Australia Day

Why are people still 'proud' of the British empire and its colonial legacy?

Captain Cook statue, Hyde Park, Sydney+

Ruby Hamad You cannot divorce the success of British colonialism from its atrocities, writes Ruby Hamad.

Feminist politics

The definitive ranking of feminist issues, according to the government

Malcolm Turnbull has slammed the leak of a photo of the public servant at the centre of Jamie Briggs' resignation.

Ruby Hamad Nine feminist issues ranked in descending order of importance to the Australian government.

Operation Boomerang

How the Australia Day lamb ad contributes to everyday cultural erasure

Ruby Hamad No national holiday can be a cause for unbridled celebration when it hinges on erasing the reality of a violent past.

Vegan ethics

When is being vegan no longer about ethical living?

Ruby Hamad Unfortunately, "vegan celebrity" Durian Rider's toxic views on DV are just the tip of the iceberg of ill-informed, dangerous attitudes prevalent amongst the movement.

Blackface Xmas

What does the appearance of 'Black Pete' in Canberra say about Australian racism?

Musicians blacked up as 'Zwarte Piet' for Christmas in the Netherlands.

Ruby Hamad Christmas is upon us - and to mark the occasion the Dutch Embassy employed three men in blackface to hand out gifts to children.

Feminist globe

Feminism is still happening where you least expect it

Yazidi refugees in Syria celebrate after hearing that Islamic State militants have been driven out of Sinjar.

Ruby Hamad It's been a remarkable year for feminism - in Australia and globally. Here are some examples of feminism happening in far-flung places you least expect it.

Arab Idol

When reality TV is life-changing for the audience

Ruby Hamad A show we in The West regard as mildly embarrassing, can mean something completely different in another part of the world.

Twilight years

Why we should place more value on the company of elders

Ruby Hamad It's callous to expect people to work their entire lives, only to be shunted away in old age. But there is another way.

White privilege

When the only difference between a 'prankster' and a 'criminal' is race

Sarah Finn on a police motorbike.

Ruby Hamad If an Aboriginal woman or a Muslim woman in hijab knocked over a police officer, would the response be so jolly?

How Michelle Payne's Melbourne Cup win highlights the difference between 'liberation' and 'equality'

Michelle Payne riding Prince Of Penzance returns to scale after winning the Emirates Melbourne Cup.

Ruby Hamad A woman may have just beaten her male competitors at their own game, but it is still a game of cruelty and domination.

I'm Muslim But I'm Not...

It's not up to Muslims and other marginalised groups to prove they are human


Ruby Hamad When was the last time you saw young white men imploring "I'm white but I'm not a mass shooter?"

What Hazem El Masri's case tells us about 'good guys' and violence against women

 Hazem El-Masri

Ruby Hamad So-called nice guys, decent guys, and "real" men also hit women. Sometimes the 'hero' and the 'villain' could be one and the same.

Feminism KPIs

Why feminism needs a new barometer for success

Ruby Hamad For Ruby Hamad, the freedom to eschew conservative, capitalist markers of 'success' is the true sign of empowerment.

Why Wall Street's dark past is worth remembering

The George Washington monument at Wall Street.

Ruby Hamad The home of today's stock market has a history that's even more troubling than high finance.

Where is the outcry against anti-abortion activist Troy Newman's Australian speaking tour?

Troy Newman

Ruby Hamad No woman should be made subordinate to the foetuses they carry. So why are we hosting an anti-choice leader's talk in Australia?

Ruby Hamad

Why I changed my mind about joining a 'brag thread'

Rule number one of 'brag thread': Brag must be directly about YOU. None of this deflection B.S.

Ruby Hamad Rule number one of 'brag thread': Brag must be directly about you. None of this deflection B.S.

Describing 'whiteness'

'Whiteness' is more than just someone's skin colour

Ruby Hamad Why the terms 'white' and 'people of colour' aren't just descriptive – they are political. And we need to know what they mean.

Australia will forgive Malcolm Turnbull in a way they never forgave Julia Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull during  question time at Parliament House Canberra on 19 September 2012. Photo: Andrew Meares

Ruby Hamad When a man does it, that's just politics. When a woman does it, sooner or later, she will be punished.

White nostalgia: when 'timeless' fantasies turn out to be incredibly racist

Taylor Swift in Wildest dreams

Ruby Hamad You cannot isolate the "good parts" of colonialism from the brutality, then expect people of colour to simply accept it.

Miley Cyrus and the trouble with whitesplaining race

Miley Cyrus arrives to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Ruby Hamad Nicki Minaj's blistering smackdown of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs is the stuff of legend. Here's why we should pay attention.