Neha Kale

Neha Kale


Why does a female nude painted by a female artist pose such a threat?

Censored <i>Vault</i> cover: The original art work is by Lisa Yuskavage and is titled <i>Brood</i>.

Neha Kale Art magazine VAULT found itself embroiled in controversy last week over censored nipples. Neha Kale, its editor, ponders why.

Choosing experiences over things doesn't make you morally superior

Is going whale watching or sky diving really any different from splashing out on a Rolex?

Neha Kale "Sure, your ability to teach orphans in the Congo or live out of your backpack in a Japanese fishing village might be noble but chances are that you're also probably pretty privileged."

Starving artists

How the myth of the 'starving artist' is starving us of the art we need

Students protest outside the Art Gallery of NSW during the Archibald Prize opening against the defunding of Sydney College of the Arts.

Neha Kale It's a little absurd that the script that tells us that becoming an artist means forgoing financial security still informs our lives when it's 150 years out of date.

Virtual equality

Can robots help solve our gender woes?

Tentacle-like arms of Mobot Mark II, a mobile robot built by the Hughes Aircraft company in Culver City, California, close in on Colleen Adams as it demonstrates its almost-human actions. The remote controlled handling machine was designed to perform jobs in areas too dangerous for man, including

Neha Kale "If our machines are simply a projection of us, can we design them to rewrite society's sexist scripts?," asks Neha Kale.

Angry chefs

Why it’s time to end the cult of the angry chef

Hell's Kitchen - 2009...Mandatory credit: TM & copyright 20th Century Fox No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only No Book or TV usage without prior permission from Rex
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 HELL'S KITCHEN, Chef Gordon Ramsay, 'Day 6', (Season 6, ep. 606, aired Aug. 18, 2009)
 Hell's Kitchen - 2009
 Gordon Ramsay yelling on television. For Food and Wine February 4.

Neha Kale Let's end the cultural narrative that a certain volatile eccentricity is the marker of a talented man, writes Neha Kale.

Deepti Kapoor

Author Deepti Kapoor on the gender revolution in India: 'Girls don't care about old traditions'

Author Deepti Kapoor.

Neha Kale The award-winning author talks stereotypes, generational freedom and the cross-cultural appeal of Tinder hookups ahead of her Sydney Writers Festival appearance.

Good hair? Don't care

The mission to destroy 'Becky with the good hair' misses Beyonce's radical point

On 'Lemonade', we meet Becky, the shadowy mistress who drives Beyonce to take to the streets to break everything in sight with a baseball bat.

Neha Kale Are Beyonce's furious fans ready to accept her reimagining of female power?

TV shows

The trouble with millennial sitcoms

Neha Kale Does the focus on middle-class struggle distract us from the fact that for, some young people, the system has always been unjust?

Neha Kale

In defence of female scruffiness

Broad City's Ilana, in one of her tamer outfits.

Neha Kale "I like to move through the world with happy and messy abandon. And the way I choose to present myself is entirely up to me," writes Neha Kale.

Sad Girl Theory

Can we re-imagine sadness as an empowering force?

Neha Kale Despair doesn't sell face cream or leadership seminars as well as celebrity figureheads or pro-women platitudes, but history proves it's a subversive force.

Neha Kale

The Arbnb bias: When racism happens in unexpected places

A recent study found Airbnb hosts were less likely to accept guests with 'ethnic-sounding' names.

Neha Kale It appears the 'sharing economy' isn't as utopian as it likes to think, writes Neha Kale.

Meghan Daum

'Why does tragedy have to be cathartic or redemptive?'

Meghan Daum is fearless when it comes to flaying long-held cultural taboos.

Neha Kale Author Meghan Daum on what pushes her to challenge cultural taboos in her work.

TV diversity

On the thrill of seeing first gen immigrant leads on TV


Neha Kale As writer Bim Adewunmi points out, race is not a Very Special Episode issue. It's a fact of life.

Model minority

You can't tell how smart I am by the colour of my skin


Neha Kale The dangerous belief that certain racial minorities have become hardwired to thrive.

How many close friends do we truly need?

Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig in 'Mistress America' -- a film about a close female friendship.

Neha Kale Turns out numbers can't quantify the forces that galvanise our closest friendships.

Female gaze

Are we entering the golden age of the female gaze?

Neha Kale Something powerful happens when women become their own subjects, writes Neha Kale.


Is YA becoming more diverse?

#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Although the campaign focuses on US publishing,

Neha Kale "Is it such a stretch for a medium capable of dreaming up boy wizards and dystopian netherworlds to extend its imaginative possibilities to the human experience?"

Real estate racism

Have the property wars become racism’s new frontier?

We've all read the headlines - 'Chinese buyers are swooping on our homes!'

Neha Kale We've all read the headlines - 'Chinese buyers are swooping on our homes!'

Jessica Hopper

Jessica Hopper: An insider's guide to being a female rock critic

Music critic Jessica Hopper

Neha Kale The author of the first female rock anthology opens up about women in music and sexism in the industry.

Racialised beauty

The double standards of what's considered black beauty

Neha Kale Diverse faces in mainstream media may not be tokenistic anymore, but the gatekeepers are still being selective about what's deemed 'beautiful'.