10 things you may not know about 'Serial'


Elise Bergenson 8:50am Two keep you going during this torturous two week break.


Julien Blanc denied entry into the UK


Rob Moran Another encouraging win for basic human decency.

Boo, Barbie, boo

Barbie book about computer programming tells girls they need boys to code for them


Rob Moran "Dear Santa, for Xmas I want 'Marginalisation Of Women In Tech Barbie!'"

Little League star Mo'ne Davis is releasing a memoir

Mo'ne Davis waves to the crowd before throwing out the first pitch at Game 4 of the 2014 World Series.

Meet the girl who catapulted from anonymity to take the world by storm as a 13-year-old Little League star.


"A lot of it got pulled out of context": Julien Blanc breaks silence, 'apologises' in CNN interview


Rob Moran "He's full of sh*t; he's sorry he got caught, not for what he's done," says Jennifer Li, who started the #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign.

Gendered violence

No, women aren't as likely to commit violence as men


Jane Gilmore Not only is there no data that supports such a claim - a common cry in online comments sections - but the data that we do have proves the exact opposite.


How Eminem uses misogyny to sell records

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 11:  Eminem performs onstage during

Terrence McCoy Though he has rapped of machine-gunning women and murdering his ex-wife, the violent lyrics, rather than derail his career, have in fact burnished it.


Boycott against ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc spreads to Canada, Japan and the UK


Rob Moran #TakeDownJulienBlanc is awesomely going worldwide.


#MeninistTwitter may be the funniest thing trending on Twitter today


Rob Moran It started off as a serious thing by men's rights activists, but it's since been hijacked by some excellent people.

Good save?

Victoria's Secret tried to fix its controversial 'Perfect Body' ad


Rob Moran And pretty much failed dismally.

Serial podcast

Why everyone is addicted to the Serial podcast


Eleanor Robertson And here's why you'll be next.

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Cate Blanchett made a powerful speech about gender at Gough Whitlam's memorial

Cate Blanchett

SARAH OAKES "The nation was truly changed by him through the arts and through gender."


Could this photo help end social media's war on breasts?


CLEM BASTOW In the same week where Chelsea Handler called out Instagram and Rihanna returned to the site, comedian Aniela McGuinness's #freethenipple offering might be the best yet.

Yes Please

Seven life lessons from Amy Poehler's new book, Yes Please


Candice Chung As one reviewer calls it, this is the best non self-help self help you'll ever read.

Butt implants

Why young women are dying for the perfect 'belfie'


Claire Gohen Inspired by Kim Kardashian's butt selfies and the ongoing pop trend for bigger booties, young women are driving a surge in 'bottom implants'... but the results are often dangerous.

A misandrist's guide to 'sexy' Halloween costumes


CLEMENTINE FORD Dressing up this weekend? Clem Ford has a few ideas for you.

You can write a book in a month


DOM KNIGHT But Dom Knight wonders, should you?

Reality TV

What we should all take from the demise of Honey Boo Boo


NATALIE REILLY "The grim truth is this: reality television works because of broken people."

Mills & Boon makeover

Mills & Boon now makes sassy novels for young women


Radhika Sanghani Mills & Boon has had a revolutionary makeover, embracing social media and feminist ideas.

Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' writes female artists into history

Web debate: Holly MacDonald (left) and Catherine Hickson at a workshop to amend Wikipedia.

JACQUELINE MALEY Like most students, Ira Ferris relies heavily on the internet for research. But when she turns to Wikipedia, the free, open-source internet encyclopaedia, the 31-year-old art student finds gaps.

Rita Ora says she's a feminist "in Beyoncé mould"

cr: Danielle Levitt/AUGUST/Raven & Snow
Rita Ora


Sassy singer Rita Ora talks with Charlotte Edwardes about navigating fame at the age of 23, and why she calls the shots.

Clementine Ford

Five reasons Broad City will improve your life


CLEMENTINE FORD Clem Ford on why Abbi and Ilana are the best comedy duo on TV right now.

The speech habit that defines our generation


Why this casual suffix is perfectly suited to our commitment-phobic age.

The Womansplainer

Introducing 'The Womansplainer', the paid service for sexist guys


NICOLE ELPHICK For any woman who’s ever had to spend time explaining why catcalling is not a compliment, say a hearty hello to artist Elizabeth Simins' The Womansplainer.

Transgender issues

US high school elects transgender teen as homecoming king


Rob Moran "I wanted to show that a guy like me can live a normal life and still be visible in the community and be widely accepted," said 17-year-old Mel Gonzales.

Why Benjamin Law thinks it's fine for adults to read YA

Ben Law at a cafe in Spring Hill Brisbane. Ben has written an essay for AFR about how youg people are disenchanted with the Labor party.
Picture by Paul Harris.
Monday 14 May 2012

BENJAMIN LAW I've always been drawn to age-inappropriate stuff.

Feminist YouTube

Six feminist YouTubers everyone should be watching


Naaz Hussain These funny and eloquent women are fighting the patriarchy one upload at a time.

Body positivity

Meet J-pop’s new ‘chubby’ groups


NICOLE ELPHICK A new wave of 'body-positive' pop acts in Japan are encouraging fans to unashamedly shake their booty – no matter what size it is.

Onscreen diversity

Why the jobs of female characters in movies matter


CLEM BASTOW A new UN-backed study on gender representation in the on-screen workforce shows its slim pickings for women. Here's why that needs to change.

Clementine Ford

Is Gone Girl's Amy Dunne a misandrist?


CLEMENTINE FORD And should we even care? [Warning: spoilers ahead]

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Texts from your ex

Texts From Your Ex: The Instagram account we can all relate to


Radhika Sanghani A new Instagram account asks users to send in real texts from their exes with hilarious results.

James Deen

Is James Deen the 'porn star for women'?

Stud for hire: James Deen, 28, plays to his strengths:

Jane Cadzow Why the 28-year-old is being hailed as the poster boy of female-friendly porn.

YouTube sexism

How young women joined forces against misogynistic YouTuber Sam Pepper


Reni-Eddo Lodge Since the online star's "ass pinch" video went viral, female fans and YouTubers have sought to expose the misogynistic underbelly of vlogging.

Real life

Growing up, all I wanted was to be white


Gabrielle Wang Children's author Gabrielle Wang on the importance of diversity in children's literature.

Parents get sequel

Go the F--- to Sleep author's new book tells children they need to f---ing eat

Writer Adam Mansbach has given parents everywhere a laugh and some light relief.

SARAH THOMAS A sequel is coming soon to the 2011 hit book Go the F--- to Sleep.


The one with the writer

How did they all stay Friends?

Friends (TV Series)...BKB1TW Friends (TV Series)

Nick Allen Twenty years on from the first episode, the writer of the original series tells why Friends could have been a flop.

Righting reading habits

More men need to read books written by women

Illustration: Kerrie Leishman

Aviva Tuffield By the time young boys leave school they are so used to reading male authors their world view becomes narrowed.

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The Godmother?

Five films we'd like to see remade with female leads

Wolf of wall street

Radhika Sanghani Following rumours Ghostbusters is being remade with an all-female cast here are five other classic movies that would benefit from having women in the starring roles

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Social media

Facebook's 'Share 10 books' has restored my faith in social media

Young Woman reading book in apartment

Daisy Buchanan Social media campaigns enocuraging users to perform ever-more extreme stunts have left Daisy Buchanan cold. But a new meme, encouraging online friends to share their top books has made her fall back in love with Facebook.

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Happy birthday Amy

Four times Amy Poehler is the greatest

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 15:  Actress Amy Poehler attends the

CLEMENTINE FORD Happy birthday, you beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox.

Huff lessons

What Arianna Huffington can teach us about success and failure

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 07:  Arianna Huffington attends

SARAH MACDONALD The charismatic media mogul has a public conversation with Annabel Crabb in Sydney last night.

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Sexism in gaming

Death threats force feminist game critic to flee her home

Anita Sarkeesian produces the popular critical video series 'Tropes vs women in games'.

James 'DexX' Dominguez Anita Sarkeesian, a prevalent feminist video game critic, was forced to flee her home this week after explicit death threats.

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Feminist classics

Why you should be watching Pre-Code films


Emma Alsop Back in the 30s, stars like Harlow, Stanwyck and Mae West ruled cinema with strong characters, brave performances and tons of class.

Vagina art

What can we learn from the 'Gay Men Draw Vaginas' project?


JEN VUK What began as a weird goof-off between friends has become something much more positive.

Beyonce & TSwift

Pop music is having a feminist awakening (again)

All hail Queen Bey at the VMAs.

CLEM BASTOW All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me.

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GoT nudity

Cersei Lannister’s naked GoT walk ’banned by church’


Nudity may be normal in King’s Landing, but one Game of Thrones actress has reportedly been banned from baring her breasts while filming on location.

Beyonce's VMA performance in a series of amazing GIFs

All hail Queen Bey at the VMAs.

It's the ultimate highlights reel.

Girl talk

Do you talk like a girl?

The cast of Girls


Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams, Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet.

NATALIE REILLY It's called linguistic appropriation and it happens more than you think.

Overdue respect

Six accomplished women in maths and science who deserve more respect


RUBY HAMAD From Maryam Mirzakhani to Rosalind Franklin, let's give some overdue recognition to women who have been smashing it in the sciences for centuries.

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Why aren't more people watching Please Like Me?

Josh Thomas

Debi Enker What’s the matter with you people? Why aren’t you watching one of the best comedies on TV?

Female gaze

Why Guardians Of The Galaxy is so popular with women and what that means for Marvel

Chris Pratt in

CLEM BASTOW Given the enthusiastic female response to Pratt’s amped up body, it’s tempting to speculate as to whether or not Marvel have slowly been cottoning on to the power of the female gaze.

Rom-com relatability

Is 'The Lunchbox' the perfect indie love story?


NEHA KALE A new film from India is challenging the way Western audiences watch romantic movies.

Melissa George

Melissa George: enjoying the good life

ca. 2005 --- Stylist is Janine Israel, hair by Peter Savic and makeup by Troy Jensen. --- Image by ? Yariv Milchan/Corbis Outline

ED GIBBS Croissants, a babe in arms and a new film ... this Aussie actor has much to be happy about.

Uncomfortable truths

Nine times we think we're being logical (but we're really not)


Dr Ben Ambridge We might like to think that our decisions are generally based on careful consideration of evidence and facts, but science tells us we're fools. Poor, poor fools.


Roald Dahl 'creepy' cover redesign: 'Why not just get Rolf Harris to design the next one?'

Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder.

Anita Singh A publisher's attempt to cash in on the trend for adults reading children's books backfired when it was accused of sexualising the cover to Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Literary crush

Everything you've always wanted to ask Jeanette Winterson

Winterson.Sydney.April 15th, 2012.Photo.Sahlan Hayes.Story.Damien Murphy.English author Jeanette Winterson, in Sydney as part of the Sydney Writer's Festival.

ALECIA SIMMONDS Love, relationships, mothers, madness... and Tony Abbott.

Defensive tweeting

A beginner's guide to defensive tweeting

Jason Biggs

ANDREW P STREET Key learnings from disasterous Twitter comebacks.


A female superhero won't solve Hollywood's gender problem

Fans, bloggers and filmmakers are fed up with the way women and minorities are underrepresented.

Ukraine Is Not A Brothel

The most controversial thing about FEMEN is no longer their nudity

Kitty Green

CLEM BASTOW Melbourne film maker Kitty Green documents her experiences in the Ukraine, caught up in the group’s ascent.

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