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Kasey Edwards

Writer, author of 30-Something and Over It

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Real life

Stop policing my daughter's appetite


Kasey Edwards Why do strangers feel entitled to comment on young girls' food habits?

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Why the #worldstoughestjob viral ad is offensive and regressive


Kasey Edwards We need to stop celebrating an advertisement that reinforces stereotypes.

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Pregnant covershoots

Why are pregnant women always naked on magazine covers?

Megan Gale for marie claire.

Kasey Edwards Megan Gale on the cover of marie claire is the genre's latest victim. What's so unpalatable about having some clothes on?

Leadership shadow

The test that shows how you treat women at work


Kasey Edwards Being a good leader for women is easier said than done.

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Body image

Are selfies sparking more plastic surgery?


Kasey Edwards A new survey shows more women are getting surgically enhanced for the sake of Instagram.

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Banned from school for having an eating disorder


Kasey Edwards 16-year-old British girl Lottie Twiselton has allegedly been excluded from her school because she’s recovering from anorexia.

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Why you should talk politics on your first date


Kasey Edwards Especially the 'boner-killing' kind.

The matchmaking trap

People play matchmaker to make themselves happier

Kasey Edwards Think that blind date your friend set you up on had your best interests at heart? Think again.

The pitfalls of parenting a highly successful child

miranda and therese kerr

Kasey Edwards Starting with: knowing when to let go.

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Is exercise the new humblebrag?

Woman after workout outdoor.

Kasey Edwards It seems like overachievers have found another way of separating themselves from the pack.

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Can we stop talking about 'cleavage trends'?


Kasey Edwards It seems like your breasts, no matter what shape, will never be good enough.

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Career let-downs

When your dream job becomes a nightmare


Kasey Edwards What happens when you’ve achieved everything you always wanted only to discover you didn't want it at all?

The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson: shamed for being too fat, now shamed for being too thin

Biggest Loser

Kasey Edwards It seems that even if you take the US $250,000 prize you just can't win.

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Dress ups

Why my daughter can wear what she likes

Kasey Edwards "Children, particularly girls, should be allowed to be in charge of their appearance."

Real life

Judged for having an elective caesarean


Kasey Edwards It's time to banish the assumption that women who opt for a c-section are lazy and self-indulgent.

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On the home front

When violence is hard to talk about


Kasey Edwards What happens when the perpetrators of violent crimes aren’t trench-coat wearing strangers.

What would Gen Y Cher do?

Is The Biggest Loser preying on disadvantaged communities?


Kasey Edwards Why the people of Ararat are likely to be left in an even worse state than when the show arrived.

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Fighting food guilt

Stop worrying about falling off the 'diet wagon'


Kasey Edwards A six-step guide to fighting everyday food guilt.

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Women 'secretly enjoy doing household chores'


Kasey Edwards According to UK TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, that is.

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Ice-breakers for girls

The best ice-breakers for girls


Kasey Edwards What to say to young girls apart from 'you're so pretty'.

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