No strings attached

An offer from a friend I couldn't refuse


Jen Vuk The email began tentatively enough, and then came this: "I wondered whether it would suit you if I came and cooked for your kids one night a week."

'Clean eating'

When 'clean eating' is a euphemism for an eating disorder

Jen Vuk By its very name, "clean eating" makes the clear assumption that any other form of eating is "dirty or shameful".

Mum shaming

Why are we so judgmental about motherhood vices?

Mother of three Lea Grover

Jen Vuk Public shaming hurts. Especially when it comes from those who should know better -- other parents.

Working mothers

Working mothers, let's step away from the desks

Jen Vuk "While we’re carrying more than our lion’s share of responsibility, here’s something else we need to take on board: a lunch break is a right, not a political statement," writes Jen...

Women's contraception

The women's contraception that's more effective than the pill

Jen Vuk And less than 10 per cent of us are using it.

Vagina art

What can we learn from the 'Gay Men Draw Vaginas' project?

Jen Vuk What began as a weird goof-off between friends has become something much more positive.

Marriage vouchers

Five reasons why the government's $200 marriage vouchers haven't worked

Jen Vuk The 'Stronger Relations Trial' was supposed to tackle marriage breakdowns and save taxpayers millions by cutting divorce costs. But no one's using it.

Lizzie Velasquez was called 'the world's ugliest woman', this is what she did next

Motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez, who wants to raise money for an anti-bullying film.

Jen Vuk Lizzie Velasquez won’t soon forget the day she came across a YouTube clip called The World's Ugliest Woman.

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Can an app make you a more considerate lover?


Jen Vuk Lick This app promises to make you a better lover, takes human computer interaction to whole new level.

Fast food at home

No one needs McDonald's delivered to their home


Jen Vuk Just when McDonald's seems to be losing its grip on the Aussie market, it’s found another way to get back into our lives.

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Real life

Letting go of my frozen embryo


Jen Vuk Jen Vuk on the difficult decision of letting go of her final IVF embryo.

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Fast food failure

Why Australia started turning on McDonald's


Jen Vuk It's more than just an aversion to creepy clowns.

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When 'good deeds' go wrong

The truth about orphanage tourism


Jen Vuk Short-term initiatives, which encourage visitors to bond with children, can leave behind devastation.

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Would you choose your baby's sex?

'A survey of 150 women undergoing IVF at Sydney’s St George Private Hospital found that half approved of sex selection for their second or third unborn child.'

Jen Vuk Over 80 per cent of parents say they wouldn't but the facts tell a different story.

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Foster care

It's time to pay foster carers properly


Jen Vuk These ordinary people who go to extraordinary lengths to try to piece together young shattered lives often end up out of pocket.

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Orgasmic birth: most ridiculous concept ever imagined?

Close up of Hispanic newborn baby girl's feet

Jen Vuk "The term induces in me an uncontrollable paroxysm."

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Naked truth

When should you cover up in front of your kids?


Jen Vuk Jen Vuk on the moment she realised the co-showering days are over.

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Modelling scouts target eating disorders clinic


Jen Vuk How do you respond to news of model scouts preying on eating-disorders patients?

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Missing children

Why did nobody help a child?

This is a Getty image. This is not a photo of the missing boy.

Jen Vuk Why we should stop being concerned about interfering and start asking questions.

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Real life v magazines

Why I agreed to pose in a swimsuit


Jen Vuk What happens when a real woman submits herself to the magazine experience.

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