Pulitzer prize winner

Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch wins Pulitzer prize for fiction

Donna Tartt

The judges describe The Goldfinch as, "A beautifully written coming-of-age novel with exquisitely drawn characters".

Trying, and often failing, to speak another language

Ben Law

BENJAMIN LAW Ben Law on butchering Mandarin on holiday.

Mad Men university

I teach a university course on Mad Men


Anne Helen Petersen The student's final is was to answer one of two questions: “Who is Don Draper?” or “Who is Peggy Olson?”

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Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones: why the web is obsessed with Emilia Clarke

Daenerys Targaryen

CLEM BASTOW When you play the Mother Of Dragons, it’s only natural that the world’s attention will fall to you.


Concerns over skinny selfie app SkinneePix, which sheds virtual weight in photos

skinny selfie

Natasha Baker SkinneePix users shed virtual weight to look skinnier in selfies, but the app has raised concerns about body-image.

Everyday sexism

This is what happens when you call out sexism


Laura Bates Like many women, Laura Bates had tales of casual harassment, leering and discrimination. She decided to call this out, with astonishing results.

Ben and Michelle Law

The ultimate Asian Mother interpretation guide


Benjamin Law and Michelle Law As brought to you by siblings Benjamin and Michelle Law.

GBH Comp T&C

The Grand Budapest Hotel Competition terms and conditions

Mean Girls 10 year anniversary

Why we still love Mean Girls, ten years on

mean girls

NICOLE ELPHICK Next month it will be ten years since Mean Girls was released, Nicole Elphick ponders its legacy. It's so fetch.

How the internet fell in love with Jimmy Fallon


CANDICE CHUNG And why you’re about to be swept off your feet too.

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Elaine from Seinfeld

Meet the real life Elaine from Seinfeld


Amanda Hess The woman who wrote for ’Seinfeld’s’ Elaine has a new book, and some pretty interesting things to say about women in comedy.

Thousands demand action on asylum seekers, environment at March in March protest


Steve Lillebuen March for March protest snakes through Melbourne with tens of thousands demanding action on a mixed bag of issues.

Movie bucket list

1001 movies to see before you die


Laura Vitto At a loss for what to watch tonight? Don't stress.

10 things I definitely don't miss about my 20s

FLORENCE, ITALY - JANUARY 09:  Guest is seen during Pitti Immagine Uomo 85 on January 9, 2014 in Florence, Italy.  (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

DOM KNIGHT If you’re struggling with the aging process, perhaps this list will help you, too?

Gender issues

The images that made us see gender issues differently


10 photos that forced us to examine the ways we see women in our society.

Progress for women

Things that haven't changed for women since the 1960s

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1950s:  Apron housewife vacuuming den.  (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

From Miss Universe to sporting stars and advertising, how much progress have we made?

True Detective

Can you love a show with sexist characters?

true detective

Willa Paskin Ignoring women may be True Detective's blind spot, but it is also one of the show's major themes.

Alison Bechdel Q&A

Meet the cartoonist behind the Bechdel test


CLEMENTINE FORD Before tackling Hollywood sexism, Alison Bechdel already made a name for herself with 'Dykes to Watch Out For'.

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Anti-PETA protest

Eating caged eggs won’t change PETA


RUBY HAMAD The key to changing the culture of oppression is to not adopt the tactics of the oppressor:

Binge watching

The pleasures of binge watching TV shows at your own pace

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in 'House of Cards'. 

Miriam Krule Marathon television watching, the "classy" way to watch mountains of TV should be done on your own schedule.

Animal BFFs

25 animals that spoon better than you


Dennis Green These cuddle buddies will touch even the blackest of hearts.

Sexist press

Female ministers given dressing down by Italian press

Federica Mogherini

Eight women appointed as ministers in Italy's new government have faced criticism over their dress sense, with one stylist urging them to give Giorgio Armani a call.

A bitter sweet farewell to The Sydney Morning Herald broadsheet

Page one of the last Sydney Morning Herald broadsheet edition.

STEPHANIE WOOD The newspaper is writing a new chapter of a distinguished story.

What does your coffee order say about you? hayes.smh good reaches campos in newtown SPECIALX 00052858

DOM KNIGHT Dom Knight discovers that coffee preferences draw all sorts of implications.

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The private life of Liz Hayes

Liz Hayes
Photographed for Sunday Life by Hugh Stewart

Liz Hayes is a survivor in the cut-throat world of television current affairs. But despite her high profile, she is rarely seen in public. She reveals the reason why to Erin O'Dwyer.

11 Dolly Parton Quotes to Take Life by the Rhinestones

Dolly Parton

If there's one thing Dolly Parton knows, it's how to make a living.

Love and angst

Nine Young Adult fiction books everyone should read


Young love and young angst - we can't get enough.

Five best films to celebrate Galentine's Day


CLEMENTINE FORD Clem Ford's shares her favourite rom-coms for boner killers.

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Colourism obsession

Why the obsession with lighter skin?


RUBY HAMAD 'Colourism' is oppression within oppression within oppression.

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Malala's message

Bringing Malala's message to Australia

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai.

TONY MOORE ‘‘There are many Malalas in the world and their rights have to be defended as well.’’


Orphanage tourism

Children are not tourist attractions

East African Children in an Orphanage

RUBY HAMAD Treating kids as curiosities or exhibits in a zoo is something us westerners seem to reserve for countries in which we are tourists. And good intentions are just not enough.

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Hidden mothers

Why did mothers once conceal themselves in photographs?

The Hidden Mother
cr: ? Linda Fregni Nagler 2013, courtesy MACK (

Kathryn Hughes In early photography, mothers went to great lengths to conceal themselves in portraits of their children. And no one is quite sure why.

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Cult classic

Why Flowers in the Attic still haunts us

FLowers in the attic

Tammy Oler Reading Flowers in the Attic was a rite of passage for teenage girls. The novel recognised a deep and abiding fear that has shaped the women of a generation: the fear of turning becoming our mothers.

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Scott Morrison

I'll send a tampon a month to the Minister for Inhumanity


JENNA PRICE Scott Morrison may be able to hide the boats but he won't be able to stop the flow of tampons to his office.

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Graphic novels

Graphic novels belong in the classroom


Michael Cavna It's time to stop being snobs about about books with pictures.

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gender bias

Bilbo Baggins could be a woman

Giveaways, Dec 23, The Hobbit

Michelle Nijhuis Michelle Nijhuis on changing pronouns for her daughter.

Emma Thompson

Is female heroism hard to portray on screen?

Emma Thompson. Picture: HARRY BORDEN/CONTOUR

MICHAEL IDATO Goddess Emma Thompson on girls with guns.

The Santa cliche

It’s time to give St. Nick his long overdue makeover


Aisha Harris Let's abandon Santa-as-fat-old-white-man and create a new symbol of Christmas cheer.

Rebellious Victorians

Five things you never knew about 19th century women


ALECIA SIMMONDS Victorian women get a bad rap - here are five facts that turn the tea-party of tedium into a hellfire club of hilarity...

Xmas party rules

How to survive the office Christmas party


DOM KNIGHT The dos and don't nots of colleague-on-colleague party etiquette.

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Jezebel interview

The world according to Jezebel


CANDICE CHUNG What it feels like to edit one the most powerful feminist websites in the world.

Can a woman's postcode determine how much she earns?


LEESHA MCKENNY Man Men-style neighbourhoods have a huge bearing on your income.

Next big thing

Watch: HBO's new drama 'Looking' will remind you of Girls


Candice Chung Think Hannah's crew but replaced by the ("bizarrely handsome") gay gentleman of San Francisco.

Watch: an alternate ending to Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Heisenberg and the rest of the Breaking Bad crew may have said there farewells on the official set of the show, but that didn't stop them returning for one last (parody) hurrah.

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Delta Goodrem on the trials and triumphs of the last decade

No caption

Dino Scatena In the decade since Innocent Eyes was released, Delta Goodrem has grown up, and grown stronger. She talks about exorcising past demons and her determination to finally crack the US market.

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Joss Whedon just said some really dumb things about feminism

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - NOVEMBER 04: Actress Alyson Hannigan and Joss Whedon attend the

CLEM BASTOW The Buffy creator is not a super-feminist we all want him to be.


Rachel Griffiths to play Julia Gillard in TV drama

Julia Gillard (left) to be portrayed by Rachel Griffiths (right) in new television drama.

JESSICA WRIGHT Australian actress Rachel Griffiths has signed on to portray former prime minister Julia Gillard in a full length television drama.


Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat goes to Disneyland, hates it


The the happiest place on Earth just got a little bit grumpier.

90s flashback

8 saddest moments in teen drama history

The OC

Molly Horan Because at least one episode per season blows past typical dating drama, leaving you sobbing like you're listening to an Adele song.

F rated

Swedes introduce new movie rating to flag feminist films

1626049 005

EFFIE MANN Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and all but one of the Harry Potter movies fail the test.

Downton Abbey

Watchdog drops case on Downton Abbey's rape episode

Anna Bates in <i>Downton Abbey</i>.

Contains spoilers.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele gives first US magazine interview after Cory Monteith's death


Says Kate Hudson helped her through grief.

Best worst quotes

Five strange statements from Nicole Kidman's Jimmy Choo promotional video


Sarah Oakes Move over Miley our Nicole is the party girl of all party girls.

White Ribbon Day

Powerful new domestic violence message plays on archetypal tourism ads

White ribbon day

Sarah Oakes Clever White Ribbon day advertisement send a powerful message.


Men finally welcome at Switzerland's last surviving finishing school

Guillaume, a French student takes part in a conversation role during a session on English dining during the Intensive Etiquette Courses at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Glion near Montreux, western Switzerland, October 22, 2013. In their heyday before feminism stirred in the 1960s, European aristocrats sent their daughters to finishing schools in safe, neutral Switzerland to polish their manners and prepare them for married life. About half a dozen such schools once flourished in the French-speaking Alps, but the others have closed as young women have instead chosen to attend university and pursue careers. Now part of the demand for the last surviving school is coming from a very different segment of the population - men. Picture taken October 22, 2013.  REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND - Tags: EDUCATION SOCIETY)

Emma Farge The sewing school has been dropped and men are now welcome to be "groomed for marriage" in Switzerland's last surviving "finishing school".

Actors Anonymous

We read James Franco's new book so you don't have to

James Franco

NICOLE ELPHICK Everything isn’t terrible in this book, just most of it.

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Do you have cyber secrets?

Mid adult woman lying on bed using laptop

DOM KNIGHT The five most embarrassing emails on Dom Knight's server.

Literary snobs

Does reading fiction make you a better, less self-absorbed person?


Mark O'Connell Who really knows if reading will make you a better person? More to the point, why should it matter?

Best new show

The new TV show you should be watching


CLEM BASTOW Sleepy Hollow is bringing silly scares and witty banter back.

Fright Night

Feel bad about your bloodlust?


Joel Meares Guilty pleasure or channelling of existential angst? Either way, the simple horror film offers some very complex pleasures.