Clair Huxtable

Four times Clair Huxtable was a badass feminist

Ruby Hamad Appreciating the Cosby Show matriarch ahead of the show's 30th anniversary.

Rotherham child abuse

Who's to blame for Rotherham?

Ruby Hamad "A cover-up of this magnitude does not happen in a void. It is indicative of a wider culture of silence, intimidation and male entitlement that punishes victims for speaking up."

Wartime inequality

How gender inequality affects women in times of conflict

Ruby Hamad Figures from Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Liberia show just how much the effects of gender inequality are exacerbated during times of war and conflict.

Female judge links low rape conviction rates and women's drinking habits

woman drinking pub

Ruby Hamad As long as women follow the rules -stay at home, don’t drink, don’t wear “slutty” clothes- then we will have earned sympathy in the event we are sexual assaulted.

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Overdue respect

Six accomplished women in maths and science who deserve more respect


Ruby Hamad From Maryam Mirzakhani to Rosalind Franklin, let's give some overdue recognition to women who have been smashing it in the sciences for centuries.

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Amal Alamuddin

Amal Alamuddin: how sexism dogs one of the world's most brilliant women

Amal Alamuddin

Ruby Hamad The indignity of being a celebrity's significant other.

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The sisterhood

Five times the Women Against Feminism tumblr proved women really need feminism


Ruby Hamad Don’t worry, young ladies, we’ll smash the patriarchy for you, even though you refuse to see it.

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Ruby Hamad

What needs to happen for us to take rape seriously?

BADAUN, INDIA - JUNE 3: Mothers of one of the victim of Badaun Rape case at Katra Sadatganj village on June 3, 2014 in Badaun, India. Two teenage girls belonging to Dalit community were raped and hanged from the village mango tree in last week by five men when they had gone to relieve themselves in the field. The case raised the many questions about the deteriorating situation of caste and gender violence as well as general lawlessness with each passing day on current Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh. (Photo by Burhaan Kinu/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Ruby Hamad If we, generally speaking, didn’t think that the primary function of a woman’s body is to sexually satisfy (or at the very least appeal to) men, then we would recognise a woman’s right to wear...

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Enforced baby boom

What Iran's permanent contraceptives ban will mean for women


Ruby Hamad Why the new measures will come at the expense of women’s freedom.

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Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Cancelling the ‘Honour Killings' talk is not enough


Ruby Hamad The Festival owes an apology to the Muslim community who have once again been tarnished through no fault of their own.

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You need to watch 'The World Before Her'


Ruby Hamad When women are asked to embrace your “true inferior nature” or exploit their sexuality.

'Casual racism'

You're probably more racist than you think

man wrapped in Australian flag towel with blue sky

Ruby Hamad The many ways Australians justify racism.

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PETA controversy

The five worst PETA campaigns of all time

Autism peta

Ruby Hamad There is no marginalised group that Peta is not willing to throw under the bus in the vain hope it will compel the world to stop treating animals like commodities.

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Farzana Iqbal

Farzana Iqbal's death and the psychology of honour killings

Pakistani Mohammad Iqbal   holds up an image of his wife Farzana Parveen, who was allegedly beaten to death with bricks by her father and other family members for marrying a man of her own choice, in Chak 367.

Ruby Hamad Farzana Iqbal's death reveals the psychology behind honour killings.

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Why aren't we more outraged by the missing Nigerian schoolgirls?


Ruby Hamad More importantly, is it already too late?

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Child brides

Nowhere does the Quran condone child brides

Juba, Sudan. Shuffling through shallows, a southern girl who fled to the government garrison town of Juba eats a foraged mango.

Ruby Hamad There is no evidence to suggest that Mohammad endorsed the marriage of innocent young girls to men.

All lead actors in The Gods of Egypt will be white

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - NOVEMBER 07:  Actor Gerard Butler attends the Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique grand opening on November 7, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Ruby Hamad When a film set in Egypt with Egyptian characters is played by an all-white cast.

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Diversity fail

NSW State Library's panel on diversity fails to actually be diverse

New South Wales State Library.

Ruby Hamad Four white people will be on a panel talking about 'Multiculturalism: what are we afraid of?' Apparently we are afraid of letting people of colour discuss race in a public forum.

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Hits and misses

The creepiest "love" songs in white pop history

NETHERLANDS - JANUARY 01:  Photo of George MICHAEL  (Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)

Ruby Hamad Most of them are still played on radio and many of them are regarded as classics.

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Anti-PETA protest

Eating caged eggs won’t change PETA


Ruby Hamad The key to changing the culture of oppression is to not adopt the tactics of the oppressor: