How to approach girls without being creepy


Clementine Ford Clem Ford has a few tips for guys.

The trouble with 'femvertising'


Clementine Ford Should we be worried that corporation is suddenly keen to 'empower women'?

Louisa Collins is a name every Australian woman should know

SHD Sunday Extra. Steve Dow story or Darlinghurst Gaol.Louisa Collins, photographed on her entrance to Darlinghurst Gaol in 1888; the triple murderess and only woman ever hanged at Darlo Gaol.  Mandatory credit: NSW State Records    The Sun Herald 6th August 2009

Clementine Ford How the last woman hanged in NSW sparked the suffrage movement in Australia.

Abbi & Ilana

Five reasons Broad City will improve your life


Clementine Ford Clem Ford on why Abbi and Ilana are the best comedy duo on TV right now.

Feminists don't need to say 'but I love men'


Clementine Ford Why framing men like Eddie McGuire as true champions of feminism won't exactly help the cause.

Kurtley Beale shouldn't get away with his offensive texts to Di Patston


Clementine Ford Let’s be clear on this: Patston has absolutely nothing to apologise for

Clementine Ford

Four things all men can do during Week Without Violence

Clementine Ford Starting with avoiding the argument: "Men are victims too".

Clementine Ford

Lena Dunham's 'Not That Kind Of Girl' doesn't represent all women... and it shouldn't have to


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on Lena Dunham's "hilarious, brave, candid and self-deprecating" debut book, and why efforts to turn her into The Official Woman miss the point.

Clementine Ford

Mayang Prasetyo's murder and the problem with domestic violence reporting

Mayang Prasetyo

Clementine Ford It's time to stop posting salacious headlines that reduce the dignity of domestic violence victims.

Clementine Ford

Is Gone Girl's Amy Dunne a misandrist?


Clementine Ford And should we even care? [Warning: spoilers ahead]

Iceland's men-only UN meeting on women


Clementine Ford Finally, men can have a voice in women's rights.

Clementine Ford

Nobody panic, Germaine Greer has not killed feminism with her Kate Middleton comments

Germaine Greer photo


Germain Greer 
Aug 12, Melbourne Writers Festival, giveaway
Please find attached pic torun with Melbourne Writers Festival on 
August 12.
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Clementine Ford It is becoming far too common to hear how some women are either ‘letting feminism down’ or destroying it altogether.

Sports journalist Erin Riley trolled after commenting on AFL Grand Final

Erin Riley

Clementine Ford What happens when a female sports journalist dares to speak out against the injustice on a sportsfield.

Four things we learned from the Senate's gender abortion debate


Clementine Ford It's OK to ‘play the gender card’ if you’re a conservative white male who wants to control women’s bodies.


Why Emma Watson speech isn't exactly a game-changer

Clementine Ford dinkus

Clementine Ford Women don’t need to engage men in the gender debate, they need to wrench from them the power they hold so tightly.

Surprising results

I spoke to hundreds of men about rape and domestic violence


As told to Clementine Ford And one in five think that women are partly to blame.

Female friendship

The female friendship manifesto every woman should read

Clementine Ford - Dinkus

Clementine Ford The cultural mythology of women’s friendships versus the rewarding reality.

Clementine Ford

You should know her name: Miss Dhu was Aboriginal, 22, and died four days after being in custody


Clementine Ford Her crime? Ostensibly, the failure to pay a $1000 fine.

Why are some rape victims treated differently to others?

Clementine Ford (red hair) Clementine Bastow (Dark Hair)

Clementine Ford All victims of sexual assault deserve the unquestioning support of their communities.

Clementine Ford

The problem with Bliss N Eso's apology for domestic violence 'joke'

Bliss N Eso

Clementine Ford Violence against women is a serious cultural problem which results in the dehumanisation, abuse and even death of countless women around the world.