When it comes to weather apps Weatherzone˚ is generally considered to be the best, fairest and most reliable. Lucky for us we're both owned by the same organisation which means we were able to harness their skills and experience (aka they did all the hard work) in creating the first Daily Life app, Daily Weather.


The name is a bit of spoiler - this app tells you the temperature at any given moment for your city and around 20,000 other locations. Which is, you know, what most of them do but the Daily Life app is different because we don't just tell you the temperature and then wash our hands like our job is done. No, we also offer daily, nay hourly (depending on how often the temperature changes) sartorial suggestions to suit the day outside.


In a nutshell it has all the reliable meteorological reporting of the country's best weather app with all the style of Daily Life and, as a bonus, there's a shopping element to the app so if you're truly inspired then retail therapy is merely a click away.


Other features include

✓ Real-time observations for temperature and feels like

✓ 7-day forecast

✓ GPS search for current location

✓ Animated radar from 58 locations around Australia

✓ Forecasts created from Bureau of Meteorology resources and unique internally developed computer modelling to produce the most accurate forecasts available in Australia


Download our stylish new fashion weather app for free at the iTunes store now.