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Birth photos

Birth photo shoots are becoming a trend


Kate Fridkis A new poll says one in five expectant mums will consider hiring a 'birth photographer'. Would you?


The one question every new mum dreads


Kate Fridkis New mum Kate Fridkis has stopped indulging everyone's curiosity. And thinks you should, too.

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We need more older women to look their age


Kate Fridkis Let’s declare war on anti-aging.

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It's okay that motherhood changes you


Kate Fridkis Not every woman wants to “get their old life back” after childbirth.

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Real life

I am surrounded by sexy, naked women


Kate Fridkis I'm not even looking for naked women and I'm seeing them everywhere. I can't avoid them if I try.

Tough choices

The quest for a baby name


Kate Fridkis "I spent the entire evening on my computer, reading lists of thousands of names. I canceled some plans. My daughter needed a name!"

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Body image

The low-grade misery of wanting to be thinner


Kate Fridkis How persistent self-disapproval can erode our happiness and our confidence.

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Real life

I'm afraid of giving birth


Kate Fridkis 'You don’t have to have a birthing ‘experience.’ You can just have a baby.'

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What I learnt about 'mum-dating'


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on why being a new mum can sometimes feel like learning how to date.

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Good genes or unlikely curse?

When you're the family beauty


Kate Fridkis Beautiful women always get a mention but there's a lot more going on.

Real life

Stop telling me to 'grow a thicker skin'


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis is tired of being asked to 'lighten up'.

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Why doesn't anyone want to look like a mum?


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on the 'ultimate crime' of letting yourself go.

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The naked truth

Beauty is not an attitude

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 07:  Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima walks the runway during the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on November 7, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Randy Brooke/WireImage)

Kate Fridkis Unless of course you're Adriana Lima, who clearly has both.

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Plastic surgery

In Defence of Plastic Surgery

Woman Looking in Hand Mirror

Kate Fridkis Why our idea of a vain, sad woman 'having something done' is a myth.

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Kate Fridkis

I don't want to be a 'natural beauty'


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on why we should stop praising people for being 'naturally gorgeous'.

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Body image

Stop telling me I'll 'get my body back'


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on why this is one of the worst things to say to a mum-to-be.

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Body image

Where are my pregnant breasts?


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on missing out on a 'pregnancy perk'.

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Growing up

The friends we make in our 20s


Kate Fridkis Why it's so hard to hold on to the bonds we form in the most action-packed decade.

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Compliments from random women


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on why they are the best kind.

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Mother groups

Why I'm scared to go to a 'birth club'


Kate Fridkis Kate Fridkis on why she isn't ready to think of herself as a mum yet.

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