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Meet the DUFF

Meet the 'DUFF', the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

The Duff

Kasey Edwards It's a new term for an old idea, but the "relatability of the label among girls points to an epidemic of low self-esteem," writes Kasey Edwards.

Children's body image

"My daughter is fat, isn't it my job to tell her?"


Kasey Edwards No, it's not - if she is, she already knows, writes Kasey Edwards.

Fit Not Healthy

Why it's so dangerous to assume that 'fit' equals 'healthy'

Vanessa Alford.

Kasey Edwards Kasey Edwards talks to former elite marathon runner Vanessa Alford about the dangers of exercise addiction.

Workplace equality

Stop blaming women for not pushing for pay rises

According to the research,

Kasey Edwards Bank bosses think they have found a curious 'solution' to Australia's gaping gender pay gap.

Positive parenting

How to talk to your daughter about weight

Kasey Edwards Five things I'm determined to do to help my daughters avoid body hatred.

New parents

The eight stages of early parenthood

'We have Hollywood expectations about what parenthood is going to be like.

Kasey Edwards To become a well functioning parent, there are 8 stages you'll need to transition through to adjust to your new life.

Hey jealousy

When being envious of your friends can be a good thing


Kasey Edwards New research suggests that not all envy is dastardly; some of it might even make you a better person.

Why do unhappy couples stay together?

Why do unhappy couples stay together â?? some resigning themselves to unhappiness for over a decade before cutting their losses?

Kasey Edwards Couples who resign themselves to unhappiness for a long time before cutting their losses.

Kasey Edwards

Five things the diet industry doesn't want you to know in 2015

Kasey Edwards Starting with: a goal of weight loss is setting yourself up for another year of failure.

Kasey Edwards

The one interview question I always lie about

‘What if I get a question about babies?’ asked a childless, but clucky younger woman I'm mentoring before a job interview.

Kasey Edwards Sadly, the attitude that protecting women's rights is bad for business still exists.

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Kasey Edwards

New York plastic surgeon wants to give you 'vacation breasts'

Plastic surgeon develops 'Vacation breasts' procedure.

Kasey Edwards Finally, just what women need -- an 'insta boob job'.

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Meet the Mpregs: male pregnancy enthusiasts


Kasey Edwards There are thousands of men who fantasise about being pregnant.

Kasey Edwards

I'm not the person my husband married


Kasey Edwards And here's why I don’t want to be.

What I learned from Katie Hopkins' 'To Fat and Back'

Katie Hopkins

Kasey Edwards Meet the British social commentator who gained 20kg to prove a point.

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No kids policies

The real reason 'no kids policies' are so absurd


Kasey Edwards If children are unwelcome in public space, then women are unwelcome also.

Airbrushing children

When your six-year-old's school picture is photoshopped


Kasey Edwards "I don't want a perfect photo, I want a photo of my perfect child."

Kasey Edwards

Are we expecting too little from our boys?

Kasey Edwards How many times have you seen girls’ anti-social behavior dismissed as 'girls being girls'?

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Verona shames women with feminine hygiene ad campaign

A screenshot from Verona's latest ad campaign.

Kasey Edwards A new female hygeine range wants to empower ladies by making over our 'intimate zones'.

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Beta male

Is the Beta male the new 'catch'?


Kasey Edwards Why high performing women need to rethink the idea that Alpha women should be with with 'Alpha men'.

Is this the real reason Lara Bingle deleted her pictures of Sam Worthington?


Kasey Edwards While it's been widely reported the deletion has something to do with relationship problems, it in fact probably has more to do with Sam Worthington's desire for privacy.

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