Awesome 7-year-old girl protests Tesco's sexist marketing


Rob Moran

Wherever a major corporation is lazily promoting tired gender stereotypes, rest assured an awesome young girl will be there to serve up some serious side-eye.

Seven-year-old Brit, Maggie, has become a viral sensation after her mum photographed her reaction to an obnoxiously sexist sign at a local Tesco, which labelled a bunch of Marvel comics figurines as "fun gifts for boys".  

"She spotted the sign before I did and pointed it out to me by indignantly saying something like, 'Well, that’s wrong! Anybody can like superheroes. They’re being stupid, aren’t they?'", Maggie's mum Karen told Buzzfeed, adding that Maggie’s a big fan of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and The Flash.


Tesco have since responded to Maggie's protest, saying "The sign has been removed and we’re sorry if it caused any confusion.”

"It doesn’t seem to have put her off," Karen told Buzzfeed. "As well as superheroes, she loves Doctor Who, Minecraft, dragons, skeletons and zombies (she had a cemetery cake for her birthday!), but also likes Frozen, princesses, kittens, etc. She just thinks shops labelling toys for boys or girls is silly: 'I can like what I want.'"

Maggie's reminder comes just days after a 1974 pamphlet by LEGO was unearthed by a Redditor, in which the toy company urged parents to forego the gendered stereotypes - "A lot of boys like doll houses; a lot of girls prefer spaceships" said the note - and instead "put the right materials in [childrens'] hands, and let them create whatever appeals to them."

Even if major companies forget those lessons, it's heartening to know that at least the angry, scowling kids understand.

Source: Buzzfeed, Mic