Panic stations

Clementine Ford: How I quell the panic when anxiety threatens to take over

Anxiety can be terrifying, but you don't have to fight it all by yourself.

Clementine Ford Clem Ford knows from experience how terrifying anxiety can be. But you don't have to fight it all by yourself.

Clementine Ford

The abortion statistic that might surprise you

Clementine Ford dinkus

Clementine Ford Once again, research has proven that when you give women control over their reproductive rights, abortion rates go down. It's time Australia caught up.


The far-reaching implications of victim-blaming in the courtroom

Legal professionals should know better than to blame victims, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford Legal professionals should know better than to blame victims, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Why sexist jokes are no laughing matter

Just because the jokes are online doesn't mean they don't have real-world consequences.

Clementine Ford There's a reason why many women find jokes about sexual violence decidedly unfunny, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Put down the bathrobe. This is what women really want this Mother's Day

Clementine Ford What does a mother want for Mother's Day? Don't ask. No, seriously, don't ask her damn thing, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Why I didn't take part in Weekend Sunrise's debate about feminism

A farce from beginning to end.

Clementine Ford We are under no obligation to defend our feminist ideals from anybody, writes Clementine Ford.

Male entitlement

Fantastic invention stops men weeing in the streets. It's a toilet.

Clementine Ford Why does masculinity still provide an Access All Areas pass when it comes to feeling entitlement over public space?

Ugly words

How 'ugly' comments remind women of the beauty tax we owe to be in public

Clementine Ford When veteran journalist Paul Bongiorno quipped about Monica Lewinsky being "ugly" last week, the only ugliness on show was sexism.

Why women's mental illness deserves more attention

Women experience anxiety and depression at higher rates than men.

Clementine Ford I was 12 years old the first time I experienced my first significant struggles with anxiety, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Choosing unwanted sex over an awkward conversation


Clementine Ford Why do women often find ourselves sidelining our own desires to spare men's feelings at the expense of our own?, asks Clem Ford.

Script diversity

What we learn from the dialogue of 2000 Hollywood films

Clementine Ford At last we have some empirical data around what has been staggeringly obvious for decades, writes Clem Ford.

Internet trolls

Being blocked is not the same as being censored

Clementine Ford "Having the freedom to say what you like does not mean you have the right to be heard."

Victim erasure

Why are reports of domestic violence often framed around the alleged perpetrator's 'story'?

Sandra Peniamina died after receiving multiple stab wounds.

Clementine Ford In the reporting of domestic violence, the perpetrator is often humanised while the victim is ignored, writes Clementine Ford.

Royal Commission into Family Violence: 'We simply haven't been prepared to face up to the reality of family violence'

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews: 'We simply haven't been prepared to face up to the reality of family violence'

Clementine Ford Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence calls for immediate increase in funding to prevent family violence, help victims recover, and help perpetrators change their behaviour.

Why it's so important to learn from DV survivors' stories

Jimmy Bartel.

Clementine Ford We need to hear more stories like footballer Jimmy Bartel's, which shows how complex and multifaceted family violence actually is.

Why gutting the Safe Schools program is bad for all of us

Coalition MP George Christensen, a prominent critic of Safe Schools

Clementine Ford If we had evidence telling us half of all footballers had attempted suicide, won't politicians be searching for community solutions?

Why Lindor Jonuzi should bear the real life consequences of sexist attacks online

Clementine Ford There are frustratingly far too many people still who want to protect men like Jonuzi from the consequences of their actions

Facebook's ban of Aboriginal activist Celeste Liddle reveals censorship hypocrisy

Aboriginal activist Celeste Liddle.

Clementine Ford Celeste Liddle isn't the only woman who's been targeted for bans by Facebook for supposed "guideline violations" while trolls are given free rein.

How the 'meritocracy myth' is used to keep women away from power

Clementine Ford Why the 'merit' argument is a convenient retort to anyone who tries to point out the workings of the deeply flawed systems we live in.

What to change while we wait 117 years for full gender parity

Clementine Ford The depressing forecast of parity tells us we have a lot of time - but on the upside, that means that we can finally work on getting it right.