Ruby Hamad

Marriage and children shouldn't be an economic trap

Welfare to blame for marriage failure, declining fertility: Dominic Perrottet

Ruby Hamad What the NSW Finance Minister doesn't get about welfare.

Ag-gag laws

When filming a crime is worse than the crime itself

Ruby Hamad The 'ag-gag' laws aimed at discrediting protesters and protecting big business.

Jagged Little Pill

The legacy of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill and other feminist rockers of the '90s


Ruby Hamad In many ways, the album embodied the political, independent and angry spirit of the decade.

Ruby Hamad

Charleston massacre: Using women as a pretext for racial violence

Police lead suspected shooter Dylann Roof, 21, into the courthouse in Shelby, North Carolina, where he has been charged with nine counts of murder and possession of a firearm.

Ruby Hamad It's time to put an end to the caricature of black men as sexual predators out to ravage and ruin pure, white women.

When a woman in power is bad for women

Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina suggested she is the perfect antidote to Hillary Clinton.

Ruby Hamad Women can be as regressive on women's issues as any man.

What Oscar Pistorius's early release tells us about being white and male

Prison officials have recommended  Oscar Pistorius be released on probation in August.

Ruby Hamad Is the system broken or is it serving exactly who it's designed to?

Ruby Hamad

Is there any difference between domestic violence and honour killings?

Christopher Cullen found guilty of murdering estranged wife Victoria Comrie Cullen at Taren Point.

Ruby Hamad When you're counting dead women, it matters not if they were killed for family honour or for the sake of male pride.

Poverty Porn

How much lower can our obsession with 'poverty porn' go?


Ruby Hamad It's been a long time coming but it appears that the reality TV nadir has finally been reached.

The real reason people are outraged over Adam Goodes' 'war dance'

Backed by the AFL: Adam Goodes.

Ruby Hamad At all times, people of colour are expected to remain polite, calm, and non-aggressive.

The Rohingya plight challenges the popular view of terrorism

Thousands of Rohingyas are thought to be stranded on boats without adequate food, water or sanitation.

Ruby Hamad Violence against Muslims rarely makes headlines in the West unless it is committed by other Muslims.


Disney's white 'African princess' film is beyond offensive

Jeremiah Heaton and his seven-year-old daughter Emily Heaton.

Ruby Hamad Inspired by a white American dad’s bid to claim a piece of Sudan so his daughter can feel like a princess.

'Benevolent' sexism

There's no such thing as 'benevolent' anti-choice movement

American anti-choice protestors staging a

Ruby Hamad They may insist they are "protecting" women, but these new anti-abortion crusaders are still driven by sexism.

Pope Francis

Are we over-cheering 'feminist' Pope Francis?

Pope Francis waves to faithful.

Ruby Hamad Should we be applauding Pope Francis' pay gap speech if he's yet to take action on reproductive rights?

Ruby Hamad

What can we learn from Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara frozen embryo dispute?

ctress Sofia Vergara with former partner Nick Loeb.

Ruby Hamad How Nick Loeb's fight against Sofia Vergara for frozen embryos turned into a bizarre 'custody battle'.

Bali Nine

Five former drug dealers who got a second chance

Mark Wahlberg

Ruby Hamad They would never have achieved the things they did if they had to pay for their worst youthful mistakes with their lives.

Ruby Hamad

Nepal earthquake: How religious groups prey on the victims of natural disasters

People wait at a school after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ruby Hamad Aid is desperately needed, but religious coercion and opportunism is not.

Ruby Hamad

The already marginalised women with extra burdens

Ruby Hamad "All over the world, there are women whose unique experiences of marginalisation go largely ignored in mainstream dialogue."

Ruby Hamad

What's the best way to intervene during a racist rant?

The Muslim couple who were being abused, in a screengrab from the video.

Ruby Hamad "The contents of Stacey Eden's video and the way it's been received have much to tell us about the depressing state of how we address racism in this country," writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad

The bigoted agendas hiding behind seemingly legitimate causes

Rally against racism  protesters clash with Reclaim Australia protestors at Federation Square.

Ruby Hamad Exploiting real travesties is disingenuous and ensures the continuation of these injustices.

Men who want to lead the fight for women's rights

James Ritchie

Ruby Hamad Like many men, James Ritchie may well be sympathetic to women’s issues. But sympathy is not enough.