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What Olympic athletes should do to pay us back

Cate and Bronte Campbell carried high expectations into the Games. Australian swimmers receive a mega $10m in funding.

Jenna Price Don't feel sorry for underachieving Olympians - our athletes have the kind of life most of us can only imagine.

If our politicians won't help Nauru's neediest, these women will

Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital campaigning for baby Asha was supported by Mums4Refugees, founded by Morgan Roche.

Jenna Price Meet four heroic women who will not stand idle while children in Australian care are being abused.

Sorry, but I can't stand your dogs

Jenna Price is sick of dogs (and their owners) that have no concept of personal space.

Jenna Price Ok, I'll just tell you straight away.

I once spent $20,000 on the Olympics. Here's why

Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Olympics:

Jenna Price "There is nothing I love better than watching fit people try their very best at doing something which looks impossible to me," writes Jenna Price.

How Lisa Singh beat the Labor machine

Jenna Price Beware people who've been around politics a long time and who know how it all works. They can undo the best-laid plans of party head office.

Daily racism

How Muslim Australians are being terrorised every single day

Mariam Veiszadeh founded the Islamophobia Register in 2014.

Jenna Price When we talk about people's legitimate fears, we need to talk about the fear of those who face daily personal attacks because of their background.

DV attitudes

'I think I am young enough to see change': Tarang Chawla is positive despite Steve Price comments on Q&A

Tarang Chawla with his sister Nikita before her she was murdered in January last year.

Jenna Price Chawla says the fact that comments like Eddie McGuire's are even registering shows attitudes are shifting. But there's so much more to be done.

The wriggle room I needed - and you probably do too

Australians don't take annual leave, but we should.

Jenna Price I love holidays of all kinds, so how did it get to this, asks Jenna Price.

34 and counting

This is why we will keep counting the dead women

Jenna Price Whatever happened to domestic violence? It's still destroying lives every day in Australia but for our government, it looks like it no longer matters.

Home truths

The reality of racism in Australia

Jenna Price "It's about the skin I'm in and no matter what you do, whether you have a PhD, whether you are well-spoken or friendly, you are still always black first."

Not so fast: Why Australia should still worry about guns


Jenna Price Our gun laws are praised around the world, but they are now being quietly eroded.

Jenna Price

Our unusual gift to our daughter on her wedding day

Young couples are bucking the trends these days, so we are too.

Jenna Price Weddings are just one more way in which babyboomers screw Gen Y. Except in our house.

Childcare costs

Why is funding childcare so hard to prioritise?

This mother wants two things: sleep and wine. Make one of them happen.

Jenna Price "Childcare is an investment in the future, caring and educating tomorrow's taxpayers," Jenna Price writes.

Domestic violence

The hotline changes that should have all women worried

Jenna Price God forbid you need to access a domestic violence or sexual assault hotline. But if you did, who would you want answering your call?


How the government's changes to superannuation will hit women hardest

Jenna Price Those bright shiny changes to superannuation announced in the Budget in early May, are neither bright nor shiny, writes Jenna Price.

Loser generation

My theory for why we're losing things more often

Jenna Price.

Jenna Price The more we submit to the demands of connectivity, the less we can pay attention to everything else - including our belongings, writes Jenna Price.

Mental health

The phone call that saved Leslie Baul's life

You can't call a 1300 number and get in a queue. It's got to be like Triple 0..

Jenna Price Leslie Baul doesn't know the name of the man who saved his life but he remembers they spoke for maybe 15 minutes.

Linda Tirado

Why U.S. anti-poverty campaigner Linda Tirado is worried about Australia

Linda Tirado

Jenna Price Linda Tirado is in Australia for the Anti-Poverty Network's conference, but she wants to stay and cover the election from the eyes of a survivor of the US class war.

Jenna Price

I figured out how to get my kids a house: die early

I fear for the future of my children.

Jenna Price I've had a happy life. Lived with and loved the same person for 37 years. I'll be sad to go, writes Jenna Price.

Budget 2016

Budget 2016: Morrison and Turnbull have failed women. Again.

Jenna Price dinkus

Jenna Price Remember when everyone was angry about the first Hockey budget? This is worse.