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The myths our legal system buys into about perpetrators of domestic violence

Kasey Edwards A recent study shows that even our judges, the people we expect to be impartial, are accepting the myth that DV perpetrators are just 'good men who made bad choices', writes Kasey Edwards.

Women being judged for their 'mothering' skills: The only kernel of reality from last night's 'The Bachelor'

The death knell for feminism: Wednesday's episode of <i>The Bachelor</i>.

Kasey Edwards We don't expect The Bachelor to offer complex social analysis of motherhood, but it'd be nice if they could stop serving up offensive, insulting and outdated stereotypes.

How I've helped teach boys that girls are boring and unimportant

Kasey Edwards "When we encourage boys to disregard the voices of girls in books, is it little wonder so many of them grow up to do the same in business, government, and the media?," asks Kasey Edwards.

Like father, like son: how the damage from emotional abuse gets passed down

Children learn from their parents, and this includes abusive behaviour from their fathers.

Kasey Edwards Many men seem to be either unaware that treating the mother of their children with contempt may set a bad example for their sons.

Kasey Edwards

Motherhood should give us more confidence at work, not less

Mothers should remember that a loss of confidence is common and that these feelings need only be temporary.

Kasey Edwards There were many things I was prepared to kiss goodbye when I became a mother, but this wasn't one of them.

Kasey Edwards

Mocking your teen daughter for taking selfies is not good parenting

Burr Martin's Instagram posts mocking his daughter Cassie went viral.

Kasey Edwards "We bring girls up in a world where being hot and sexy is the most valued thing a woman can be - and then we mock them for it," writes Kasey Edwards.

Kasey Edwards

I make a choice every day not to hate my body

Kasey Edwards "I don't want to calculate the number of hours of my life I have wasted fixated on my body and everything I thought was wrong with it."

Worried women

Why do women overwhelmingly carry the stress about household finances?


Kasey Edwards Kasey Edwards thinks it could have something to do with 'deadbeat dads' who are just as prevalent in well-off homes as on struggle street.

Jo Cox

Jo Cox was the first victim of Brexit, not David Cameron


Kasey Edwards The headlines are in and it seems the media has already forgotten who was the first victim of Brexit.

Strange proposal

Why is this archaic wedding tradition still happening?

Just because something is a tradition doesn't mean it's good, writes Kasey Edwards.

Kasey Edwards Just because something is a tradition doesn't mean it's good, writes Kasey Edwards.

Kasey Edwards

Let's not kid ourselves that there's anything romantic about housework

Enjoying a spot of baking doesn't mean women want to go back to the 1950s.

Kasey Edwards Ironing piles of clothes or drowning in dirty dishes does not bring about power or satisfaction for women, so we shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Kasey Edwards

Why I don't want my daughter to be 'the prettiest girl in the room'

Kasey Edwards "We live in a culture where it's so normal to judge women on the basis of their beauty, that even little girls in sporting competitions are subjected to the oppressive beauty imperative," writes...

Workplace equality

Stop saying you don't really care about money

Kasey Edwards "These are six of the dumbest words I used to say in job interviews," writes Kasey Edwards.


The most ridiculous (unsolicited) advice ever given to single women

Single ladies, contorting yourselves to fit male desires is this simple.

Kasey Edwards A host of male dating 'experts' say single women are too competent, too dependent, too smothering, too ballsy, too fond of high-waisted jeans - and the list goes on.

Career inspo

Where are the videos inspiring boys to do 'feminine' jobs?

Kasey Edwards There's no shortage of inspirational videos challenging social limitations placed on girls, but without the same for boys they won't solve anything.

Kasey Edwards

From good to bad: Manners that have fallen out of favour

Woman opens her own car door, world carries on.

Kasey Edwards Some offenders are clueless, others are controlling. Here is an update on the old-school etiquette that's now just plain offensive.

Bad manners

5 examples of old-school etiquette that are now just freaking rude

Kasey Edwards "When men insist on maintaining these rituals without any regard for the woman involved, it's the opposite of gentlemanly," writes Kasey Edwards.

Kasey Edwards

Do we really have to love every moment of parenting?

Kasey Edwards "The thing about parenting is that it doesn't stop. Every day, every night, every week, every month for YEARS," writes Kasey Edwards.

Identity theft

Why I never wanted to be a mother

I remember thinking

Kasey Edwards I wanted children but struggled with the idea of motherhood. I remember thinking, "Is there an option for me to be a dad?"

Kasey Edwards

I miss being sexually attractive

Kasey Edwards "The further I drift from our cultural definition of beauty - namely young, slim and symmetrical - the less welcome I feel," writes Kasey Edwards.