Gender neutral 'Mx' may be added to Oxford English Dictionary


Simone Ziaziaris

A bunch of hen celebrate Sweden's national day in Stockholm.

A bunch of hen celebrate Sweden's national day in Stockholm. Photo: AP

The Oxford English Dictionary will consider including the gender neutral title "Mx" in the next edition, to represent transgender people and those who don't identify by gender.

The gender neutral honorific pronounced mux, will be an alternative to the traditional Miss, Mrs, Ms and Mr.

The pronoun 'hen' was recently added to the official Swedish language dictionary as an alternative to the male 'han' and the female 'hon.'

Up until now, those who do not identify as gender specific have had no gender neutral title to choose from.


Assistant editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, Jonathan Dent, told the Sunday Times the gender neutral title will be considered for inclusion in the dictionary's next edition.

Mr Dent said it would be the first stable of honorifics to be accepted in recent history.

The OED adds new words each year based on the popularity of their use.

Last year, 'vape' - meaning to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette - was added. In 2013, the OED revealed 'selfie' as its word of the year.