The Rohingya plight challenges the popular view of terrorism

Thousands of Rohingyas are thought to be stranded on boats without adequate food, water or sanitation.

Ruby Hamad Violence against Muslims rarely makes headlines in the West unless it is committed by other Muslims.


Disney's white 'African princess' film is beyond offensive

Jeremiah Heaton and his seven-year-old daughter Emily Heaton.

Ruby Hamad Inspired by a white American dad’s bid to claim a piece of Sudan so his daughter can feel like a princess.

'Benevolent' sexism

There's no such thing as 'benevolent' anti-choice movement

American anti-choice protestors staging a

Ruby Hamad They may insist they are "protecting" women, but these new anti-abortion crusaders are still driven by sexism.

Pope Francis

Are we over-cheering 'feminist' Pope Francis?

Pope Francis waves to faithful.

Ruby Hamad Should we be applauding Pope Francis' pay gap speech if he's yet to take action on reproductive rights?

Ruby Hamad

What can we learn from Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara frozen embryo dispute?

ctress Sofia Vergara with former partner Nick Loeb.

Ruby Hamad How Nick Loeb's fight against Sofia Vergara for frozen embryos turned into a bizarre 'custody battle'.

Bali Nine

Five former drug dealers who got a second chance

Mark Wahlberg

Ruby Hamad They would never have achieved the things they did if they had to pay for their worst youthful mistakes with their lives.

Ruby Hamad

Nepal earthquake: How religious groups prey on the victims of natural disasters

People wait at a school after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ruby Hamad Aid is desperately needed, but religious coercion and opportunism is not.

Ruby Hamad

The already marginalised women with extra burdens

Ruby Hamad "All over the world, there are women whose unique experiences of marginalisation go largely ignored in mainstream dialogue."

Ruby Hamad

What's the best way to intervene during a racist rant?

The Muslim couple who were being abused, in a screengrab from the video.

Ruby Hamad "The contents of Stacey Eden's video and the way it's been received have much to tell us about the depressing state of how we address racism in this country," writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad

The bigoted agendas hiding behind seemingly legitimate causes

Rally against racism  protesters clash with Reclaim Australia protestors at Federation Square.

Ruby Hamad Exploiting real travesties is disingenuous and ensures the continuation of these injustices.

Men who want to lead the fight for women's rights

James Ritchie

Ruby Hamad Like many men, James Ritchie may well be sympathetic to women’s issues. But sympathy is not enough.

Rolling Stone

How the Rolling Stone debacle exposes our biases about rape


Ruby Hamad “'Real' rape is regarded as only the bloodiest, the most heinous, the most physical," writes Ruby Hamad.

Ruby Hamad

Feminism is happening where you least expect it

#MyMothersNameIs social media campaign in Egypt.

Ruby Hamad When Australians think of Palestine, feminist hip-hop is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.

Ruby Hamad

Why are Australian ads so white?

Coca-Cola's Blue Flick Commercial.

Ruby Hamad When we're told our whitewashing makes America look progressive, you know we have a problem.

The American evangelicals attacking gay rights abroad

Anti-gay protesters from the Religious Right in America.

Ruby Hamad The last few years have seen a significant tidal change in favour of LGBTI rights throughout the West.

UN Women

12 things Australia can learn from the UN Women convention

Ruby Hamad Powerful speeches from some of the world's most influential women.

Ruby Hamad

What a forty-year-old feminist looks like


Ruby Hamad "I am afraid that my opinions may soon be considered unimportant. And for someone who makes her living out of publicly expressing her opinions, that is a terrifying prospect," writes Ruby Hamad.

Only a group of white men would call themselves Black Pussy

The band Black Pussy.

Ruby Hamad Here's an interview with the band translated from privileged white-man speak into plain old English.

Ruby Hamad

Abolishing these seven laws will make the world better for women

saudi arabi

Ruby Hamad Twenty years ago, 189 countries pledged to repeal all laws that discriminate against women. Needless to say, we are not there yet.

The irrational fear that drives underage marriage

Mustafa Abdel Ghany at Bankstown Local Court on February 26, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Ruby Hamad Until women are regarded as more valuable than their virginity, cases like Mustafa Abdel-Ghany's will continue.