Racism v Sexual assault

Dale Thomas reported a Collingwood fan for racial abuse.

Clementine Ford Does the AFL believe one crime is greater than the other?


The fear of women taking over

Attack of the 50 ft woman

Clementine Ford A new books says men are feeling oppressed and marginalised. The female population wonders why on earth that is.

Real life

Super sad true love story


Clementine Ford What it feels like when your widowed parent remarries.


The anti Mother's Day gift guide


Clementine Ford Because there are only so many irons you can fit in to a cupboard.


How to spot a misogynist


Clementine Ford *By the five classic lies they tell


Teenage sexuality

One Directions fan in Sydney

Clementine Ford Does our fear of sexualising teach them that their burgeoning desires are unnatural and gross? no matter how much we try and shield girls from sex, they’re going to find ways to explore it and it...

Sartorial sexism

Stop telling women what to wear

Blake Lively

Clementine Ford The only thing ‘dangerous’ about women’s clothes are the ways they’re used to belittle an entire gender.


Travel as performance art


Clementine Ford Unpacking the pretentiousness of travelling to developing countries.

Why women still can't enjoy sex


Clementine Ford CLEM FORD Vs the rusty old thinking that determines if a woman is a Lady worthy of respect or a Slut deserving of contempt. men and women at a base level still aren’t viewed as being the same.


Being the punch line

Phil Dunphy

Clementine Ford Why are TV sitcom Dads always so helpless, hapless and useless? Introducing the man child (and crafty way he's designed to keep you in the kitchen).


How to respect women*


Clementine Ford A field guide for sports men and ex-managing directors of the international monetary fund.

men and sex

The Modern Male Mystique

Retro suburban family

Clementine Ford The clichés that are still being perpetrated about men and why they’re wrong

The collector


Clementine Ford Hemmed in by a hoard of possessions, Clementine Ford comes clean about the skeleton in her (groaning) closet.