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Beyond Ghostbusters: five more movies that could do with a gender reversal remake

Ultimate role reversal scene: When Harry Met Sally.

Natalie Reilly Ghostbusters is just the tip of the iceberg...

Ladies in swimsuits

Samantha Armytage in Women's Weekly: Why do we keep asking professional women to pose in swimwear?

Samantha Armytage appears in her first swimsuit shoot.

Natalie Reilly Think for a moment of a world in which Today presenter and newly minted feminist icon Karl Stefanovic stepped out of his suit and into a pair of boardies to prove that he is not bothered by the...

Rosamund Pike

Why was Rosamund Pike called 'brave' in this picture?

Rosamund Pike, the crazed star of 'Gone Girl', gave birth just five weeks ago.

Natalie Reilly This is what 'brave' looks in Hollywood these days and the reasons aren't as shallow as you might think.

Old ladies

Is fashion's new obsession with old ladies actually all that progressive?


Natalie Reilly "If we listen carefully to what our culture tells us, we learn that older women are not entitled to visibility."


It's not easy being an extrovert either

Natalie Reilly The introvert craze began in 2012 when Susan Cain gave her TED talk

Basic Bitch Mum

Are you a Basic Bitch Mum?


Natalie Reilly Announced your pregnancy via a staged photo shoot? Compulsively dress up your child in costumes for Instagram likes? Hello fellow BBM-er, welcome to the club.

"Fuggin' up"

When actresses are praised for 'going ugly' in a film role


Natalie Reilly Apparently you can be beautiful or you can be credible, but you can't be both.

Limiting language

Is it offensive to call women 'girls'?

Happy ... Pharrell Williams loves the work of the folks from the Diana Isaac Retirement Village.

Natalie Reilly Let's look at the evidence...

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a flawed feminist manifesto

Natalie Reilly On the 25th anniversary of its release, the question is how does Ariel hold up in the era of Frozen?

You've been warned

Life advice from sponsored posts

Every second entry appears as an authentic slice of life, until you look closer and realise ... it's just a big old advertisement.

Natalie Reilly Behold, the unintentionally hilarious commercial solutions to your real life problems.

Real life

Is this the new 'one night stand'?

Urban summer series in Barcelona

Natalie Reilly You wake up to a text. 'Hey! I had a great time last night! Hope to see you again! x'.

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An all girl-school made me a better person


Natalie Reilly In defense of the delicate ecosystem of single-sex classrooms.

Reality TV

What we should all take from the demise of Honey Boo Boo


Natalie Reilly "The grim truth is this: reality television works because of broken people."

Wedding woes

Is that extravagant wedding hiding a shaky relationship?

Wedding woman bride

Natalie Reilly A new study reveals two numbers can predict the health of your marriage.

Women v men

Why women get tougher performance reviews than men


Natalie Reilly We're damned if we try to mimic men and damned if we try to act like ourselves.

Body image

Actually, your sons don't really need to see you naked

naked nude woman

Natalie Reilly Trying to safeguard our sons from 'perfect bodies' doesn't tell them so much about the world as it does about how we see ourselves.

Online bullies

This is why trolls act the way they do

Laptop computer with man's hands

Natalie Reilly According to two studies of over 1200 online users undertaken earlier this month, trolls are narcissists, psychopaths and above all, Machiavellian.


Alicia Keys and the decision to get naked to 'raise awareness'

Alicia Keys goes nude for a cause.

Natalie Reilly For too long now, women who have achieved greatness have been reduced - sometimes unconsciously, but often publicly – to nothing more than sex objects and mothers and incubators of unborn children.

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Happy wife v happy life

Do women really hold the key to a happy marriage?


Natalie Reilly While it might seem like the wife 'holds the key', it's the husband who holds the lock.

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