Random House competition Ts and Cs

Win one of 20 books by Haruki Murakami.

3:30 PM   Win one of 20 books by Haruki Murakami.

Face-blind fails

The perils of being bad with faces

Never seem to recognise that person who's jauntily walking up to you with a "So good to see you again!"? Welcome to face-blindness.

Nicole Elphick 12:00 AM   Do you fall into the 'face-blind' or 'face-genius' camp?

The best 80s 'movie night' films worth revisiting

Remember Blockbuster and Video Ezy? Ah the eighties. We hardly knew ye.

Clementine Ford   Remember Blockbuster and Video Ezy? Ah the eighties. We hardly knew ye.

Girls on film

Are teen girl films having a moment?


Nicole Elphick   A few new movies are giving the teenage girl her rightful place on the silver screen, big heart and bad choices intact, writes Nicole Elphick.

Problematic pop songs

Four classic pop songs with problematic lyrics

"When even singers known for their activism can adopt language that unintentionally denigrates another, it proves how susceptible we all are to the unconscious biases that underpin our society," writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad   "When even singers known for their activism can adopt language that unintentionally denigrates another, it proves how susceptible we all are to the unconscious biases that underpin our society," writes Ruby Hamad.

Harper Lee's new novel is as big as 'Harry Potter' in Amazon pre-orders

Harper Lee

"Go Set a Watchman," the much-anticipated second novel by "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee, is the most pre-ordered print title on since Harry Potter.

Peak programming

They don't make tween shows like they used to

"Degrassi Junior High provided extensive life lessons that I am thankful for to this day."

Clem Bastow   A nostalgic love letter to the pre-adolescent programming of the '80s and '90s.

Sexist symbols

Facebook 'friends' icon gets a feminist tweak

New Facebook 'friends' icon

It's so subtle you'd barely notice. But the symbolism is important.

Clem Bastow

When will male characters be used as props on TV?

Debra Messing as Beth, one of Jerry's 66 girlfriends on <i>Seinfeld</i>.

Clem Bastow   Remember Jerry's 66 girlfriends on Seinfeld? Yeah, exactly.

Is it time to rethink Kim Kardashian West?

Kim Kardashian at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Natalie Reilly   From reality star to spokeswoman on the objectification of women in the media. Is it time to rethink KKW?

Online dating

The five covert sexists you meet while online dating

Best to be informed, because trying to give some douchebag a feminist makeover is an ineffective use of your time, writes Suzannah Weiss.

Suzannah Weiss   Best to be informed, because trying to give some douchebag a feminist makeover is an ineffective use of your time, writes Suzannah Weiss.

Respectful jokes

Comedians you can laugh at without being repulsed


Clem Bastow   Next time an old white comedian says something stupid, here are some reliable alternatives to turn to.

Jessica Hopper: An insider's guide to being a female rock critic

Music critic Jessica Hopper.

Neha Kale   The author of the first female rock anthology opens up about women in music and sexism in the industry.

Dom Knight

Ten things that should have an undo function


Dom Knight   Gmail just introduced 'Undo Send'. If only we had an 'undo' for these other things too, writes Dom Knight.

The legacy of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill and other feminist rockers of the '90s

In many ways, Alanis Morisette encompassed the spirit of the '90s.

Ruby Hamad   In many ways, the album embodied the political, independent and angry spirit of the decade.

Antonia Hayes: Turning personal trauma into fiction

Antonia Hayes: "Before your brain can register what you're being told, you know that something is wrong."

Benjamin Law   For Antonia Hayes, the dark cloud of her son being diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome has a silver lining.

Lisa Wilkinson: TV hasn't always been kind to older women

Lisa Wilkinson.

Samantha Selinger-Morris   How the Today show co-host fought inequality on air and at work -- and won.

Hillsong Church under pressure for inviting controversial pastor to Australian conference

US Pastor Mark Driscoll was featured in a video interview played on a giant screen at the Hillsong national conference at Allphones Arena in Sydney this week.

Kate Aubusson   Hillsong Church cops an almighty backlash for welcoming a shamed US pastor who railed against "penis-envying burned feministed single mothers", ABC's Lateline reports.


'Entourage' is basically the film version of a pair of long khaki cargo shorts

This image is just far too meta.

Eleanor Robertson   Every time you think it can't get any worse, it unrolls and drops another steaming turd in your lap, writes Eleanor Robertson.

Telling Tales

Reviving the lost art of spoken-word storytelling

"All we have is our stories and if we tell them and share them, nothing can take them away. Not even the cruel fate of a failing brain."

Paul Chai   All we have is our stories and if we tell them and share them, nothing can take them away, writes Paul Chai.

Married At First Sight

Ten reality TV ideas even better than Married At First Sight

How can the industry possibly top/sink beneath this latest reality TV hit? Dom Knight has some ideas.

Dom Knight   How can the industry possibly top/sink beneath the latest reality TV hit? Dom Knight has some ideas.

WOW Brisbane

Seven things you shouldn't miss at WOW Brisbane

WOW speed mentoring

Rachel Eddie   Panels, performances, and workshops that are not to be missed.

The last taboo

Cover of the latest <i>Archer</i> magazine on sex and ageing.

Matt Holden   Finding images of naked elderly people was an unexpected hurdle for the women behind Archer.

Late Show

A farewell to David Letterman and late night sexism

Lena Dunham and David Letterman

Eleanor Robertson   For 30 years he sat next to young female stars, making dirty jokes at their expense and objectifying them to get a clap from the audience.

Sexualising disability

People with disability can express their sexuality


Carly Findlay   The concern police reacted uncomfortably when modelling pics of Madeline Stuart went viral this week. But people with disabilities should be seen as entire humans - not devoid of sexuality or sexual desire, writes Carly Findlay.

Female Filmmakers

Five signs the tide is turning for female filmmakers

For 'Pitch Perfect 2' director Elizabeth Banks, the $70.3m opening gives her the second biggest opening ever for a female director.

Clem Bastow   Clem Bastow is finally daring to hope that women making films might not be toiling in the gloom forever.

Celebrity advice

Why do we listen to celebrity parenting advice?


Kasey Edwards   Our willingness to overlook our own parenting judgement and experiences in favour of celebrity sound bites can be downright dangerous, writes Kasey Edwards.

The scene that led viewers to 'quit' Game of Thrones


Josephine Tovey   It's become known for graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault, but has the latest episode gone too far?

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Mad Men farewell

Five things we'll never forget about Mad Men

Last night's final episode suffered a long, difficult labour before its birth.

Natalie Reilly   In this age of re-heated sit-coms and reality stars, Mad Men gave us something we never knew we needed.

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down: US prisoner of war Mike Durant reunites with the aid worker who saved him

Black Hawk Down

As told to Sarah Oakes   Suzanne Hofstetter was the only person allowed contact with Durant during his time as a POW. This is her story, retold over 20 years later.

Mad Max

Apparently Men's Rights activists are upset about Mad Max

Newcomer: Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, whose popularity has some speculating she will be the focus of a <i>Fury Road</i> prequel.

Eleanor Robertson   A woman? Telling a man what to do? Why don't you just throw civilisation into the sea, you mad harpies?

Dumb dads

Why this is the end of the dumb dad era


Chad Prevost   For generations, we've been fed the stereotype of the bumbling dad. But advertisers and TV writers are now catching up to changing demographic trends.

Student calls out SBS's 'elitism and disconnected privilege' on Q&A

Mount Druit school student Johanna Larkin slammed SBS program <i>Struggle Street</i>, saying the broadcaster has shown its 'elitism and  disconnected privilege' before asking a good question: 'When [do] our personal stories become the ownership of the media?'

Neil McMahon   Johanna Larkin on Struggle Streets: 'When do our personal stories become the ownership of the media?'

Bulimia Comedy

Why I made a comedy about bulimia

"The Skinny is all about what happens when all your self awareness can't save you." - Jessie Kahnweiler.

Nicole Elphick   Jessie Kahnweiler wants the world to know eating disorders aren't just for ballerinas.

WOW festival

Q&A with Women of the World festival founder Jude Kelly

Women of the World festival founder Jude Kelly.

Rachel Eddie   "So many women had been encouraged to feel that equality had arrived, and so they couldn't understand why they didn't feel that that was the case."

Girl Power

These superhero capes are perfect for girls who play hard

A super awesome Flying Super Hero Set.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   There may not be many female superheroes for girls to emulate, but these capes let them be their own.

Hillary 2016

Why are we talking about the link between menopause and politics?


Sarah Oakes   All of a sudden, ovaries in the Oval Office are a big topic of discussion.

Household chores

Study: Men do less housework


Christopher Ingraham   There's some good news and some bad news on the domestic gender equality front.

Gender neutral 'Mx' may be added to Oxford English Dictionary

The Age
picture Justin McManus.
Michael Shmith with a copy of the Oxford Dictionary.

Simone Ziaziaris   The Oxford English Dictionary will consider including the gender neutral title "Mx" in the next edition, to represent transgender people and those who don't identify by gender.

Amy Schumer

Why Amy Schumer is taking over the internet


Emily Yahr   Three viral skits in a row? Amy Schumer has officially - and deservedly - cracked the code to making the internet go crazy for her work.

Gender flip

Do we need more female-led film remakes?

21 Jump Street

Soraya Nadia McDonald   Sony is making a female version of "21 Jump Street" -- but there are downsides to genderflipping a bro classic.

Gendered language

Why we shouldn't succumb to work jargon

Peggy Olson

Neha Kale   Can the language we use at work help us break the glass ceiling?, asks Neha Kale.

Reporters banned

Floyd Mayweather reportedly bans female reporters from big fight for detailing his domestic violence history

Floyd Mayweather.

JOHN BRANCH   Two prominent female journalists, each of whom has detailed the domestic violence history of Floyd Mayweather Jr tweeted they had been denied credentials to the Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight.

Four wishes for the inaugural season of The Bachelorette

Sam Frost, Australia's first Bachelorette.

Eleanor Robertson   Eleanor Robertson has high hopes. Don't let her down, Sam Frost.


The sexting scandal no one sees

"A new form of intimate partner violence": One in five sexters are actually coerced into sending sexual texts by threats

Caitlin Dewey   One in five sexters are actually coerced into sending sexual texts by threats or manipulation from their partner, finds new research.

Women in Film

I want more women to make films I loathe

Director Kathryn Bigelow on the set of The Hurt Locker.

Clem Bastow   Just as I want to celebrate films that are truly great. After all, that's how it is for the guys.

Shriver Report

Men want their daughters to be independent and strong


Kasey Edwards   But their wives? Not so much, according to a new report.

Too Hard To Keep

What to do with photographs that are too hard to keep

"Viewed as a whole, the shots are imbued with a kind of melancholia... inviting the viewer to consider their own interpretations of the possible stories behind the snapshots."

Nicole Elphick   Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus is transforming our unwanted mementos of pain and heartache into high art.

In the Flesh

Exhibitionists: A naked art tour of <i>James Turrell: a Retrospective</i> at the National Gallery of Australia.

Benjamin Law   Sometimes the best art is stripped back and raw. Well, that's one way to look at this gallery tour.

Killing Kittens

Inside Killing Kittens, a sex club for women

In the swing of things: Killing Kittens founder Emma Sayle (at right).

Laura Jackel   Elite orgies and the pursuit of female pleasure are big business for entrepreneur Emma Sayle.

Lifelong friends

Our lifelong friendship began in a concentration camp

Guta Goldstein (at left) and Janina Greenwood.

Helen Greenwood   Seventy years on, friends Guta, 85, and Janina, 87, mark their survival of the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, and a remarkable chance encounter in Melbourne.

Meme census

The hidden biases of Internet memes

To wit: Of memes that show people, versus dinosaurs or cartoons or cats, men appear twice as often.

Caitlin Dewey   Turns out memes, like real life, are over-represented by young white bros.

Mad Men

What I hope happens to all the Mad Men characters

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) in <i>Severance</i>, the first episode of the final season of <i>Mad Men</i>.

Clem Bastow   Clem Bastow imagines what the rest of the 20th century holds for her favourite (and least favourite) characters.

Ruby Hamad

Feminism is happening where you least expect it

#MyMothersNameIs social media campaign in Egypt.

Ruby Hamad   When Australians think of Palestine, feminist hip-hop is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.

My Family stickers

Why do people put those 'My Family' stickers on their cars?

My Family

Alecia Simmonds   Narcissism? Delusion? A simple celebration of familial love? A new study into the phenomenon has an interesting answer.

Family violence

Can new approaches towards tackling domestic violence save women's lives?


Melissa Fyfe   As Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence begins, experts are searching the world to find the best answers to a basic question: can the murders of women by their partners or ex-partners – a weekly tragedy in Australia – be prevented?

This celibate life

What is it like to live without sex?

No sex, please: Sara Campbell says her year of celibacy gave her a new perspective on her relationship with men.

Catherine Rodie   In a society obsessed with sex, Catherine Rodie talks to three women who have taken the opposite path.


An ode to the most passive-aggressive site on the Internet

The site in question is called, and it allows anyone to write a letter to anyone else - and post said letter publicly.

Caitlin Dewey   Welcome to the home of repressed feelings.

Same-sex marriage debate coming to the Liberal party room

generic thumbnail, gay rights, gay pride

Judith Ireland   Liberal MPs could decide the party's position on same-sex marriage as early as next Tuesday.