Don't ask athletes to set aside politics 'in the spirit of the Olympics'

Nacif Elias carries the Lebanese flag during the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics.

Ruby Hamad Ruby Hamad says the Lebanese team's refusal to allow Israel onto their bus has plenty of precedent.

#MenInHijab is not a protest of Islam, it's part of an ongoing battle against the Iran government


Ruby Hamad The more we target Islam as a whole instead of the power structures exploiting it, the less support we lend to progressives like these men and women.

Why I have mixed feelings about waving goodbye to the Obamas

Barack and Michelle wave to the crowd during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Ruby Hamad Ruby Hamad has spent the past eight years in inner conflict about Obama's presidency. And it's not about to change should Clinton take over the job.

Muslim identity

Like Sam Dastyari, I am a non-practicing Muslim. Why is that hard to accept?

Sam Dastyari joined Ross Greenwood on Money News.

Ruby Hamad This is what people need to understand about virulent Islamophobes: They believe they have a better understanding of Islam and Muslims than Muslims do.

Honour killing

No, we don't need to come up with a new word for 'honour killing'

Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch was allegedly murdered by her brother in an honour killing.

Ruby Hamad The murder of Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch has reignited debate about the term. Here's why Ruby Hamad believes it is the most appropriate way to describe such murders.

Animal rights

Admit it. Mike Baird has finally done something right with his greyhound racing ban

The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has been a central drop off point for abandoned racing greyhounds.

Ruby Hamad Ruby Hamad feels like she's woken up in Opposite Land this week.

Excusing racism

'Classwashing' Australia's racism problem won't make it disappear

Ruby Hamad Even more extraordinary than the results of recent elections is how racist voting habits are being explained away, writes Ruby Hamad.

Brexit irony

Here's three reasons not to call Brexit the UK's 'Independence Day'

The historic Brexit vote has divided Britain.

Ruby Hamad Jokes aside, the idea that Brexit is a win for “independence” is a fantasy that must not be legitimised, Ruby Hamad writes.

Long face syndrome

If you ask me 'why the long face?' you might be surprised by the answer

Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad Would you believe the way you breathe can change your facial structure? Ruby Hamad recently found out the hard way.

Mythbusting film

'Muslim women are not always victims. They're fighters'

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Ruby Hamad Filmmakers Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Geeta Ghandbir cut through prevailing stereotypes in their work, and their latest doco about Bangladeshi women peacekeepers is no exception.

Climbing costs

The ego trip of a lifetime: Our obsession with climbing Everest comes at a price


Ruby Hamad It's time to end the farce; Sherpa climb mountains, everyone else just stands on their shoulders.

Fighting colourism

Anti-black racism is not just the domain of white societies

The ad for a Chinese laundry detergent that has attracted racism claims.

Ruby Hamad Anti-blackness is where racial discrimination begins, and must be the first thing to go, writes Ruby Hamad.

Why Christian and Muslim fundamentalists actually aren't enemies

Far from being natural enemies, these groups have been working together behind the scenes to advance a regressive social agenda at the UN.

Ruby Hamad Far from being natural enemies, these groups have been working together behind the scenes to advance a regressive social agenda at the UN.


When will Q&A stop discussing Muslims without any Muslims present?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Q&A.

Ruby Hamad Almost every week, Q&A panellists talk about Muslims. But how often do the people who are the topic of conversation get to speak?

Peacekeeper or predator?

The devastating irony of calling UN troops 'peacekeepers'

The world can look the other way because of the strength of the good guy narrative, writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad When those literally employed to "keep the peace" are running illegal brothels, raping with impunity, and forcing children to perform sex acts with dogs, the term has lost all legitimate meaning.

Refugee parenting

For these women in Lebanon, going to mothers' group is truly a lifeline

Syrian refugee Dima, 34, sits on a couch with her son after an interview with Plan International Australia at the Primary Health Case Centre in Fanar, in Beirut's suburbs, Lebanon, Monday, March 14, 2016. Dima participated earlier that day in a parenting session with other Syrian refugee women.

Ruby Hamad "We are in difficult situations. We can't even go back to where we came from, and these hard circumstances of make things worse for our kids."

Late bloomers

The anxiety-inducing pressure to be professionally accomplished at a young age


Ruby Hamad "There is time in a long life to try many different things. It's OK to take your time," Ruby Hamad writes.

Sex and shame

Why did a priest equate the 'sin' of a woman's adultery with paedophilia?

Ruby Hamad Ruby Hamad examines the link between child sex abuse and the demonisation of women's sexuality.

60 Minutes

The role of white privilege in the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga

Ruby Hamad dinkus

Ruby Hamad What made these journalists think they could do this, and get away with it? Ruby Hamad thinks western entitlement played a part.

Right to choose

Hillary Clinton is wrong: You cannot be a feminist and 'pro-life'

Ruby Hamad Feminism is a broad church, one in which we disagree on many issues. But this is one thing on which we must agree, writes Ruby Hamad.