When the achievements of women get credited to men


RUBY HAMAD In a new interview, Bjork revealed the extent to which her work has been credited to men. 'Bropropriation' - it's a travesty that's gone on throughout history.

Lovable grouch

The curse of the lovable grouch

Bill Murray.

NEHA KALE "The lovable grouch reflects a culture in which men are rewarded for shaking off dysfunctional behaviour rather than being kind and empathetic from the start."

Women's words

Words used to describe women over the last 1,000 years


Claire Cohen A new online database claims to list the meaning of every English word from the last millennium. A trepidatious Claire Cohen types in 'woman'...

Didion's picks

Here's a handwritten list of Joan Didion's all-time favourite books


EFFIE MANN A page from the American author’s note book, where the 80-year-old has scrawled a list of her all-time favourite books.

The most anticipated books for women in 2015

Mindy Kaling

NICOLE ELPHICK Here are a few of the upcoming releases that we’re keen to get our ink-stained mitts on.

Michelle Obama's next social media challenge: Sasha and Malia

Malia, Sasha and Michelle Obama, pictured in 2012.

Krissah Thompson Michelle Obama danced with a turnip and knows how to #tbt. Can her savvy help her kids use social media?

Cosmopolitan UK

Powerful Cosmo UK cover pays tribute to victims of honour killings

Cosmo UK.

Wrapped in plastic, it highlights the death of Shafilea Ahmed, a 17-year-old British Pakistani girl who was suffocated by her parents for refusing an arranged marriage.

Caitlin Stasey

Why ex Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey launched feminist website

Caitlin Stasey in an image from her new feminist website

CLEM BASTOW Clem Bastow speaks with Caitlin Stasey, outspoken champion of women’s liberation, about her new, apologetically feminist website

Golden Globes

Have Hollywood award shows lost their relevance?

Amal Clooney at the Golden Globes.

ELEANOR ROBERTSON What Amal Clooney's presence reminds us about the Golden Globes.

Adrienne Truscott

This is why Adrienne Truscott does her stand-up (half) naked

Comedian Adrienne Truscott

NICOLE ELPHICK What it's like to tell jokes about rape while naked from the waist down.

Sexist ad

Sunday Style magazine forced to apologise over sexist ad for interns

Sunday Style.

Rob Moran Yeah, that was not the best idea.

Miranda July sells 50 random objects that appear in new novel 'The First Bad Man'

Miranda July.

Let's take a sticky beak at what you can actually buy.

Book clubs

What really goes on inside a book club

Claire Cohen Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wants to modernise the book club. But here's why he's missed the point entirely.

Dealing with diphallia

This guy has two penises, one book, and some rare insights on Internet fame


Caitlin Dewey Since revealing his condition in one of Reddit's most popular AMA's ever, 'DD' has struggled with the freak show of the 21st century: Internet fame.


Hash-stalking other people's weddings


PIP DOYLE "I would grab my phone, a cup of tea and scroll. And scroll. Until I found exactly the thing that was going to do it for me… wedding hashtags. I thought I was alone. It turns out I am not."

Queen of CrossFit

Is this the fittest woman in the world?


Jane Mulkerrins She can lift 165kg. She eats five eggs just at breakfast. She spends her days ‘off’ swimming and cycling. Meet Annie Thorisdottir, the poster-girl for the CrossFit craze.

Minister for Women

Women on boards go backwards


LATIKA BOURKE He's the Minister for Women, but under Tony Abbott's prime ministership female board representation is slipping.


The best reactions to Tony Abbott's 'top achievement' as Minister for Women

Carbon tax

Yes, the whole internet is giving this the thorough mocking it deserves.

Click bait - online dating

Young Woman on Laptop Computer

BETTINA ARNDT Ignore the scary stories and dive in to online dating, says Bettina Arndt. It's still your best bet for finding love.

Clem Ford

A difficult woman's guide to summer reading

CLEMENTINE FORD Feminists are good at reading, having learned to embrace it in place of all the boys who never asked us out on dates.

Daily Life's top 20 stories of 2014

Daily Life's top 20 stories of 2014.

The stories we cheered, cried, and laughed over this year.

Serial podcast

How to deal with the final episode of Serial

Adnan Syed

ELEANOR ROBERTSON Do we really need all the loose ends to be tied up?

Archer magazine

You'll love Archer: the new Australian magazine on gender and sexual diversity


ANNABEL ROSS "The manifesto is that sex is weird for all of us, so we should just all talk about it together."

Sisters Of Invention

Meet The Sisters Of Invention - just don't call them "inspirational"

Sisters Of Invention.

CLEM BASTOW "You're not seeing the real us if you look at us as objects of inspiration," says band member Aimee, one of five members with a disability.

Priya's Shakti

Meet India's new comic superhero: Priya the rape survivor

Priya, the rape survivor, sitting on top of a tiger in the comic

Radhika Sanghani New comic book 'Priya's Shakti' features a female rape survivor as a superhero who fights sexual violence alongside the Goddess Parvati.

All About Women 2015

Five speakers you need to see at All About Women

Roxane Gay.

Rob Moran Our favourite festival’s back, and they're bringing some excellent people.

The Eva

The two women who want to make sure we can all orgasm

Eva pic, and pic of Alexandra (left) and Janet (right)

NICOLE ELPHICK In a clear case of if you build it, they will come, a wearable couples’ vibrator over the weekend smashed through its crowdfunding goal of $US50,000 to raise over half a million dollars. Meet its inventors.

Gendered toys

7-year-old girl writes letter, ends company's sexist marketing strategy


Rob Moran Parker Dains from California - you are awesome.

Grumpy old men

Male lawn bowl players furiously quit tournament after it opens up to female competitors

Old man.

Rob Moran Over 200 men have quit the Tasmanian comp since October, and are trying to launch a male-only breakaway tournament.

December 6, 1989

He screamed "I hate feminists!" and killed 14 women

White Ribbon pin.

Danielle Binks On December 6, 1989, Marc Lepine walked into an engineering school in Montreal, shouted "I hate feminists!", and shot and killed 14 women. A new book highlights how, 25 years on, the 'Montreal Massacre' is still fuelling misogyny today.

Sexist advertising

Coca-Cola forced to respond to criticism over sexist new ads


Rob Moran The company's campaign for its new Fairlife milk products featured naked pin-ups splashing around in milk, ugh.

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult does not have time for literary world sexism

Best selling author Jodi PIcoult.

Bryony Gordon She is one of America's most successful novelists and she's pretty sick and tired of how "women's fiction" gets treated.

Lil' hero

Awesome 7-year-old girl protests Tesco's sexist marketing


Rob Moran "Well, that’s wrong! Anybody can like superheroes. They’re being stupid, aren’t they?", said seriously unimpressed Maggie.

Sh*t world leaders say

Turkish president says women not equal to men, should just focus on being mums


Rob Moran Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes Tony Abbott look progressive.

Serial podcast

10 things you may not know about 'Serial'


Two keep you going during this torturous two week break.

Gender imbalance in HSC English: 70 per cent of texts authored by men

Imbalance: Camilla Nelson, of the University of Notre Dame, questions why most texts authorised for study in years 11 and 12 were written by men.

LINDA MORRIS Women writers are outnumbered by their male counterparts on the new HSC English reading list.


Julien Blanc denied entry into the UK


Rob Moran Another encouraging win for basic human decency.

Boo, Barbie, boo

Barbie book about computer programming tells girls they need boys to code for them


Rob Moran "Dear Santa, for Xmas I want 'Marginalisation Of Women In Tech Barbie!'"

Little League star Mo'ne Davis is releasing a memoir

Mo'ne Davis waves to the crowd before throwing out the first pitch at Game 4 of the 2014 World Series.

Meet the girl who catapulted from anonymity to take the world by storm as a 13-year-old Little League star.


"A lot of it got pulled out of context": Julien Blanc breaks silence, 'apologises' in CNN interview


Rob Moran "He's full of sh*t; he's sorry he got caught, not for what he's done," says Jennifer Li, who started the #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign.

Gendered violence

No, women aren't as likely to commit violence as men


Jane Gilmore Not only is there no data that supports such a claim - a common cry in online comments sections - but the data that we do have proves the exact opposite.


How Eminem uses misogyny to sell records

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 11:  Eminem performs onstage during

Terrence McCoy Though he has rapped of machine-gunning women and murdering his ex-wife, the violent lyrics, rather than derail his career, have in fact burnished it.


Boycott against ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc spreads to Canada, Japan and the UK


Rob Moran #TakeDownJulienBlanc is awesomely going worldwide.


#MeninistTwitter may be the funniest thing trending on Twitter today


Rob Moran It started off as a serious thing by men's rights activists, but it's since been hijacked by some excellent people.

Good save?

Victoria's Secret tried to fix its controversial 'Perfect Body' ad


Rob Moran And pretty much failed dismally.

Serial podcast

Why everyone is addicted to the Serial podcast


Eleanor Robertson And here's why you'll be next.

Comments 4

Cate Blanchett made a powerful speech about gender at Gough Whitlam's memorial

Cate Blanchett

SARAH OAKES "The nation was truly changed by him through the arts and through gender."


Could this photo help end social media's war on breasts?


CLEM BASTOW In the same week where Chelsea Handler called out Instagram and Rihanna returned to the site, comedian Aniela McGuinness's #freethenipple offering might be the best yet.

Yes Please

Seven life lessons from Amy Poehler's new book, Yes Please


Candice Chung As one reviewer calls it, this is the best non self-help self help you'll ever read.

Butt implants

Why young women are dying for the perfect 'belfie'


Claire Gohen Inspired by Kim Kardashian's butt selfies and the ongoing pop trend for bigger booties, young women are driving a surge in 'bottom implants'... but the results are often dangerous.

A misandrist's guide to 'sexy' Halloween costumes


CLEMENTINE FORD Dressing up this weekend? Clem Ford has a few ideas for you.

You can write a book in a month


DOM KNIGHT But Dom Knight wonders, should you?

Reality TV

What we should all take from the demise of Honey Boo Boo


NATALIE REILLY "The grim truth is this: reality television works because of broken people."

Mills & Boon makeover

Mills & Boon now makes sassy novels for young women


Radhika Sanghani Mills & Boon has had a revolutionary makeover, embracing social media and feminist ideas.

Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' writes female artists into history

Web debate: Holly MacDonald (left) and Catherine Hickson at a workshop to amend Wikipedia.

JACQUELINE MALEY Like most students, Ira Ferris relies heavily on the internet for research. But when she turns to Wikipedia, the free, open-source internet encyclopaedia, the 31-year-old art student finds gaps.

Rita Ora says she's a feminist "in Beyoncé mould"

cr: Danielle Levitt/AUGUST/Raven & Snow
Rita Ora


Sassy singer Rita Ora talks with Charlotte Edwardes about navigating fame at the age of 23, and why she calls the shots.

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