Jane Gilmore

Jane Gilmore


I'm sorry, but this is how you apologise

Jane Gilmore "Daniel Andrews' apology to the gay community was more than just words; it was backed by real action," writes Jane Gilmore.

Pay gap

The gender pay gap isn't just 'real' - it's even worse than statistics suggest

Jane Gilmore We're told the gap in Australia is 17.3 per cent. But the calculation method makes this a very conservative estimate, writes Jane Gilmore.

Rape culture

If young men are only learning about consent at university, it's too late

Still from the documentary The Hunting Ground


Jane Gilmore Moderating discussions at university screenings of 'The Hunting Ground' recently has given Jane Gilmore pause to reflect on how much earlier rape culture is ingrained.

Sex work

We need a less polarising debate about sex work laws

Jane Gilmore Sex work has always been a divisive issue, but women are not made safer by putting ideology over nuance.

Family violence

How can Victoria tackle domestic violence without a national response?

Jane Gilmore The more Jane Gilmore looks at the RCFV's 227 recommendations, the less she is able to comprehend how Daniel Andrews will pull them all off.

Coroner's Court report

What the Coroner's Court report reveals about domestic violence

Over the whole ten years,

Jane Gilmore In the past 10 years, there was no single case in NSW where a male victim was killed by an abusive female partner.

One in Three

The 'One in Three' claim about male domestic violence victims is a myth

The facts are that women and children are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence and men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.

Jane Gilmore And it's posing a serious risk of altering the way governments approach the issue.

Do sex offenders deserve character references?

Luke Lazarus, left, convicted of anally raping a young woman outside his father's nightclub.

Jane Gilmore Character evidence is simply a formalised legal process for the myth that a "good guy" can do terrible things to women and not lose his standing as a "good guy".

Family violence

How much are politicians actually doing to fight family violence?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the International Women's Day Parliamentary breakfast in Canberra.

Jane Gilmore Either take some genuine action, make a real difference, or get out of the way of the people who will.

Tara Moss

Tara Moss: 'we can't let trolls hijack the domestic violence conversation'

Author and domestic violence campaigner Tara Moss.

Jane Gilmore Tara Moss understand the risks that come with speaking out publicly about male violence against women, particularly online.

Off to the pens!

The best '70s sci-fi books by misandrists

The girl who was plugged in.

Jane Gilmore These forgotten classics were an outlet for the rage and helplessness feminist writers felt in a time when there were still so many battles left to fight - and many of the ideas will ring true to...

White Ribbon

Bizarre 'White Ribbon' 50 Shades of Grey fundraiser sparks alarm

A scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

Jane Gilmore Why is White Ribbon implicitly endorsing a film that glorifies abusive, controlling and violent relationships?

Clare's Law

Should Australia introduce its own Clare's Law?

Clare's Law.

Jane Gilmore A 'right to ask' law, where potential victims have access to police records of domestic violence complaints against their partners, has made over 1,300 disclosures in less than 12 months in the UK.

The Accused

Why 'The Accused' is still so important, almost 30 years on

Jane Gilmore Would a movie like 'The Accused' - which 26 years ago dealt with rape as a victim's experience - be made today? Not likely, says Jane Gilmore.

Gendered violence

No, women aren't as likely to commit violence as men


Jane Gilmore Not only is there no data that supports such a claim - a common cry in online comments sections - but the data that we do have proves the exact opposite.