How a men's rights group fared in the UK election

Mike Buchanan, head of 'Justice for Men and Boys'.

Mike Buchanan, head of 'Justice for Men and Boys'.

If you've ever wondered how a blatantly anti-women party would fare if it was put to a popular vote, we now have an answer courtesy of last week's UK General Election.

Men's rights activist turned politician Mike Buchanan stood for election for the Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) Party — running on an anti-feminist pro-men's rights platform.

The Party gives out 'Lying feminist of the month' awards and about the best thing you can say about Buchanan's views is that they are confused.

He accuses feminists of having a secret agenda to destroy the nuclear family but then says that 'Marriage is a deeply unnatural state for a man. It's biologically unnatural to commit yourself to one woman.'


He claims it's 'hatchet-faced miserable women' who have a problem with being objectified by men, and that's because they're jealous of more attractive women. Buchanan also states that women are overreacting about men feeling them up in nightclubs because it's not a proper sexual offense.

Apparently 'men…have no worth as human beings except in how they support women and children,' but women are 'born with worth, they grow up knowing they're valuable.'

To demonstrate just how valuable he thinks women are, he was reported saying, 'As you get older, your sex drive gets less and you think: "Is it worth the effort?" It's really not; not in the age of pornography.'

To highlight what Buchanan refers to as the 'widespread assaults on the human rights of men and boys' Buchanan stood against Gloria De Piero, Labour's Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities in the last government.

And how did all this go over with voters? Not well, if you happen to be a men's rights activist.

Buchanan came last, managing to scrape together a grand total of 153 votes. This was compared with De Piero who retained her seat with 19,448 votes.

Further demonstrating how seriously people took the cries about men's second-class citizenship, his fellow Justice for Men and Boys (J4MB) representative Ray Barry also came last in his electorate, receiving 63 votes in total.

Even stand up comedian Al Murray — well known to Australian comedy fans as the Pub Landlord — received more votes (318) than both J4MB candidates combined. Like the J4MB candidates, Murray's joke candidacy was up against a high profile politician, in the form of UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Underlining just how insignificant and unfounded the men's rights movement is, the J4MB received 0.0007 per cent of the total vote.

But J4MB leader Mike Buchanan is nothing if not an optimist, declaring victory for breaking 'the conspiracy of silence about men's and boys' human rights, and show[ing] up the hypocrisy and blatant gynocentrism of the mainstream political parties.'

Because, as you know, women are taking over. After all, they've had one female Prime Minister in the entire history of the United Kingdom.

And after this election, things have become even worse for men. Women have practically wiped-out male representation in parliament by stealing a record breaking 25 per cent of the seats from deserving men. Those poor remaining 75 per cent of male parliamentarians have been practically reduced to a silent minority.

And as Michael Deacon points out in The Telegraph it's not just in politics where women have a monopoly. Think of how many female BBC directors-general, governors of the Bank of England, Mayors of London and Archbishops of Canterbury there have been.

Oh, that's right. None. And up until recently the British Monarchy has been a sausage fest as well.

Never one to let reality get in the way of his own political believes, Buchanan wrote in the wake of his electoral defeat: 'J4MB is fighting a just cause, and at this stage justice cannot be measured by popularity in terms of voting numbers.'

The 'just cause' men's rights activists are fighting for is the unfettered privilege to spread hate and protect men's power to do as they please where women are concerned.

Last time I checked, this wasn't a human right. And as the J4MB's electoral annihilation shows, the men's rights movement is the last thing people want.

Kasey Edwards is an author and best-selling author.