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Why are we so uptight about girls' hair?

Kasey Edwards When a six-year-old girl recently shaved her head because she wanted to "look like her dad", it sparked an over-the-top international outcry.

Celebrity advice

Why do we listen to celebrity parenting advice?

Kasey Edwards Our willingness to overlook our own parenting judgement and experiences in favour of celebrity sound bites can be downright dangerous, writes Kasey Edwards.

Kasey Edwards

Challenging the belief that men are better leaders than women


Kasey Edwards "When men stuff up, it's explained away as a steep learning curve or circumstances beyond anyone's control. When women stuff up, it's seen as (further) proof that women are not up to the job."

Prom don'ts

Teen girls don't need boys to 'protect their character'

According to The Crossing of Manitowoc County, the organisation that supplied the posters, 'Prom time seems to present particular risks for teens'.

Kasey Edwards A US high school made headlines by informing students prom was 'a night to protect her character.'

Kasey Edwards

Kate Middleton's body isn't to blame for women's 'post-baby body' anxieties

All in a day's work: Kate Middleton and Prince William with their baby girl.

Kasey Edwards For once, I'd like to hear someone say, "She just made a person. Nice work."

Spanx wants you all to know it is now 'feminist'

Kasey Edwards Yes, we're talking about the same Spanx that makes body-shaping underwear for hiding women's lumps.

Shriver Report

Men want their daughters to be independent and strong

Kasey Edwards But their wives? Not so much, according to a new report.

Kasey Edwards

Should we be crowd-funding welfare?

Kasey Edwards Deserving and heartfelt it may be, but there's a serious problem with the crowd-funding campaign to help Tommy Connolly support his 16-year-old pregnant cousin and her newborn son.

Kasey Edwards

We need better care for mothers after childbirth


Kasey Edwards "Any woman who’s seen to be taking care of her own needs, rather than being totally devoted to those of her baby, is liable to be branded selfish."

The Reddit question no one should ignore


Kasey Edwards The question went viral, attracting more than 21,000 comments within a day.

Kasey Edwards

When men want babies more than women


Kasey Edwards When Matt proposed to Emma he stipulated one non-negotiable condition. Children.

Kasey Edwards

The five words most people dread hearing from friends

Fossicking for problems in other people's lives isn't friendship.

Kasey Edwards It’s arrogant to assume you know a friend better than they know themselves, so leave the therapy to the experts.

Kasey Edwards

Stop comparing women's body shapes to pieces of fruit

Kasey Edwards Categorising female "body types" is just body shaming dressed up as diversity.

Kasey Edwards

Why some couples remain 'committed unmarrieds'

There's a subset of people who actively resist marriage in the first place

Kasey Edwards It's the opposite of 'conscious uncoupling'.

Kasey Edwards

Why do so many brides suffer from post-wedding blues?

One third of Australian marriages end in divorce, and there are plenty of other miserable unions that are not included in these unhappy statistics.

Kasey Edwards New research shows that things start turning sour soon after the bride tosses her bouquet.

No one needs to worry about 'pregnancy abs'

Sarah Staged (2nd Right) speaking about the controversy surrounding her 'pregnancy abs' Instagram posts

Kasey Edwards The 'pregnancy abs' thing began after lingerie model Sarah Stage started posting her pregnant belly selfies online.

Six of the most dangerous toddler food trends

Kasey Edwards Pete Evans' paleo cookbook for kids has caused a storm. But there are plenty of other unsafe food trends for babies and toddlers.

Bonds Baby Search

Why Bonds Baby Search exploits children and parents


Kasey Edwards It’s marketed as just a bit of harmless fun, but let’s face it: the Bonds Baby Search competition is the reputable version of 'Toddlers and Tiaras', writes Kasey Edwards.

Lunch policing

Stay out of my child's lunch box


Kasey Edwards "As a brand new school mum, I’ve recently discovered that schools have assumed the role of the Lunch Box Police," writes Kasey Edwards.

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Meet the DUFF

Meet the 'DUFF', the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

The Duff

Kasey Edwards It's a new term for an old idea, but the "relatability of the label among girls points to an epidemic of low self-esteem," writes Kasey Edwards.