Racist advertising

'Jaw-droppingly racist' Chinese detergent ad provokes global condemnation

The advert for a Chinese laundry detergent that has attracted racism claims.

Adam Boult   The ad has sparked a conversation about racially-charged Chinese beauty standards and the nation's phobia of darker skin.

Great housekeeping

The UK's 'Good Housekeeping' magazine did a study on vibrators and tabloids couldn't handle it


Jenny Noyes   Yes, middle aged women still like to get their rocks off. Don't be so alarmed, everyone.

Loser generation

My theory for why we're losing things more often

The more we submit to the demands of connectivity, the less we can pay attention to everything else - including our ...

Jenna Price   The more we submit to the demands of connectivity, the less we can pay attention to everything else - including our belongings, writes Jenna Price.

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Going viral

This teen's tweet about secretly taking his boyfriend to prom is going viral

Myren and Ralph, on their way to prom.

Rob Moran   "My parents told me I couldn't go to prom because I wanted to go with my boyfriend so I had to go behind their backs."

Patrick Lenton

Why I’m uncomfortable with male friendship

Two young guys hanging out on a bridge in the city.

Patrick Lenton   Patrick Lenton explains why he has always felt a kind of quivering caution around men.

Facebook fat-shaming

Facebook rejected a feminist group's body positive event ad on 'health and fitness' grounds

The "offending" image of model Tess Holliday.

Jenny Noyes   The image they used of plus-size model Tess Holliday was deemed "undesirable" and would apparently make viewers "feel bad about themselves."

Trans issues

White House deflects backlash over inclusive bathroom guidelines for transgender students

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama was involved and consulted throughout the process.

Gregory Korte   The guidance requires schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom or locker room of their chosen gender.

Empowered emojis

Google proposes new emojis showing women doing more than painting their nails

Google's new emojis show women doing things other than leisure activities and being princesses.

Karen Workman   When it comes to emojis, women can be brides or princesses, paint their fingernails, get a haircut and go dancing in a red dress. Google has heard your complaints about the tired stereotype and has announced a plan to fix it.

College culture

College culture is misogynistic even if it offers some women sexual freedom


Xiaoran Shi   Focusing too much on individual experiences numbs us to structural faults larger than ourselves, Xiaoran Shi writes.

Uni students infiltrate massage parlour

Sydney University's 99-year-old Wesley College.

Aparna Balakumar   Students from Wesley College have apologised after a massage parlour was infiltrated during an initiation activity.

Femmo art

A beginner's guide to the new wave of feminist activist art


Neha Kale   Because, as Neha Kale writes, there are few conversations as snooze-inducing as the one that insists great artists are always white, male geniuses.

Airbnb bias

The problem with using the sharing economy as a brown Muslim woman

"If it had happened once or twice, I might have written it off as sloppy hosting. But to have eight consecutive ...

Zeynab Gamieldien   How many Airbnb rejections do I need to go through before I can stop calling it a 'coincidence'?, asks Zeynab Gamieldien.

Storrar can now buy a whiz-bang toaster

Duncan Storrar with his daughters Jakalah-Rose, Indica and wife Cindy-Lee.

Aisha Dow   A crowd funding campaign to raise money for Q&A's latest social media hero has raised more than $9000.

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Obama to name Stonewall as the first LGBTI rights national monument

The Stonewall Inn ,the iconic bar that was the site of the Stonewall riots of 1969, considered to be the single most ...

Juliet Eilperin   "We must ensure that we never forget the legacy of Stonewall," NYC politician Jerrold Nadler said.


Why I refuse to feel sorry for torrenting Game of Thrones

In this image released by HBO, Tyrion Lannister, portrayed by Peter Dinklage, appears in a scene from season four of ...

Mark Serrels   What Australians are expected to go through to pay for and watch this show is actually insane. It borders on anti-consumer.

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Book-loving stars on Instagram: They're the new Oprah

Actress Reese Witherspoon is an enthusiastic social media sharer of "book selfies".

Jocelyn McClurg   The hottest Hollywood accessory of the moment is just the right size to fit snugly in a Hermes Birkin bag or a Celine Luggage tote: a book.

Good hair? Don't care

The mission to destroy 'Becky with the good hair' misses Beyonce's radical point

Fearless and in control: Beyonce in <i>Hold Up</i>, from her new album <i>Lemonade</i>.

Neha Kale   Are Beyonce's furious fans ready to accept her reimagining of female power?


Why Merriam-Webster added 'cisgender', 'genderqueer' and 'Mx.' to the dictionary

Other new additions include FOMO, hella and dox.

Niraj Chokshi   The addition of words such as genderqueer lends legitimacy to terms long in use by the LGBT community.

Love prevails

Widowed former senator will remarry at 90, this time to a man

The soon-to-be newlyweds.

Helena Andrews-Dyer   "Too often, our society seeks to label people by pinning them on the wall - straight, gay or in between."

The war on sex: PM axes school sex-ed program

Sex education has become a political football.

Jill Stark   Online resource will replace program using youth educators to deliver sex education in schools and universities.

Why Purple Rain, the movie, matters

Prince on stage during his 1984 Purple Rain tour.

Steven Rea   Prince made one great rock movie, the semi-autobiographical star-is-born psychodrama 'Purple Rain, released in 1984 in tandem with the album.

Michaelia Cash's message to men

Employment Minister and Minister for Women Michaelia Cash confirmed negative gearing will not be touched in the budget.

Anna Patty   It's time for a "two-way exchange" when it comes to gender and careers, says the Employment Minister.

Trans rights

Target welcomes customers in fitting rooms, bathrooms that correspond with 'gender identity'

Last August, Target transformed its toy section so that toys were no longer grouped together by gender.

Yanan Wang   Last August, Target transformed its toy section so that toys were no longer grouped together by gender.

RIP Prince

Prince and Bowie showed there's no one right way to be a man


Alyssa Rosenberg   At a time when politics is consumed by gender panic, we've lost two men who had an expansive, almost luxuriant vision of what it meant to be a man.

Splendour 2016

Splendour doesn't want your sexist camper vans

A review the Queensland Attorney-General pointed to in July 2015 which was to look at adding gender vilification to the ...

Rob Moran   The festival tells prospective campers to "steer clear" of camper vans with sexist slogans.

New US $20 bill will feature civil rights activist Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, between 1860 and 1875.

Megan Cassella   Civil rights activist and one-time slave Harriet Tubman will replace slave-holding former President Andrew Jackson on the $US 20 bill, becoming the first African-American woman to be featured on the face of US paper currency in more than a century.

Pillow talk

This 'smart mattress' will let you know if your partner is cheating on you

Oh shit, the 'Smarttress' has reported some suspicious activity in your bed.

Rob Moran   Snitches sleep in ditches. Unless the snitch is already a mattress.

A fierce response to misogyny wins the Stella

Charlotte Wood's most recent novel, The Natural Way of Things, is a profoundly unsettling treatment of institutional ...

Jason Steger   Charlotte Wood's has followed up her success in the awards from independent booksellers by winning this year's Stella Prize for her novel The Natural Way of Things.

Race-based jokes

The difference between a good race joke and bad one

Comedian Aparna Nancherla.

Kamna Muddagouni   Race-based humour should make social observations not exploit stereotypes for cheap laughs, Kamna Muddagouni writes.

Clem Bastow

Letting people use their phones at the movies is a terrible idea

Laugh, scream, weep openly in the cinema - just please don't stare down at your phones, writes Clem Bastow.

Clem Bastow   Laugh, scream, weep openly in the cinema - just please don't stare down at your phones, writes Clem Bastow.

No Men Allowed

The top secret women-only groups on the internet

How do you stop online harassment? Ban the men.

Caitlin Dewey   How do you stop online harassment? Try banning the men.

The myth of the multitasking mother, or why men should do the laundry

Jessica Irvine dinkus

Jessica Irvine   Stereotypes of the male domestic bumbler and the female domestic goddess are just that.

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It's time to go cashless

You aren't still using cash are you?

Dominic Knight   Coins and notes were useful instruments in their day, but that day is over.

Social overload

Why I decided to remove my birthday from Facebook

Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday today

Jenna Price   Millennials are right about so much, and their approach to engagement on social media is no exception.

Secret societies

All-male Harvard club says admitting women could increase sexual assault

Harvard University is the United States' oldest institution of higher learning.

Justin Wm. Moyer   "Forcing single gender organisations to accept members of the opposite sex could potentially increase, not decrease the potential for sexual misconduct."

Street harassment

Where is the line between normal behaviour and harassment?

"Street harassment is not a compliment. It is a form of violence and abuse with serious consequences. It has to stop."

Dr Bianca Fileborn   "Street harassment is not a compliment. It is a form of violence and abuse with serious consequences. It has to stop."

Accidental detox

I lost my phone for a month – this is what I learnt

"I went out for a few drinks one night and woke up with a hangover where my phone should have been."

Cameron Nicholls   Here are a few of the interesting things Cameron Nicholls got out of the whole ordeal.

Bare-knee outrage

Schoolgirls told their skirts are 'distracting' the male teachers

Too sexy: High school students were told to drop their hems even further.

Forty year 11 students at Auckland's Henderson High say they were called into a meeting to be told their uniform skirts were deemed too short.

Feminist Digilantes

The problem with DIY internet justice


Emma Jane   Australian women are at the frontline of the 'feminist digilante' movement and their efforts are getting results. But we need to look at the bigger picture.


Will Kesha's case prove a tipping point for women in an industry that celebrates misogyny?

Recording artists Kesha has accused pop hit-making music producer Dr Luke of sexual, physical, verbal and emotional ...

Lorraine Ali   Kesha may have lost her case in New York court, but she has triggered something remarkable.

Wake up

Time to wake up! Spain's prime minister wants to end the siesta

Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy, not a fan of napping.

Niraj Chokshi   Under new legislation we can't imagine anyone wanting, Spain would switch the country back to Greenwich Mean Time and do away with their traditional sleepytime breaks.

Street harassment of LGBTI people rife, study finds

Bianca Fileborn

Alana Schetzer   Many LGBTI people experience harassment, from people staring or giving disapproving looks, to more aggressive acts.

Fan fiction

In defence of fan fiction

Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac) from <i>Star Wars: The Force Awakens</i> are slash fiction favourites.

Noah Berlatsky   "Fan fiction is a way for people to talk back to narratives that exclude them, or to elaborate new possibilities in stories they already consider theirs."

Today's TV comedies are no laughing matter

Amanda Peet stars in <i>Togetherness</i>.

Debi Enker   Is awkward the new funny? So it seems thanks to a batch of contemporary comedies less concerned with laughter than looking at life and pondering about how strange the world can be.

Sex abuse scandal

Where were the 'Spotlight' journalists in my hometown?

Walter "Robby" Robinson (Michael Keaton) and Sacha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams) in a scene from SPOTLIGHT, directed by Tom ...

Mary Kane   Days after the Oscar victory for 'Spotlight', Mary Kane would see the story, and the scandal, from a very different perspective.

Kasey Edwards

Why we should teach young girls to code

"As software becomes more ubiquitous and pervasive, women need to make sure that the 'solutions' that are devised ...

Kasey Edwards   "We need to get beyond the stereotype that the only people who are good at computer coding are guys with questionable hygiene," writes Kasey Edwards.

Changing it up

What does it really mean to 'reinvent' yourself?

Lady Gagahas reinvented herself a few times on her journey from shock value pop star to Tony Bennett collaborator to ...

Olivia Clement   The kinds of people who up-end their careers, relationships or lifestyles to pursue a passion are fearless in Olivia Clement's eyes.

Cultural appropriation

Why white people need to stop saying 'namaste'

It's about considering whether you can practice yoga without spiritually harvesting a culture that is not yours.

Kamna Muddagouni   And have a good hard think about their yoga practise.

Clementine Ford

Clem Ford slams Facebook over shameful 'community guidelines' double standard

<i>Daily Life</i> columnist, Clementine Ford.

Rob Moran   "Meanwhile, my account remains on a 30 day ban because I told a man to f--k off."

Teen girls bombarded by sexting and bullying

Online bullying of teenagers creates a sense of despair, as images placed online are there forever.

Clare Kermond   Teenage girls say online bullying and pressure to send sexy images have become everyday problems.

Twitter friends

Why feminist meet-cutes are the best thing about Twitter

Twitter may be blamed for introducing feminist women to vicious trolls - but it has also introduced a lot of feminist ...

Scarlett Harris   Twitter may be blamed for introducing feminist women to vicious trolls - but it has also introduced a lot of feminist women to each other.


Are #Gamergate panels actually helpful?

SXSW's SavePoint panel, featuring games developer Nick Robalik and Society of Professional Journalists president-elect ...

Tegan Jones   "The solution doesn't lie in convincing people that harassment is bad. People know that it is. Change will only come from convincing people that it actually exists," writes Tegan Jones.

Women in Gaming

An insight into the gaming industry's enormous sexism problem

The photos published to Twitter by Kamina Vincent.

Tegan Jones   What Microsoft's dancing schoolgirls tell us about the disrespect and exclusion of women in gaming.

Close the Gap

Why we need to support Indigenous-led health services

Tanya Denning-Orman, Channel Manager at NITV

Tanya Denning-Orman   "Our people are key to our solutions," writes Tanya Denning-Orman on Close the Gap day.

Butch women

When did 'butch' become a dirty word in the queer scene?

Esther Godoy: "In the USA, female masculinity was celebrated, not denigrated."

Esther Godoy   It took a trip to the USA for Esther Godoy to realise she could be physically attractive. Now she's launched a magazine that celebrates the butch identity.


Why poetry is a powerful way to shed light on injustices

Poet Hawraa Kash performing at the Bankstown Poetry Slam.

Sara Saleh   The further our imagination is extended, the more compassion and empathy we collectively build, writes Sara Saleh.

Women's refuges uncontactable after-hours: survey


Anna Patty   More than a third of women's refuges in NSW are not contactable after-hours, a survey of NSW services has found.

Push for end to pay secrecy to close gender gap

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash.

Judith Ireland   Unions, lawyers and academics are calling on federal parliament to enable all Australian workers to discuss their pay with colleagues, in a bid to address the gender pay gap.


Gay ad stirs controversy for McDonald's in Taiwan

The ad which has caused a stir in Taiwan.

The ad showing a boy telling his father he is gay has stirred up controversy in the conservative country.

The women's book club on Twitter that will take over your reading list

"Their stories didn't get to be told in the grand, epic way that many men's stories were told."

Julia Carpenter   "Their stories didn't get to be told in the grand, epic way that many men's stories were told. There's a movement to read the books."