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Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down: US prisoner of war Mike Durant reunites with the aid worker who saved him

As told to Sarah Oakes Suzanne Hofstetter was the only person allowed contact with Durant during his time as a POW. This is her story, retold over 20 years later.

Hillary 2016

Why are we talking about the link between menopause and politics?

Sarah Oakes All of a sudden, ovaries in the Oval Office are a big topic of discussion.


Can IKEA save your relationship?

Sarah Oakes Assembling IKEA furniture is now a tool in couple's therapy.

Famous stays

You can stay at the homes of creative icons on Airbnb

Sarah Oakes Inspiration from the greats from just $110 a night.

Why you should call yourself a mistress

Ideally I think we could do away with suffixes altogether.

Sarah Oakes (Or at the very least, a Ms)

Cute workspaces

Six reasons you should treat yourself to a new study

Sarah Oakes Science, money, your health - there are many factors besides rampant consumerism that mean you really deserve a new study.

Living small

Could you live in an 8 square metre house?


Sarah Oakes What we can all learn from the tiny apartment craze.


Why Salt-N-Pepa were 20 years ahead of their time

Salt-N-Pepa onstage back in 1995.

Sarah Oakes The progressive '90s hip-hop trio wrote the anthem for every modern young woman exactly two decades ago, writes Sarah Oakes.

Everything wrong with Meghan Trainor's 'Dear Future Husband'

A screen shot from Meghan Trainor's

Sarah Oakes A 2015 response to the 60s letter Trainor should never send.

It's official: Hillary Clinton would run for President as a woman

Apart from being sexist and unfunny, Paul's fake Clinton account breached Pinterest's rules.

Sarah Oakes Turns out 'being a woman' is now a much hotter ticket than it was in 2008.

Vintage vinyl

How to start an excellent record collection


Sarah Oakes With its crisp sound and stunning sleeves, it's little wonder vinyl's a big deal again. We got some starter tips from a lifelong collector.

Daily Life during the holidays

Sarah Oakes Over the holiday period we will be running "best of" stories from our favourite contributors.

Stella Young

Remembering Stella Young: disability advocate, social commentator, comedian

Everybody's Buisness: Taking action to prevent and respond to violence against women with disabilities conference. Pictured Keynote Speaker Comedian Journalist and Disibility Advocate Stella Young. 140814LP16 Picture:LEANNE PICKETT

Sarah Oakes One of our favourite writers and activists Stella Young passed away on Sunday.

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Mean Tweets

Hear Lena Dunham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears read mean Tweets

Gwyneth Paltrow

Sarah Oakes This never gets old.

Fountain of youth

Taste of the 90s: Sub Zero is back

Sub Zero's are back in bottle shops today.

Sarah Oakes The source of so many sentences that began, "I'm never drinking again" is back in your local liquor store fridge from today.

Cate Blanchett made a powerful speech about gender at Gough Whitlam's memorial

Cate Blanchett

Sarah Oakes "The nation was truly changed by him through the arts and through gender."

Bavarian Bier Cafe called out for sexist and exploitative ads


Sarah Oakes Sydney restaurant is been taken to task for an exploitative ad campaign.

Bake it off

Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift battle it out in a bake off


Sarah Oakes This parody to raise money for cancer is pretty darn cute.

Nestle cuts size of killer pythons in half

Sarah Oakes Killer Pythons are looking more like multi-coloured vipers as the global confectionery giant downsizes products to control portion sizes and respond to growing consumer concerns about their sugar...