Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer is television and radio identity and journalist and writes Traveller's family holiday column, Mama Holiday.

Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer: why women should do a solo trip to Paris

For Tracey Spicer, living like a local in Paris means enjoying the occasional glass of Chablis.

Tracey Spicer The City of Light was the perfect destination for a short stay, sans husband and kids.

Tracey Spicer

Babymoon: Five top tips for travelling while pregnant

It pays to enjoy a leisurely pace if taking your holidays while pregnant.

Tracey Spicer With June the prime time for the babymoon, here is some advice to help expectant mothers make the most of their getaway.

Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer: We've reached peak pamper

We've reached peak pamper: Tracey Spicer.

Tracey Spicer I have two tweens and four jobs. I don't have time to mollycoddle a canine.

Tracey Spicer

Why organising Christmas shouldn't be 'women's work'

Tracey Spicer.

Tracey Spicer One friend calls it the "social account keeping". And being absolved of this responsibility is no good for men.

Yule be damned

Tracey Spicer Tracey Spicer explains why organising Christmas is not "women's work".

Are sex robots really a 'commercial inevitability'?

Ex Machina

Tracey Spicer A future in which 'sex dolls with feelings' will have complex moral, legal and social ramifications.

Travel: Disneyland

This is still the happiest place on earth for a family holiday

Tracey Spicer Tracey Spicer and her family found that Disneyland at 60 is still a magical rollercoaster ride.

The girls' club

Tracey Spicer The "pussy Mafia" was all about survival in the sexist world of '80s television.

The girls' club

How the 'pussy mafia' helped me survive TV news as a woman in the '80s

Tracey Spicer.

Tracey Spicer Five women, one mission: to carve a career from the Jurassic jungle that was the Channel Nine newsroom.

Short breaks

8 quick local getaways for the whole family

Tracey Spicer Looking to chuck some stuff in the back of the family sedan and dart away for some brief holiday time with the kids? Tracey Spicer has some suggestions.


Tracey Spicer: We need to change the language surrounding autism

Tracey Spicer On World Autism Awareness Day, Tracey Spicer writes about her personal connection to the misunderstood condition.

John Laws, please stop bullying sexual assault victims

John Laws told sexual abuse victim Brian to change his attitude.

Tracey Spicer Guess what? It's 2015. You can't just lumber around, gnashing your teeth, like a demented dinosaur.

Tracey Spicer

What it's like when your kids walk in on you

Tracey Spicer:

Tracey Spicer The time will inevitably come when there's no avoiding "the talk", writes Tracey Spicer.

Family holidays

Last-minute family summer holiday ideas

Tracey Spicer Itching for a family getaway this summer but left it slightly late? No probs, Tracey Spicer has some ideas.

Tracey Spicer: This is what I look like without make-up


Tracey Spicer When the daily grooming ritual became too much of a burden for Tracey Spicer, she decided to go cold turkey.

Tracey Spicer

An ode to good neighbours

Bad Neigbours.

Tracey Spicer Making time to connect with those around us can lead to a much richer life.

An atheist's guide to explaining Easter to children


Tracey Spicer Tracey Spicer's nine-year-old son is convinced that Zombies are involved.

Pet holiday

Where to take your pets on holiday


TRACEY SPICER They say you should never work with children or animals. But what about holidaying with them?

Tracey Spicer

Women, stop giving it away for free

Tracey Spicer for Sunday Life

Photographer: James Brickwood
Stylist: Olivia Waugh
Hair and make up: Erin Shaw

Shot five 
Witchery grey black dress
Oliver Peoples Artie spectacles // RRP $395.00
Oliver Peoples stockist // 1800 034 217
Olivia and Alice black and white spot heels

Tracey Spicer Tracey Spicer has a message for you on International Women's Day. We need to stop giving it away for free. You know what I'm talking about: Unpaid work, pro bono projects, and endless internships.

Tracey Spicer

Why it's OK to be selfish, sometimes

Tracey Spicer new dinkus shot for Traveller. photography by 
Damian Bennett.

Tracey Spicer Tracey Spicer on why 'me time' is important.