothing relevant to add unless you can say you spend an equal amount of giving and providing for orphans, children from poor or single parent families, and generally making their life after birth a better place, as you do hassling people with their own life choices (which, if anything actually place less of a burden on *your* life and society).

      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 11:27AM
    • @no one speaks for the unborn - I doubt you're going to change your mind by anything I say, because it's obvious that you believe that an unborn child is a human, and it's wrong to kill a human. Period. I disagree, but I understand your belief.

      However, in believing in that absolutism, you are:
      1. Forcing a child to be raised by a mother who does not want the child. You're choosing quantity of life over quality of life.
      2. Making a decision on the behalf of another. You saying "as the mother of your child, you don't know what's best for you or your child. We've made that decision for you. We have the right to make these decisions, because its not your child, it's our child". I do understand that you believe this is justified because 'life is sacred'. I just disagree.
      3. Unless you are vegan, you are saying that a human life is more special than that of all other animals. You have no issue with us killing full-grown animals for food. Full-grown animals that are more sentient, more intelligent and more complex than an unborn fetus.

      You opened with the line "when birth control is so readily available" ... do you honestly believe people PLAN TO use abortion as birth control? Just think about that for a second. If it still 'rings true' go stand outside an abortion clinic and talk to a random sample of people entering. I guarantee none of them chose abortion as their primary method of birth control. No rational person would.

      Sunshine Coast
      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 11:59AM
    • Absolutely 'no-one speaks for the unborn' The specifc situation that was being discussed was women using abortion for birth control, which if your stats are right account for 1 in 4 pregnancies!!? Half of which are female by the way. How on earth do people miss it's women/female babies that are being killed in utero, and claim that they do so in the name of women's rights. The logic fail is amazing. Human beings are having their lives taken, and if someone questions the morality if it, they are labelled right wing lunatics. How did we get here?

      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 12:53PM
    • Oh, I didn't realise that when people march for women's rights, what they're really marching for is a limited version of the rights that they think should be available to them. What makes a woman's decision to abort a 'healthy' fetus any less valid than the decision of a woman to abort a fetus conceived in rape? More to the point, what makes it any of your business?

      Clementine Ford
      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 1:10PM
    • @no one speaks for the unborn

      No birth control is 100% effective. Not even a hysterectomy. And rape is very, very common.

      Let's assume for a moment that some women use abortion 'as birth control'. Do they deserve to die in a back alley? Do they deserve to have a baby as 'punishment'? Does the baby deserve to be born unwanted to a mother who (by your reasoning) is not responsible enough even to organise other means of birth control?

      And might I remind everyone, making abortion illegal doesn't stop it happening - it just makes it illegal and unsafe.

      Think again
      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 1:23PM
    • @no one speaks for the unborn
      Wrong. There are no statistics kept for abortion, only terminations of pregancies that include ANY termination for ANY reason, including miscarriage.
      Feel free to crawl back under your rock.

      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 1:38PM
    • @ no one speaks for the unborn

      Thank you for articulating what I think and feel regarding the way inconvenient pregnancies are commonly dealt with. Your response is far superior to the original piece.

      I would have had more respect for bob and hazel if they had had that child and raised it, regardless of how inconvenient the timing was for hawke.

      Yes, I'm all for abortions in the case of rape. That confessional in an Aus women's mag in the 90's about the woman who was raped and decided to keep the child --yet as the child grew up she kept asking about who her father was and how they met-- was a scary proof of the need for abortions in certain situations.

      But I'm with Bernadi re the women who 'don't want to take the pill because it makes their bum fat', so they have multiple abortions like it's nothing. It isn't nothing.

      Shame on the outraged left for supporting twits who gamble with life for their sake of their arse size.
      # Yep, you are now the biggest arse albo.

      Date and time
      January 07, 2014, 1:40PM

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