Five times relationships weren't better in the 50s


Clementine Ford Want to ditch your modern day life and go back to a time were simpler? Think again ladies.

The three words young women don't hear enough


Clementine Ford A group of female writers have a moving message for abuse victims around the world.

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Clementine Ford

The things women are told to do to stay safe


Clementine Ford It’s a warzone out there, ladies.

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Clementine Ford

When a sexual assault case 'goes viral'


Clementine Ford What 16-year-old Jada's horrific encounter tells us about sex crimes in the social media age.

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So you want to be 'beautiful' instead of 'hot'?


Clementine Ford Clem Ford breaks down the key differences according to internet bros.

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Clementine Ford

'Groping' is not a harmless prank


Clementine Ford As Rolf Harris’s victims show, encounters that last only a few minutes can lifelong consequences.

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The two most complained about TV ads of 2014


Clementine Ford Neither features sex or nudity. So what makes them so offensive?

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Clementine Ford

How our obsession with marriage fuels abuse


Clementine Ford The concept of male-bestowed ‘protection’ is one that harms rather than helps women.

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Clementine Ford

What would you tell your 13 year-old self?

What would you tellyour 13-year-old self?

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on what she wishes she'd known at 13.

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Clementine Ford

In defence of skimpy swimwear for men


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford is a fan of the "schlong thong" and this is why.

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What would a city designed for women look like?


Clementine Ford Clem Ford has a short(ish) wishlist.

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Clementine Ford

There's no such thing as 'survivor privilege'


Clementine Ford Clem Ford on the ridiculous call for rape victims to ‘check their privilege’.

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How to talk about the sexual violence in India


Clementine Ford It’s tempting to wholly condemn a nation following the latest sex crimes. But here's why we shouldn't.

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Clementine Ford

Why are so few women awarded OAMs?

19 April 2013     Canberra Times Photo by LYN MILLS for SOCIALS       The Order of Australia awards ceremony       Brigadier Dianne Gallasch awardedd the Conspicuous Service Cross with Governor General Quentin Bryce

Clementine Ford Since their establishment over 90% of the awards across six categories have gone to men, Clementine Ford wants this to change.

The only effective way to reject men


Clementine Ford And what that says about male privilege.

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Why Mel Greig isn't given a second chance

Mel Greig

Clementine Ford Greig's career is in tatters after the Royal Prank. Yet employers were quick to forgive her co-presenter Michael Christian.

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Clementine Ford

Sexist comments aren't just private banter


Clementine Ford Why misogynists shouldn't get away with the 'privacy' excuse.

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Clem Ford

#YesAllWomen: Twitter's powerful reaction to the Santa Barbara Shootings


Clementine Ford Under the hashtag #yesallwomen, a litany of complaints and outrages have swept across the Twittersphere. Within hours, the hashtag was trending internationally.

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Clementine Ford

Men, stop telling us to 'love our bodies'


Clementine Ford Clem Ford on the problem with men who see themselves as women's 'body image champions'.

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Bad taste

We need to talk about Samantha Armytage and the 'naked prank'

Samantha Armytage

Clementine Ford Looks like men can still treat women as they please so long as it can be passed off as a joke.

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