A guide to feminist sex positions

Comic Liz Miele's stand-up act on feminist sex positions.

Clementine Ford Oh they're worth mastering.

Q&A: Men don’t need to hear other men speak out against violence in order to change

Rosie Batty on Q&A on Monday night.

Clementine Ford Rosie Batty and Natasha Stott Despoja's Q&A appearance highlighted two hard truths we need to face to challenge family violence.

Clem Ford

Should we really reclaim the word 'slut'?

Clementine Ford Can we truly take back a word that remind women they are literal dumping grounds for the world’s garbage?

Clementine Ford

Is our attitude towards sexual assault getting worse?

It's one thing to argue that #notallmen behave this way, but research certainly shows that #quitealotofmenandwomen believe that even if they did, there are understandable reasons for it.

Clementine Ford How would you feel if the perpetrator was your son? Your brother? Your friend?

Why do actresses have to do the orgasm face?

Keira Knightly re-enacted that famous sandwich scene from

Clementine Ford Let's try and achieve some O-face equality, shall we?

Stop turning Robyn Lawley into a symbol of diversity

Clementine Ford When a slightly larger than average, impossibly beautiful white woman is seen as a win for women.

White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed's dangerous message on domestic violence

Tanveer Ahmed

Clementine Ford It is not the job of women to absorb men's suffering.

#QuestionsForMen: Why I started the pushback against sexist double standards

Clementine Ford "There are others out there who can also see that the Emperor is wearing no clothes."

#Smearforsmear: Selfies as public health campaigns

'Lipstick smear selfies' posted under #smearforsmear

Clementine Ford Do we really need 'lipstick smear selfies' to raise awareness for a deadly disease?

Queensland election 2015: What Annastacia Palaszczuk is really up against

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszscuk

Clementine Ford Just a few days out from the election, Palaszczuk has been targeted by two sexist campaigns to discredit her.

Misandry Island: this is what a feminist utopia would look like

Clementine Ford has a misandream.

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford has a misandream.

Let it go, guys

Things not to give a s--t about in 2015

Reimagined Disney.

Clementine Ford Reimagined Disney princesses. Weight-loss success stories. Make-up free campaigns. Please, let's move on.

This is why the demise of Page 3 Girls is so important

Katie Price (aka ‘Jordan’) is a Page 3 alumni, first posing for the newspaper in 1996 when she was only 18 years old.

Clementine Ford Getting naked breasts out of a newspaper is a small step for The Sun but a giant leap for all women.

What happens when women accept compliments online

Gweneth Bateman, 18, who conducted the social experiment of responding to compliments online

Clementine Ford Man, confidence can be such a boner killer.

Cardinal Raymond Burke blames ‘radical feminists’ for paedophile priests

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke.

Clementine Ford Women. Is there anything good and holy in this world they don’t destroy?

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Sydney siege: Man Haron Monis' history of violence against women was a warning sign no one took seriously

Members of the Muslim community lay flowers at Martin place after two people and the gunman died when the siege ended.

Clementine Ford We have to stop differentiating violence as matters of private or public interest.

Clementine Ford

We need a positive guide to grieving

No one would want you to compound your grief any further, least of all the person you’ve loved and lost.

Clementine Ford Our bodies and minds are much better equipped to deal with grief than we might imagine.

Clementine Ford

We need to change the language we use to describe domestic violence

Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

Clementine Ford Anyone can be a victim of violence. And 'normal' people are the perpetrators of the vast majority of it.

Real life

I work as a men's behavioural change practitioner


As told to Clementine Ford I wouldn't do this work if I didn't believe men could change.

The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Clementine Ford There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.