What no one wants to mention in Grant Hackett's 'remarkable' comeback

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 03:  Grant Hackett smiles after finishing the Men's 400m Freestyle Final during day one of the Australian National Swimming Championships at Sydney Olympic Park  Aquatic Centre on April 3, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Clementine Ford Hackett is an excellent swimmer. But he's also a man who trashed his family's home while his terrified wife and children watched on.

Why Purvi Patel's imprisonment matters for all women


Clementine Ford Indiana this week emerged as the first American state to send a woman to jail for "an attempted self-abortion".

Five times men are the 'real victims' of everyday sexism

Clementine Ford Like, when men "can’t even approach women on the street anymore".

The real tragedy of the Adrian Bayley case is how easily it could have been avoided

Adrian Bayley

Clementine Ford The verdict will not remove the trauma from Bayley's victims. But it might go some way to helping them heal.

Clementine Ford

The questionable science of 'attractiveness' studies

Clementine Ford A eulogy to research funding spent on the optimal curviness of female butts.

Clementine Ford

Five things we know about young people's view on domestic violence

 Male high school students were among the most likely to agree with gender stereotypes and attitudes supportive of violence

Clementine Ford And why they are so important.

Masa Vukotic murder: Travelling alone isn't women's biggest safety risk


Clementine Ford The biggest risk to women and girls' safety lies inside supposed 'sanctuaries'

Gender Avenger

Four times we can use the Gender Avenger app

 Imagine if there was a tool you could use instead to highlight the visual reality of gender inequality in public life?

Clementine Ford Sometimes, you just need to see gender inequality in a pie chart.

It’s not enough for men to turn up. They have to do the work.


Clementine Ford Why do men continue to reap the rewards and accolades just for the incredible act of turning up?

The highs and lows of Q&A's first all-women panel

Germaine Greer on the Q&A panel.

Clementine Ford Clem Ford on the challenges in celebrating women’s voices in a mainstream context.

Where are all the Australian feminist writers on Wiki?

Australia has a rich and diverse tapestry of feminist writers who continue to be sidelined by a public that cannot move beyond the 1970s.

Clementine Ford Let's get more #womenonwiki this International Women's Day.

How to prepare for an International Women's Day lunch at a men's only club

Clementine Ford Clem Ford has a checklist to help you prepare for the Liberal National Party's momentous, 1950s themed lunch.

The fear that our partner will find someone 'better' than us

Mimi Rose Howard and Adam in Girls.

Clementine Ford How to graciously accept someone we loved has moved on.

Why the boys club in parliament can't handle smart women

Attorney-General Senator George Brandis and Human Rights Commission President Professor Gillian Triggs during a Senate hearing at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 24 February 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Clementine Ford The rank sexism that has seeped out of Parliament House this week is a strong reminder of exactly what women are up against in this country.

A guide to feminist sex positions

Comic Liz Miele's stand-up act on feminist sex positions.

Clementine Ford Oh they're worth mastering.

Q&A: Men don’t need to hear other men speak out against violence in order to change

Rosie Batty on Q&A on Monday night.

Clementine Ford Rosie Batty and Natasha Stott Despoja's Q&A appearance highlighted two hard truths we need to face to challenge family violence.

Clem Ford

Should we really reclaim the word 'slut'?

Clementine Ford Can we truly take back a word that remind women they are literal dumping grounds for the world’s garbage?

Clementine Ford

Is our attitude towards sexual assault getting worse?

It's one thing to argue that #notallmen behave this way, but research certainly shows that #quitealotofmenandwomen believe that even if they did, there are understandable reasons for it.

Clementine Ford How would you feel if the perpetrator was your son? Your brother? Your friend?

Why do actresses have to do the orgasm face?

Keira Knightly re-enacted that famous sandwich scene from

Clementine Ford Let's try and achieve some O-face equality, shall we?

Stop turning Robyn Lawley into a symbol of diversity

Clementine Ford When a slightly larger than average, impossibly beautiful white woman is seen as a win for women.