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Dom Knight


Host of Evenings on 702 ABC Sydney, 666 ABC Canberra and ABC NSW

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I’m addicted to American politics

Dom Knight "Lately I've adopted a pleasant morning routine. When I wake up, I like to check the weather, the results from Rio, and the terrible thing Donald Trump has said overnight," writes Dom Knight.

Pokemon Gone

Pokemon Go is over, I have some hit ideas for the next big thing

Dom Knight A game where you play as Sonia Kruger and try to hide yourself away from multicultural society? Dom Knight has some fun ideas.

Dom Knight

I know how Game Of Thrones ends

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, just chilling.

Dom Knight Dom Knight uses his encyclopaedic GoT knowledge to figure out what's going to happen in the series next, failed pizza deliveries and all.

Dom Knight

Why would anybody ever need a gun at home these days?

Dom Knight As the post-Orlando gun debate rages in the US, Dom Knight tries to make sense of the 'right to bear arms'.

Dom Knight

7 new podcasts we definitely need right now

Dom Knight Because there's always room for another podcast, writes Dom Knight.

Dom Knight

I'm disorganised, and I deserve your pity

Dom Knight "Nothing good happens to unpaid parking tickets, or cars that haven't been serviced, or teeth that haven't seen a dentist," writes Dom Knight.

Dom Knight

It's time to go cashless

You aren't still using cash are you?

Dom Knight Coins and notes were useful instruments in their day, but that day is over.

Pipe dreams

Why hasn’t my band made the Hottest 100 yet?

Red Hot Chili Peppers bass legend, Flea.

Dom Knight Dom Knight reminisces about the band he never had, and the rock 'n' roll dreams unfulfilled.

Place your bets

16 predictions you can bet your bottom dollar on for 2016

He'll be back.

Dom Knight Dom Knight has donned his Nostradomus hat and peered into his tisane leaves to try and forecast what's likely to happen.

Dom's married

Ten things that happened at my wedding in India

Dom sets off on his quest for enlightenment, only to abandon it shortly afterwards.

Dom Knight "I can promise no more mopey columns about being single. From now on, I'm going to be one of those infuriating smug marrieds," writes Dom Knight.

Stop the Simpsons

Is it time for The Simpsons to end?

Dom Knight With all the nutty, attention-seeking announcements in recent weeks, one thing's become increasingly clear: friends don't let friends make 27 seasons of The Simpsons, writes Dom Knight.

Married At First Sight

Ten reality TV ideas even better than Married At First Sight

Dom Knight How can the industry possibly top/sink beneath the latest reality TV hit? Dom Knight has some ideas.

Hillary 2016

Hillary Clinton isn't making grandmothers cool

Dom Knight They always were, writes Dom Knight.

Dom Knight

I was a high school debating geek

Maths debaters

Dom Knight And all I learned was how to be an arrogant git, writes Dom Knight.

Dom Knight

Why you can hate fantasy, but love Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Dom Knight "I’ve always suspected that the thicker the book, the less point there is in reading it," writes Dom Knight.

State politics

Why we should care more about state politics

NSW State

Dom Knight "As off-Broadway as they can seem, state parliaments decide many of the policies that affect our everyday lives and those of our families," writes Dom Knight. Also, snacks.

Perfect strangers

Why are strangers only friendly in public if you have a dog or a baby?

Dom Knight "It seems to me that we need to be consistent," writes Dom Knight.

Bad birthdays

Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to enjoy our birthdays?

Dom Knight "Once we hit 21, let’s stop celebrating our birthdays. We should need no pretext to entertain our friends, and even if we’re looking for one, the date of our arrival becomes less worthy...

Bald move

This is the best way of dealing with hair loss

Dom Knight Dom Knight has come up with an effective regime to deal with hair loss. And he's in a position to absolutely guarantee it.


I hate running... and running hates me right back


Dom Knight Dom Knight on an admirable but incremental attempt at an athletic New Year's resolution.