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Valentine's gifts

11 anti-Valentine's Day gifts for your cynical friends and lovers


Sarah Oakes We all know that Valentine's Day is juvenile, consumerist nonsense. But c'mon, these gifts are SO worth it.

Home inspiration

'Carol' is not only a brilliant movie, but a goldmine of styling ideas

Sarah Oakes Check out these '50's-inspired pieces that could easily be added to your home.

Home crush

Amy Schumer’s new boyfriend makes some really nice furniture

Amy Schumer with her new furniture designing man, Ben Hanisch.

Sarah Oakes Girl meets guy, guy makes her a DIY swing-set.

Christmas decorating

11 gorgeous and free Christmas decorations to make your party pop

Sarah Oakes Some wonderful decorating ideas for those of us with an overload of Christmas spirit thumping through our veins.

Sleep tips

An insomniac's guide to making your room more sleep-friendly


Sarah Oakes Struggling to get your nightly REM? Here's what the experts suggest.

Christmas cheer

Nine Christmas cards you'll actually want to send

Sarah Oakes These wonderful Christmas cards will impress even the biggest Scrooge in your life.

Shoe-free homes

Is a shoe-free household worth the effort (and awkwardness)?

Sarah Oakes "While some people don't wear shoes in their house for cultural reasons, my interest in the issue was strictly germ-centric."

Celeb abodes

Jimi Hendrix's flat and the best museum homes from around the world

imi Hendrix's former home in London will be turned into a museum.

Sarah Oakes The best famous homes that you can still explore for yourself.

Star Wars

The Death Star waffle maker and other Star Wars homewares you're currently missing


Sarah Oakes A short guide to the very best of Star Wars furniture and appliances.

Star Wars

The Death Star waffle maker and other Star Wars homewares your place is missing


Sarah Oakes The very best of Star Wars furniture and appliances.

Vintage style

Best Australian vintage furniture shops to follow on Instagram

You can trawl through pre-loved goodies without leaving the couch.

Sarah Oakes You can trawl through pre-loved goodies without leaving the couch.

Summer buys

The perfect beach tent and other non-essentials you will probably need for summer

Sarah Oakes It's never too soon to start stocking up on homewares that reflect your sunny mood.

Future style

Nap desks, redesigned TVs, and other home innovations you need now

Sarah Oakes Designers are looking into the future and reimagining ordinary household objects in interesting new ways. Get these in your homes now.

Office space

Is your ugly new office ruining your work life?

Sarah Oakes Your likelihood of disagreeing with your co-workers might be due to the design of your office, a new study suggests.

Spring keen

Five beautiful blooms you can easily grow from scratch this spring

Sarah Oakes It's easy to flex your green thumb this season with these floral varieties.

Lego living

Lego furniture is now officially a thing

Sarah Oakes If you’ve always had a yearning to build your own furniture but never had the actual skills required to do it, this one's for you.

DIY kits

Nine wonderful DIY kits for your home

Sarah Oakes Gin, cheese, ukuleles - these kits make anyone a master of the artisanal arts.

Prints please

11 totally free and gorgeous printables for your home


Sarah Oakes From wall art to kids' games, these sites feature the best of the best.

Celebrating abortion

We need more pop songs about abortion

Jack on Fire badges

Sarah Oakes Washington DC band 'Jack on Fire' think talking about the issue in a flip, cheery manner is important, so they're using music to normalise the conversation.

Rental red flags

Eight signs you shouldn’t rent that apartment

Broad City

Sarah Oakes Cramped insides, toxic neighbours, traces of vermin... Yep, you need to think twice.